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  1. The BGs are heavier and hold more line then the stradics at the same size. So it should be fine. Honestly it is likely the 4000 Stradic and the 2500 BG are the same weight. For the Stradic the 2500 and 3000 are the same reel and weight the same. 3000 has a deeper spool and a larger grip on the handle. That is it.
  2. Just picked up some new gear for inshore. Star Seagis SK614FT76. they call it a light but it is medium light based on other rods I have. They make this rod with split grip and full grip. The grip length was suppose to be shorter on the full grip but it is 18", 2 inches longer then my 7'6" Tidemaster. Not crazy about that. The rod is beautiful and matches my BG2500 perfectly. It seems a bit nicer then the tidemaster. The weights are the same. The Seagis is .1 oz lighter then my Tidemaster but that is just manufacturing variation. I like the action a bit better. It bends into the blank a bit more but is about the same speed as the tidemaster. Plus I got it on Sale for 135.00 so it was a steal at that price.
  3. So are you suggesting a weighted butt cap?
  4. Just got a new Genesis 11ft and Saragosa 8000. Loading the reel with ProSpec 30lb (350yrds). It is a good bit more tip heavy then I expected. Was thinking about upgrading the reel to a 10K. The $20.00 is no big deal. I don't really think I will need the extras drag or Line capacity, it is just about rod balance. Is the extra 2.5 oz worth it to have a more balanced rod?
  5. This is for bay side in July or so. 10lb line on a medium light rod is not dangerous to the fish. I would not consider this ultra light at all. At that point the fish average are 12-18”, 20 inches max. With 10lb line I can manhandle them in less the a minute. I take my son out that time of year and it is great. You can catch 20 of them in a few hours. This is more about throwing 1/4 and 3/8 lures and having a bit of fun for myself while doing it when I am hunting quantity with my son not quality. My medium set up with 15lbs superslick8 cannot load or throw that small of lure.
  6. Just got a 7’6 ML avid inshore with 2500 stradic. Looking to use it as a super light schoolie set up. Figured it would make catching them a bit funnier. Mostly throwing 1/4 to 1/2 lures like the small ronz or rapala 17MRs. Thinking about using 10lb nanofil to a 8-10 inch Fluro leader. Want to keep it light. Never use nanofil before. Thought? Also how should I join the line to leader? Assuming FG will not work.
  7. I have been hearing a lot of good things about the seagis. Also looked at the E6X.
  8. Looking for a 7'6" ML or Light rod to throw 1/4-5/8 lures in the back bay. I have some tidemasters and Avid Inshore. Don't want to go over 150 so I was thinking about another Tidemaster or a Star Seagis. Any opinions of the two?
  9. It is resolved for me at least. The deal gave me a full refund and I purchased a Genesis. He is going to continue to deal with them.
  10. I am not sure if this is Ok to post but I wanted to share a really bad experience with Lamiglas. In December, I purchased a supersurf G2 2-6 11 footer. Beautiful rod and I really did like the action. When i got it home and test casted It I heard a loud creaking in the gathering guide. Even when I shook it I could hear it. The guide was not mounted and epoxied correctly. No big deal it happens. Through the distribute I returned the rod about a week later as it was a drive. 4-5 weeks later I got the rod back and and it was very obviously a used rod. I am guessing it was either a old demo rod or a repair replacement. It was both scratched up and had some corrosion on it from use in the salt. It took them just over 4 week and then they try to pass off a used rod. We called and they apologized. We sent it back and then 3 weeks later heard nothing from them, I had the distribute call and they say they are back ordered and could not get me one until May. I lost it. I even wrote them an email and they responded with an apology but provided no additional help. They have a great history with surf casters but this was ridiculous. I recently order a Genesis instead. Note I didn't name the distributor because they were great and I have no issues with them. This might be a rare string of bad luck but this has left such a sour taste in my mouth.
  11. I am looking for something bigger then SP minnows. The appeal of the X-Raps come in 3.375 and 2.5 oz and so I can throw it effectively with my 2-6 oz rod.
  12. Has anyone used these for the canal. The 40 is a great size and weight (3 3/8 oz) but with the size of the lip concerned that they will dive too deep. Thought I might try modifying the lip some if I picked one or two up.
  13. I think the 8 to 7 makes a big difference. I have the same rod. It can throw the 7/8 smaller SPs but that is it's limit I think. Absolutely nothing over 1 oz.
  14. Currently fish a Mojo 3/4-4 10'6" and have always used 30lb J-Braid. Used it a good bit on the canal this year. Mostly throw SPs, 2oz Pencils SS poppers and other swimbaits. I have a few 2oz jigs but only jig some. Was under gunned a lot. This winters I got a Lamiglas 11ft 2-6 super surf 2G and a 8000 Gosa on a really good sale. Looking forward to throwing bigger 3oz pencils and poppers, 3-4 oz swimmers and jigging a bit more using 3 and 4 oz jigs on the canal. Used in down south some and the 30 is still fine on open beaches but was thinking about upgrading to 40lb and likely trying Berkey ProSpec braid on the canal this summer. Thinking I would be OK sticking with 30. I was hoping to get some more distance with the 11ft rod and heavier lures but would I just lose it with the heavier line. If I was jigging a lot I would absolutely switch but I really only do it 10% of the, time if that.
  15. I have the 2G 11ft 2-6. 2G is a bit softer then the legend. Beautiful rod. Good Sensitivity. Very light in the hand. Finish is good. I like the reel seat but just has single ply shrink tub grips. Throws 2.5 - 4 but will not go to the 6 it says. Great plug rod. Can throw pencils but not ideal as it is a bit too stiff. Bet that would be worse with a 10ft. It casts well but not quite like say a century sling shot. If you are looking for an all around rod I would get something a bit lower in rating as it will not throw some common baits like stinking SP minnows (will throw the bullets). I did have to send my first 2G back as one of the guides was not mounted correctly. Heard some cracking when it flexed. Sent me a new rod quickly. The seller handled it so I am not sure of the Lamiglas customer service. Legend will get closer to the 6. A better jigging rod and feels like it has more power. The Legend finish is better and I really like the grips. That is likely a personal preference.St. Croix rod does however have a better warrantee and process in the business. I have 2 surf rods and 5 spinning rods from them and have never had an issue with their service.