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  1. Not faulting you or anyone traveling but the different perceptions of "crowded" is an issue. What may seem open to you will be considered crowded to locals and its differences like this which lead to issues with muggings, crowding, etc.
  2. Pass. I like to fish and learn my home waters. Not go charging up and down the coast report chasing.
  3. TFO is a nice rod. Got to agree about the color choice but in the end it does its job superbly.
  4. Nice fish Ksong. Some butthurt guys around these threads. Dont listen to them.
  5. My younger brother does not share my love of fishing but every once and a while I drag him out, often to a pond but a few days ago I took him to the canal. Very gratifying to watch him land a number of very nice bass.
  6. Thanks guys
  7. Chunky little guy.
  8. Pencil popper by @repeter_parker Metal lip swimmer by Mike of M&Ds bait and tackle
  9. Savage sandel because why be original.
  10. Buddy of mine just sent me this picture. Baitfish of some sort taken out of a buzzards bay harbor. Any ideas?
  11. I wish. This morning it was more like being sandwiched between idiots while a mixture of rap, latino and reggae music blasting from different speakers clashed on the banks. At least no one else caught......
  12. Nah, bad karma on those rods now. The scumbag wont catch anything with them.
  13. We were talking about that this morning at my local tackle shop. Guys are keeping an eye out for them.