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  1. Today I mean.
  2. If you will take $200 I will pick it up tomorrow if your on Long Island. No fees or shipping.
  3. Sorry I already have plenty of red fins and bucktails. $30 is as high as I would go for this.
  4. I’ll offer $30 for lot 1 if you want to ship it all together.
  5. I’ll take lot 2
  6. Anybody have a size small Stormr jacket on Long Island they want to sell. My son wants to go out with me and it’s a little chilly in the morning. Can pickup on Long Island today.
  7. I picked a dozen or so rats this morning on a south shore beach between 6-8 am.
  8. I’ll offer $500
  9. Respectably offer $130 for the metal lips.
  10. Not long. Maybe a week or 2.
  11. I’ll take it
  12. Offer $20 shipped.
  13. I assumed you had some hooks lieing around. Apologize for the incorrect assumption. I’ll offer $50 without hooks.