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  1. And bucktails always work, white with some red tied into it.
  2. The new SP minnow Bubble Gum color might be an interesting color to fish when the squid are around. What about fishing it with a dressed tail?
  3. A good point about age, I'm 19 been fishing all my life and know plenty of other young guys (many younger than me) who have been as well. As for women the sport may still be dominated by men to some extent but I have certainly seen an increase in women on the water. A good thing if you ask me.
  4. Finally starting to see better fish around, one this morning 36" about 17 lb.
  5. . Nice, first one of the season?
  6. Thanks, masterful combination of good lighting and chity phone.
  7. Good luck.
  8. Just saw it. Very nice fish.
  9. As you should. Those guys take it from rude and annoying to downright dangerous. Casting over people is a big NO.
  10. Carry the rocks with you. Incentive not to get skunked. Good workout as well.
  11. Diawa bg paired with a Star Stellar Lite.
  12. That's the kind of fish i'm finding. Not very long but some of them are fat.
  13. A lip gripper truly makes for a quick, smooth and safe release for both schoolies and big bass. It allows you to control a fish and keep your hands away from the trebles. I keep a grip and my pliers on my belt and can land, lip, remove the hooks and have the bass back in the water in seconds. All the while there is very little danger of getting a thrashing treble buried in your hand.