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  1. I’ll do $300 and split shipping if your interested.
  2. I would do $265 shipped to Long Island. If your interested. I wanted to try this in 11’ but willing to give it a shot at 10’6 for that price.
  3. It is if you want to park at night. You need that or the 4x4 permit. I don’t think anybody will ask you for your permit if you are fishing away from your car however they may check your car after hours to see if you have the permit on the dashboard. So In theory Yes, however I’ve never actually been asked in person to show a permit. Some people get dropped off, fish, and get picked up when they are done without a permit.
  4. Hello Rob Any information on the seminar times and topics?
  5. Went to Ralph Votta seminar before and he says to use #54 duo lock snap. Like Spigola said, some of those I find are too thick for TA clip.
  6. I can get you some if you want. 1 pack!
  7. I paid full price at the show last year so I doubt they will be giving discounts.
  8. Respectably offer $130
  9. I’ll take these.
  10. Today I mean.
  11. If you will take $200 I will pick it up tomorrow if your on Long Island. No fees or shipping.