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  1. Clearing this up I’m looking to buy a commando 3 tube or a commmando cube . Not looking for any other brands
  2. Take 125 for it ?
  3. Steve I can do every better I dug alittle tonight and found a yellow over white
  4. Looking for a 3 tube bag or cube New or used is fine. Color dosent matter. Thanks in advance
  5. I have a silver one for you let me know if that works
  6. Still looking !
  7. Steve I might have one for you in mint condition
  8. Still looking immediate PayPal any size or color
  9. Looking to trade for GRS cyclone is brand new . Interested in any color and size
  10. GRS

    Respectfully offer 100 immediate payment
  11. I’d do the 200 for Mack or I’ll send 420 for all 3 one shot done deal
  12. 180 I pay fees ??
  13. 160 for Mac ?