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  1. I’ll offer $100 for 1,4,7and 10 if your interested.
  2. Pm me your address and I will come get it now. Leaving demo.
  3. If you will take $300 I can come pick it up now so I can use it today.
  4. Would you do $35 for pictures 1& 3?
  5. I keep the receipts but I have heard other people say the same thing. People who have been fishing longer than me.
  6. ll bean has a 20% off promo going on and they always take them back if there is anything wrong. Invest $200-300 now and keep getting them replaced if they leak.
  7. I’ll take these for asking.
  8. Ya takes the bite out a little bit when your line breaks and it's only a $5 lure rather than a $25 lure that you lost. p.s as a leafs fan I still cry myself to sleep at night over the 2013 playoffs against you guys.
  9. I'll take it.
  10. How about $55 shipped?
  11. I'd do $140 shipped if you want to unload it. Not sure if it will fit but willing to take half a chance.
  12. Almost drove into one today at demo.
  13. How about $425?
  14. I'd be a buyer at $400 shipped.