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  1. My apologies if this is old news, but I am attaching a press release from the New England Fishery Management Council that affects recreational fishermen who fish the Whaleback area south of the Isles of Shoals for cod and haddock. These two meetings will be the only local ones in this area before the issue is voted on in Rhode Island by the Council. If you fish this area from April 1-June 30 you should attend.
  2. Insert "children" for "guns" and it is just as true. You have to get ten hours of instruction in order to get a hunting license, but any two damned fools can make a kid without any qualifications.
  3. Hey, leave him alone! He's safe as can be in his gun-free home. Stay away, crack-head home invaders, or he'll call 9-1-1 after you leave...and wipe your feet, gosh darn it!
  4. "Here endeth the lesson".
  5. About twenty years ago we were bushwhacking into a remote river in Maine, and on our return to my truck we found muddy bear tracks all over the sides of it. Decided the old saying about bears fearing the scent of man was not 100% true. Shortly thereafter I obtained a stainless Ruger SP101 in .357, a Maine concealed carry permit and had a shoulder holster sewed into my fishing vest. Even had my gunsmith install a stud so I could put a "whoops!" safety lanyard on it while around water. While I did feel less like a bear snack when armed, after a few years I grew tired of the extra weight and no longer carry it. There are some urban locations where the extra weight would justify the trouble, but I don't need to catch a striper that badly to waste a bullet. If Mumichug thinks he's safer in a gun-free home, he should put a sign on his door advertising the fact and see how his crime statistics look in five years.
  6. I'm usually crossing the bridge and looking toward the lake. Always see a crowd downstream in April and nobody above. I just ASS-umed-sorry! Congratulations; I caught my first ever salmon back in the mid '80s above you below the old foot bridge one cold October afternoon. Go git 'em!
  7. Winnipesaukee is closed to fishing after September 30th. Merrymeeting River upstream from the Alton Bridge is open until October 31, fly fishing only, catch and release. Hope you get this message before you get pinched-NOT a good way to impress the boy!
  8. Smelt can still be taken by fishing long cane poles from various piers and bridges in New Hampshire BEFORE ice forms, through the fall into December. Contact biologists Doug Grout or Cheri Patterson at the Durham NH Fish and Game office for suggested smelt tips on the coast; 603-868-1095.
  9. I met Randy some years back while fishing a river in Nova Scotia. We were staying at the same cabins. I seem to recall he does a little guitar picking.
  10. Winter flounder fishing north of Cape Cod has been fair-excellent for the last several years. Southern New England they are in rough shape. They are having a program at the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth tonight about flounder and an ongoing project that tracks their movements with acoustic tags. It starts at 6:30 PM. PM me for info on flounder fishing in the Hampton area. We are seeing good catches
  11. Plenty of nice fish being caught in Hampton by various methods. Surprising the Bay is slow.
  12. I'm with you, John. All the lobster tomalley I've eaten will get me LONG before a few meals of striper will do me in!
  13. How can you understand WHAT Flick says with that bandage wrapped around his tongue? Poor Flick.
  14. Where is this "Swampscott River?" Is it near the Squamscott Does it have a "stripper" run?
  15. On a whim I grabbed a rod and some herring and headed to the boat club after supper. Nobody on the dock; PMack must have a honeydo list tonight. At around 7 with about 1/3 tide coming in picked up about a 23" fish. Hmm, this might have been a good idea! Ten minutes later fish number 2, a thrashing 28". I laid him in the old cooler under the fish cleaning table and retrieved a lobster crate from the back of my truck. Instant live well and back to fishing. In a little over an hour I landed five, including a 27". I'm a little concerned about the lack of rats 12-16" we usually see early in the season. At least I have a nice advertisement swimming in my lobster tank if prospective bait customers are wondering if the stripers are here yet First time I've gotten a keeper on the first outing of the season (No, I am NOT counting that abortion of a fly-flinging excursion last week as an official outing!)