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  1. Buy the Pepper gel. If the wind is coming in your face, pepper spray will blind you too. Gel shouldn't do that.
  2. Send to Langs fishing tackle auction. The real value is what someone will pay. Ask Langs what estimate they would put on it.
  3. 15 is legal. Read the book.
  4. They wanted the dog, not her.
  5. Hi, I ll take it for 28 after all. I can Paypal you if you message me your info. Thanks, Mike
  6. Hi, I better pass right now. Thanks, Mike
  7. Hi Bazel, Any chance you can do 25 for the small CCW Danny? Thanks, Mike
  8. Wow.Looks crazy,but beautiful.
  9. You should buy some stocking foot waders and wading boots. Safer.
  10. Congats to the guy. Note to self: If I ever catch a big one. Keep it to myself. Don't get it weighed at any bait store . And definitely, don't post any photos online where all these clowns will judge you.
  11. His right to keep it. Congrats. You guys really need to worry more about all the charter boats taking 12 to 20 big breeders a day and killing them. That's just one boat. Times that by 100s of boats a day.
  12. Slow will work sometimes. A little faster others. Depending on how fish wants it. A little twitch too.
  13. Be careful wading. It can be treacherous.
  14. There's fish to be had. Keepers too.
  15. Its going to be any day.