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  1. Offer $215 mailed cash for the bag shipped
  2. I will take the VT... thanks!
  3. I'll take them $25 pp
  4. Interested in VT.... can you post pics please?
  5. Sold... closed
  6. Sorry archer... rightfully the rod goes to smart here! Speaking to him via this post then you popped in - not fair to him! I have a 10ft lami 1321m in my other thread... thnks.... If it falls through with Matt's it's yours
  7. 325 and you have a deal! I'm home now
  8. Last call then pulling this off!
  9. Last call on these then they go back on the rack!
  10. I thought I did?!
  11. Take both rods for $700... this is a steal for 2 brand new cadillac rods guys
  12. $350 pick up central long island.... final call on this
  13. Lol... I'm on long island and looking for portable