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  1. Still looking.....
  2. Looking for a 250 Lefty. I prefer new or like new. Thank you
  3. Still available.... willing to trade for another rod as well or brand new wader pants
  4. Like I said, "on a more serious note" lol
  5. I offer $125 shipped, but I can only do pp... lmk thanks
  6. On a more serious note, can you park at the point parking lot at night? I will be fishing there at night regardless, but just seeing where the parking is... thanks
  7. Easy way to find where fish have been is bringing a military grade light and shine it on the water to see where people on the rocks are.... get on that rock another day.... find the people and cars, find the fish
  8. Interested in the penn torque.... how much use has it had?
  9. This Rod is pending sale already. But if it falls through you're next online
  10. Yeah it does.... I have went through so many rods over the past 2 years (as you can see on my previous buy sell track record) and this rod can actually do this very well..... not to mention it is about 12 oz built maximum and it has a crazy thin diameter... I know it's super expensive
  11. All purpose surf rod- Century s2 graphene rated 1-5 11 foot cut down to 10 foot.... will throw 3/4-5 oz all day long and not sacrifice sensitivity.... but you pay close to 1000 built for the rod...... the blank weighs 7.3 oz and you can high stick it
  12. What's the action on the surf machine?
  13. Seems like he is asking for help!! I would do it but I'm on long island