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  1. I ll take for it for 140 if we can meet between 5pm and 10pm tomorrow evening and I can feel the rod with my reel on it. Ps I also have to let you know by 9.30am tomorrow. I have to make sure I dont get called into work...cash thanks, .Mike
  2. What it will come down to this fall is if the bunker come into the beach or stay a half mile off shore......only the bunker no why....we shall see.
  3. i better pass, thanks, mike
  4. Hi, I can offer 27 shipped for the orange one. Thanks, Mike
  5. Offer 18 shipped for black bottle on left. Thanks, Mike
  6. Hi, Can you do 23 shipped for number 18?
  7. Id rather buy a real plug from a good plug maker. jmo
  8. Interested in small Danny
  9. Wait til us Philly guys come up. We'll throw you in the canal and take your bike. Hehe
  10. Where do you guys keep your gear? In your little cute baskets on your bikees?
  11. Not a lot of meat on them.
  12. I'll take it. Thanks, Mike...I can pp you.
  13. Great. Doesn't hurt your finger when casting plugs like said above. Great stuff.
  14. You guys don't worry about parasites when eating raw fish?
  15. Buy the Pepper gel. If the wind is coming in your face, pepper spray will blind you too. Gel shouldn't do that.