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  1. All this could have been easily avoided with a YETI bucket!
  2. His ego would never let him leave the country, after all he's been holding the little rascals hostage in his dungeon for what almost 30 yrs now? Can you imagine how many loads alfalfa has gargled or poor delila has been beaten into unspeakable acts without the benefit of a ruphie and some lube
  3. Guilty! So there is justice after all plenty of pudding pop's for the old man in the can....
  4. Ah, typical entitled Bergen County Biatch right there, kudos to the officers even the kids were looking away in disgust, "like, like, just **** and drive ma!"
  5. Before this gets blasted into the PG I would like to go on the record for saying these are the genuinely deplorable. The administration at the school is very quick to excuse her personal views and declare that her personal and professional views do not conflict with those of the university.
  6. Happened to by brother waking up one Easter morning in college poor bastid. The surgery was brutal think the term was unsocking or unsleeveing for a visual you can enjoy for the rest of the morning its just like skinning an eel and then reverse suture and ice down for days
  7. rustoleum and lots of it at this point, get a wand sprayer for undercoating and load the inside of the frame rails
  8. Are the the larger profile, hard to tell in the photo
  9. I almost chit maself when the old fatty crashed on the deck and broke his hiney! Seriously though, no chance they find squat!
  10. Am I one of the few who tells the panhandling Pennys collecting coins for kids cancer to go to hell? These brain washed little tw@ts don't even want to acknowledge the fact that they aren't being good humans doing charitable work, they are just performing penance for the sins of the past.
  11. +1 on the bench mounted vise, it's how I straighten my bent handles when my fat clumsy arse falls on the rocks and to luo's point flyers are a little more tricky so that info's on a cash in advance basis, lil duct tape for padding in the jaws if your the i wanna keep it pristine and shiny type of
  12. Yup, and it is only going to get worse after all the stoners, idjit libs, and Christie haters decided to elect a no good ultra wealthy free stuffer who campaigned on a platform of raising taxes, increasing entitlements, and making NJ a sanctuary state.... I'm surrounded by effing idiots who think legalizing weed will make life in this chithole better somehow!
  13. same on bb yesterday gull flew onto the dock with one in his mouth
  14. Get yourself a wrist rocket and some steel ball bearings, preferably from a hub assembly, bb's are useless and your average daisey aint fit for service. Cops aren't coming for coffee unless your seen with a rifle stalking in the bushes, so don't be that guy. Don't be a poosey, exterminate with extreme prejudice... don't fear the nanny state protect your property like a man, get a case of beer, some skynard and and send dem sumbitches straight to hell!
  15. Congratulations on the new endeavor! Best of luck. I would hope that Catch and Release, along with other conservation and sustainability education, practice and promotion, be part of your mission statement too.