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  1. So 2 questions. Is there another link/way available to contact someone to register ( microsoft and I don't get along well ) ? Would it matter if I cant make the first fly tying class, but could make the second and the fishing trip? I've been interested in this for a few years but never have the chance to go. This year I have 2/3 of a chance. Just wouldnt be able to do the class on the first.
  2. Big and black. Thats' how the bass round here like it. A few of the women too...but we stay clear of them.
  3. Never easy. Sorry for the loss. He looks like he was an awesome buddy.
  4. Looking to replace single post todd seat with a leaning post on an Sportcraft 180 fishmaster CC. I am on the RI/MA line. Willing to travel 1-2 hours one way to pick it up. Looking to keep it around 2-400 for a used one. Will spend more for a good deal. No plywood boxes with a leather bench or anything like that. Thanks.
  5. Id like a 17ft whaler but don't want to spend more then 10k. I want something for the bay and has to be trailered and I drive a v6 Tacoma so a 17ft whaler would be mint, but mako, carolina skiff etc etc. I am in RI.
  6. I took over a Blue Green timeshare. Its 2 weeks back to back in the same room so I don't have to move. With the flight I spend less than 2K for 2 full weeks in Aruba. It can be transfered to different places around the world but If I dont want to go, I just post it on the owner forum and it usually gets picked up quick for more then I pay in dues. If I have time, Ill ask a few hundo extra to make a buck but if its short time, I just post for the cost of the dues and its a win win.
  7. I learned a lot in charlestown from a guy my buddy and I refer to as grandmaster tommy (pretty sure he said tommy). Drifted plugs on the EB side on the BW and nothing was doing. This guy showed up through the fog with a bucket of eels and hopped in rotation with my buddy and I. He was hooking up every drift. He felt bad so for us so he told us to switch to the eels. Still we would get blanked on a drift and he would hook up on his drift. He had it down to the stand here wait for this, cast here, do this with your rod, count like this and then boom he would be on. Even with him walking me through it, I would still miss a drift here and there but sure enough started getting into good fish fairly consistently. He kept his first fish and left through the fog after 3 or 4 more. He was only there for an hour or so but taught me more than Ive learned in a few years fishing there!
  8. My house and town are out of power. Thank god my shop the town over is still good. My wife sent a text saying she only had 5% left on her phone and the power isn't returning until this evening. Its gonna be a good day.
  9. Looking at maps and seeing that some states share a beach got me wondering...What would happen if a state record bass was caught on a beach with a state line on it and you were right on the line? Say its a 55lb bass and you live in the state that has a 56lb record but the state on the other side of the line has a 54lb record. Who determines which state? Could hook up in one state and have to walk the beach to land the fish and end up in the other state.
  10. I used to subcontract for electric boat. One day they asked to maintain the bathrooms because the maintenance company was on strike or something. The bathrooms in the welding hangers and some of the other buildings were DISGUSTING. I told EB I wouldnt do it, they offered to hire me directly but it wasn't enough money to do go into those places on a daily basis.
  11. I saw a handful of guys walking off the rocks mid bay last night. I have to assume they did not pay mind to the tides as they had to walk waist deep in their jeans and work boots through a few parts to get back to shore. That was my only entertainment, just wish I spoke spanish, probably would have been even funnier. Fish wise the lil nuts were still thick thick in the same spot for 3rd or 4th day in a row with the occasional "predation" but not a sniff at anything artificial.
  12. I don't bait fish, only use plugs and I have removed plenty of trebels and havent had an issue bending. If they last a season with 20-40 trips on them, they were worth the money. To each their own.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/MadBite-Lighted-Aluminum-Fishing-Pliers/dp/B06Y59F4L8 For 20 bucks and a minute of improvements, these have given me my moneys worth. I put a dab of locktite on the braid cutter screws because they can lose and then dont cut the braid as well and then i just rinse them with the Penn reel cleaner every once and a while. Never had a problem and they come with a lanyard and a pouch.
  14. Columbus day weekend out of all the vehicles maybe less than 20% were RI plates. I would guesstimate about 60-75% CT and the rest MA. One dude doing 35mph on the waters edge and a group of people on horses that let them **** all over the beach and didnt pick it up. Also watched a lady sweep out all of the crap from her trailer into the parking lot while I was airing up ( I doubt she was sweeping it out to pick it up off the dirt)