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  1. If you end up splitting I'd like the art of surfcasting with lures.
  2. I think he's talking about the saltiga bay
  3. The reel looks pretty good but the it seems to have a small line capacity. 160 yards of 20# braid? Im not sure if this is correct though. Maybe someone knows?
  4. Now I'm craving some pancakes.
  5. Thanks Brian
  6. Personally, I have only seen it done through the line guides. You can find some different videos on the tube to get a better visual.
  7. I've seen people using a gallon jug of water. I think it weighs 8.34lbs
  8. Andrew, I am sorry to hear about the loss of a close family member to you. David seems like he was a great guy. May he rest in peace and Gods strength be upon you and your family.
  9. Happy V-Day
  10. I've done it and the only thing that happened was I could load more line on it. Which is fine if your fishing for something smaller that tends to run alot. I feel like it would have more an effect on the rod. If you have a 6000 size reel or 8, I feel your going to have to have it on a beefier, longer rod definitely one with larger reel seat. If your throwing lighter stuff with a rod rated for heavier lures you may have a problem getting a proper load.
  11. I gave my step-son a SpinfisherV and he hasnt broken it yet