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  1. Pm me and we discuss!
  3. Ok... I'll take em... can I send you cash?
  4. Were these ever fished?
  5. Going to close this for now
  6. I just bought this rod on SOL and I am reposting it because 9 foot rod is too short for me! Never used it so just keeping original post here.... Built by Lou Caruso - FSC Predator series 9'0” SB-1086 rated 1/2 to 2 1/2 oz. The rod is in good condition, has a few scratches and wear on the first guide from keeping the lure hooks. The butt length measures 20.5" to reel seat. This rod is excellent for throwing bombers, SP's, SS darters/bottles, bucktails & shads. Asking $320, pickup only no shipping... central LI Prefer cash or paypal only. Model SB-1086 Length 9'0" Pcs 1 Lure ½-2½oz Butt Diameter 0.695 Tip Size 64ths 7.5 Blank Weight 5.8