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  1. Sweet man, well if your ever up this way shoot me a pm and we can hit the water. * Not sure if you catch and release or keep some of your catch but you'll find there is alot of other delicious fishes to catch and eat. Sheepshead, spotted seatrout, mangrove snapper, and flounder. Gator Trout are pretty big hence the nickname and are right up there with a bull red and large snook for me. Black drum are a blast especially if you get into some larger ones. Pompano can be caught nearshore and inshore depending on the season. If you get on a boat theres a bunch of grouper, cobia, aj's, macks. I'm sure you'll enjoy the fishing, weather, and "scenery"
  2. Looking to get a large waterproof box for my saltwatwr flies. C&F Design CF3500 is one I like but open to other options. Thank you.
  3. Welcome, your not too far from me. I'm up in Bradenton. How has the fishing been down there? What are you targeting?
  4. Daiwa J-Braid or Suffix 832. I feel like the Suffix has a bit stiffer feel than the J-braid.
  5. Good morning. This comment is Sub-surface and makes you seem very ignorant.
  6. Alright, thanks. I think you need a special tool from Sage. From what I found I think the Korean had a sticker on the reel foot and the US may have been stamped. I'll search for a tool to see if I can switch it but until then I am going to leave this open. Thank you.
  7. Thanks Dookiespop. Do you have the tool to switch the retrieve and was this the made in US or Korean made?
  8. Thanks. Is it setup for left or right hand retrieve?
  9. Hey man, sorry for the delay I was out fishing. How do you rate the 3500d mechanically ? Do you have any pictuees available, box, etc? Thank you.
  10. Thanks Dookiespop. I looked into and the rod I have is too similar in action to this rod. What kind of reels did you have ?
  11. Cool, sounds good.
  12. $225, obo, trade for fly gear 9wt+
  13. I was expecting to see Gallagher
  14. Opening this up to trade for saltwater fly gear. 9wt+