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  1. Lol... sorry, didnt see that this was the fly fishing section!!
  2. I was 7 for 8 on tarpon to 125lbs down in Islamorada..... not sure what's wrong with you guys... set the hook hard their mouths are hard as a rock.... use bait if your plug does not work- tuna belly will hook one up for sure
  3. Size 2 vmc treble through the meat of my palm.... had to push hook through and out since the barb was not crushed all of the way.... healed 100%....
  4. Exactly
  5. Looking for a VS 150L or a ZB 22L Bailess
  6. The noreaster kevlars are very top heavy rods.... they dont weigh a ton on paper but they feel heavy!!!
  7. I am not sure the kevlar 11 1-5 is lighter than the xsra.... the built kevlar I believe is close to 16.5oz
  8. Yes near the butt the diameter is pretty much half...... as for the midsection- tip the graphene is about 1/3 smaller in diameter smaller then original s2..... it is almost ridiculous that its rated 5oz how thIn this blank is yes....... first picture is my pinky compared to midsection.... second is my pinky compared to just above butt..... my pinky is small
  9. The stealth graphene is almost half the diameter of the S2. It is a few ounces lighter. Since it has graphene composite built into it it is just slightly crispr then the original S2. I have the 11 foot 1 to 5. I'm getting a 11 foot 1 to 4 built now. Unbelievable rod. There's a lot of different models out. 9 foot 10 ft 11 foot and 12 foot they're all different ratings
  10. 2 Be honest with you, the nor'easters are very heavy. the feel of the rod and durability are great. If you can afford it, I would go with the century stealth graphene rod. It is the strongest rod known to man, most durable Rod known to man, most sensitive Rod known to man, the lightest Rod known to man , but the most expensive Rod known to man at just shy of $1,000
  11. Sorry... both rods are modified fast, but since the upper 1/3 or the kevlar has fiberglass in it, it is a bit softer.....You have a budget?
  12. Keeping one.... so one left.... ttt
  13. I purchased both reels with motion that they were water proof.....used one a few times... the other one just went on a rod.... since a lot of people are saying that the reel can not be dunked then, which was different from what I had heard from Josh at jandh and Penn said that it's only spray proof then I decide to sell since I need a reel that I can dunk and reel underwater with with no worry!
  14. I am thinking about keeping one and testing it.... I had gotten the original torque so supposedly that one does not take on any water/ sand so I will fish that one hard first then probably switch between the 2 and see which one can handle the washing machine..... and the other one can go to someone who wants it
  15. Get on a boat with Capt Skye Stanley!! You'll wanna pay for overtime it's so good!