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  1. If you can't paddle as far as you peddle in an emergency, maybe you shouldn't go so far!
  2. Thats for the policy, what if you didn't have it? thats where the $750 comes in
  3. for the toe?
  4. Paddle! Seatow would cost you $750
  5. Putz!
  6. LIS is producing numbers
  7. Exacally what happen.
  8. For the most I do the same, but I work with wounded warriors and they love fluke.
  9. SUMMER FLOUNDER (FLUKE) May 25 – Sept. 22 Delaware Bay and Tributaries 3 fish 17" Island Beach State Park (shore only) 2 fish 16" All Other Marine Waters 3 fish 18"
  10. Hobie Trax 2 Kayak Cart or Hobie Trax 2-30 Plug In Cart
  11. I have 7 levers, soon to be 8: two 30-30 one Winchester pre-64 and one post, than another one by Marlin that I have scoped. .35 Marlin, .44 Marlin, .357 Marlin, Long Colt Winchester and soon a 45-70 Marlin 16.5" Barrel. 3 AR's with 8 uppers AR-10 .308 and a number of bolt actions (20) and three 10/22's. But, functionally and easily to maintain you can't beat the VEPR's. one open sights and one scoped. Look them up on Youtube or anywhere and see the VEPR.
  12. To you, I will be buried with my two!
  13. .35 Rem would be my choice, plus it works great in wooded areas, than the 30-30's IMO.
  14. My VEPR AK is accurate as most of my rifles up to 600 yards, if you get a quality AK you won't go wrong. Russian ones like my two VEPR's are hard to get, and banned every now and then.