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  1. Your off to a good start with the buck tails and Sp. Think about covering the water Colum, top, middle and bottom. The Best fishing for bass is normally at night. At night darker colors like black or purple are the norm however white or bone will also work day or night. I'd want to add a top water plug or two for when the fish are actively feeding on the surface. Superstrike makes a very nice little neck popper. A pencil popper in the 1-2 oz range would also be nice to include. A rubber shad such as a tsunami shad. You really cant go wrong with these day or nigh. They just catch fish plain and simple. Tins are super when you need to cast through a heavy wind. Darter are great at night and in current. Needlefish plugs are nice to have as well when the sandeels or other small bait is around. Hooks and eel rigs are great as well. You cant go wrong throwing eels to bass.
  2. Where do you fish, day or night, what season are you talking, what bait is present? These are the questions which will determine what you should carry.
  3. If your willing to split I will take the Emblem Pro for 55 shipped. It looks like you have offers for most of the plugs already. Would you except cash?
  4. This is kind of getting off topic. Your kid will be happy with anything you get him. At that age I know I had as much fun catching shiners and frogs as bass or blues. He's gonna enjoy his time with dad regardless. Get him on some scup off a beach or sunnies in your local pond. Ether way he's gonna love it regardless of weather he has a Walmart spinner or VS.
  5. This stupid misconception that only Vs or Vs style reels are worth fishing is ridiculous and annoying. In most situations a solid, Penn, Diawa, Shimano ext. reel will serve you as well. A Penn Slammer has lasted and should last a long time even if its fished hard.Take care of your gear and it can and will perform well for a long time, definitely more than one or two seasons. That's not saying that most reels should be dunked, spalshed or swam with, that takes sealing and that where the VS DOES shine.
  6. Very valid point. A VS is undoubtedly a great reel but its not and shouldn't be an end all in every situation and every discussion. Its not as some people have suggest the only reel worth using, its a tool, it has its place and other tools have their places as well. In my opinion its place isn't in the hands of a 5 year old. It just doesn't make any sense.
  7. How are you planning on fishing with him. I assume a 5 year old isn't going to be doing any serious plugging. Maybe throwing out small baits for bottom fish?
  8. I'll be heading out a couple times this week
  9. Clambrella rig. Ok then......
  10. For a 5 yr. old. Might be a bit more reel than he needs.
  11. Its getting closer to that time. Tackle shop is stocking up for the sale 17th and 18th of march. Get your lists ready, its gonna be good.
  12. In 2017 OTW reported scattered fish up to 30 pounds in the second week of may with plenty of schoolies around. I didn't land anything worth noting until say the 3rd week of may.
  13. A bit more than the other reels but well worth it if some more sealing and power is needed. Good suggestion.
  14. Very nice, good luck with it in the 2018 season.