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  1. I used to subcontract for electric boat. One day they asked to maintain the bathrooms because the maintenance company was on strike or something. The bathrooms in the welding hangers and some of the other buildings were DISGUSTING. I told EB I wouldnt do it, they offered to hire me directly but it wasn't enough money to do go into those places on a daily basis.
  2. I saw a handful of guys walking off the rocks mid bay last night. I have to assume they did not pay mind to the tides as they had to walk waist deep in their jeans and work boots through a few parts to get back to shore. That was my only entertainment, just wish I spoke spanish, probably would have been even funnier. Fish wise the lil nuts were still thick thick in the same spot for 3rd or 4th day in a row with the occasional "predation" but not a sniff at anything artificial.
  3. I don't bait fish, only use plugs and I have removed plenty of trebels and havent had an issue bending. If they last a season with 20-40 trips on them, they were worth the money. To each their own.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/MadBite-Lighted-Aluminum-Fishing-Pliers/dp/B06Y59F4L8 For 20 bucks and a minute of improvements, these have given me my moneys worth. I put a dab of locktite on the braid cutter screws because they can lose and then dont cut the braid as well and then i just rinse them with the Penn reel cleaner every once and a while. Never had a problem and they come with a lanyard and a pouch.
  5. Columbus day weekend out of all the vehicles maybe less than 20% were RI plates. I would guesstimate about 60-75% CT and the rest MA. One dude doing 35mph on the waters edge and a group of people on horses that let them **** all over the beach and didnt pick it up. Also watched a lady sweep out all of the crap from her trailer into the parking lot while I was airing up ( I doubt she was sweeping it out to pick it up off the dirt)
  6. Is there anyway to upload actual video instead of it making a DL link?
  7. Lots of little nuts Bait.mp4
  8. good fish have been absent all year. What happened at the canal doesn't / isn't going to help but somethings gotta give.
  9. Frost advisory for Friday 3am-8am. Need these water temps to drop, still in the mid 60s out front. Its getting cooler at night but the forecast for october doesnt show a day below 60 degrees (most are closer to 70). The baits too comfy.
  10. That's awesome ! I've been a subscriber to his channel for a loong time. I have definitely seen those videos. I appreciate his enthusiasm. Dude! Dude dude dude! lol. Most fish he hooks up with either monsters or giants lol until they get closer. Love the drone footage during mullet runs and the top water blacktip vid is probably one of my favorites. Id love to go on one of those trips jigging for amber jack !
  11. Josh AKA BlacktipH. Pretty sure he posted the vid of this day?
  12. I usually already have what I need when I go down that way so I never really stopped there. I was in this past weekend and assumed the lack of inventory was due to the impending closure. Can't think of more than a handful or 2 of business that would be within 2 miles of walmart and not lose SOME amount of business regardless how small. Regardless, I don't think the amount of business they would be losing to wally (if any) would be the reason why they are closing.
  13. It was his first year here after Toronto, whoever they hired would have been the lucky one that "managed" that team to the WS win. " From worst to first" . . .and then right back to worst (finished last in the division) I am a fan and know that 2013 was more luck than anything. He was barely plus .500 over his career as a manager and with no disrespect to him was probably only here this long because of his illness.
  14. I think the store has plenty of space to provide what most guys would be looking for in that area. For the location the rent is reasonable for the sq ft. I think you could remodel the interior to utilize the space better and double up (at least) the inventory. Most of the people going in there are fishing for the same stuff so how much chit do you really need. in my opinion it would be better to focus on the more serious fisherman tackle and the bait end. A lot of weekenders/campers etc are gonna buy a lot of their stuff at wally world down the road. You can't buy quality plugs or get any knowledge at wally world.