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  1. Offer $55 for bunker bullet
  2. Just leave it as a 1 peice...
  3. Tuesday / wed 70 degrees with this past week of warm weather.... got to be some fish swimming around in LNB
  4. Kilsong, What is the most moderate action surf rod you have in your lineup?
  5. Rods were new had a few fish on and one snapped just above ferrule and other snapped 4 inches down from tip.... I put a lot of pressure on the fish they were by some underwater rocks so.... I should not need to worry about sticks busting on me... that's why I use high stickable rods.... I can pressure like the dickens and they will never bust
  6. Where can I get those items? What sites? And how about using other rod sections?
  7. In a more serious note, has anybody extended a rod say 6 inches or a foot at the butt? If so how did you do it and what did you use?
  8. Mine exploded on me! So did the 10'6.... they feel great in hand and cast super, but are very frail rods.... I had a 10'6 break on me too.... I use century, FED Black hole at the moment.... I use rods that I can high stick with bo worries if I want to... you want a rod that is a beast throw up to 3 oz and you can run over it with a Mack truck..... century noreaster 9ft or century s2 graphex
  9. What the heck is a scrimps
  10. I am looking to see if anyone three a fluke like a frisbee or seen one fly?
  11. Wow.. Ok I'll retract my offer then
  12. Offer 50 shipped pp
  13. This is supposed to be a real thread with flying fluke here....
  14. Lol.... Im looking forward to punting them off of the jones jetty this year... nothing like flying yellow eyed fishies
  15. If it splinters just sand it down