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  1. I felt the same way. It made no sence to switch hands and be jigging with my left hamd and reeling with my right. Much rather prefer doing all rod work with right hand and reeling with left.
  2. There you go. Thats what I'll do. Hopefully I'll like the shorter version better. It was a heavy mod-fast 8' 10-20. I wonder how it will act now being a foot shorter?
  3. So I have it narrowed down to a Lamson liquid 3.5 and a tfo rod. Now I need some assistance in picking the correct line foe thos setup and type of fishing I will be doing. Thank you.
  4. New prices trying to move these today. $100 - Calcutta $70- FinNor $150- both
  5. Yeah definitely not worth it, for me anyways. That would make it a $280 rod and even if I were to sell the new one I would lose out on at least a hundred dollars. I'd rather put the $100 towards something else or a different rod. I will have them put a new tip on it making it 6'10. - 7' and it will be an official yak rod. Thanks everyone for the info.
  6. No problem Tom. Thanks for your interest.
  7. Thanks for the offer Tom. The lowest I can go is $104. Thank you.
  8. Looking like it might not even be worth it. I only paid $180 for the e6x a year and a half ago.
  9. Thanks for the form. Do either of you have any experience with the warranty process with them since owned by shimano? Is it worth the hassle or would I be better off just putting a new tip on it? The length now is 7'.
  10. Thanks. I don't feel like I was high sticking just bringing the fish in as I would any other fish. Where can I find the form.
  11. So yesterday I had a good fight with a Jack Crevalle on my loomis e6x and when I got it by the canoe I heard a snap and there was about a foot of rod missing. I was within line and lure rating. Not too excited when it happened but I actually don't mind it being at 7'. That being said the tackle shop I brought it from said they can't do anything besides give me a tube since I brought it more than a year ago or replace the tip wrapped and epoxied for $10-$15. I looked on shimano/g.loomis site and it said I need to include receipt which I have, return form which I can't find anywhere. How os G.loomis about replacing broken rods and how are they on getting looked at amd replaced time wise? Is it worth it or should I save the $30-$40 on shipping and just replace the tip. Any info or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Ok, great. Just want to make sure before I order something online. Because spinners that are used by most right handers have handle on left but baitcasters that have hamdle on left are consideres left handed like this
  13. In search of what you seek to rid !!