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  1. Same here, saw the prices and walked away. BTW the free t-shirts are from the 2017 show.
  2. I don't think I will ever fish this rod, given that I have other rods that are similar. I bought this from the BST recently from @HKJonathan which he also bought from the BST recently and he never fished it either. So, I'm selling for the same price local pickup and prefer not to ship, but would consider it for an additional charge. The link for the original posting is attached below. Model # TRS106MA 1-3.5 oz. Thanks.
  3. I believe there were some vendors reselling plugs by different makers and that's how he got the CCW.
  4. I think I only joined the grs line coz I got used to being in line for a couple hours. Im like cattle/sheep. I was trying to find norcalkats table to buy fixters then one of the JSS staff said "GRS line that way".....
  5. +1 on John Skinner and all the comments. Nice guy. Damage for the day: 1 J. Skinner book 2 GRS Giants 1 Caveman Show special 3 Fixters 1 Black Hole blank Im having buyers remorse on all the plugs. Great vendor lineup, but I missed the seminars.
  6. Im already regretting everything I bought save for the john skinner book (a way to say thank you for all his videos) and the black hole blank. Oh well.
  7. You too sir! Nice to meet you. Hoping for a good year this year for the jets.
  8. its almost 90 now. Im number 69.
  9. Snagging the bottom and losing tackle was what I meant
  10. Yes definitely, the goal is to jig using heavy heads and plastic. Snagging is going to be a part of the process as I am beginning to learn.
  11. Yes sir! Just want to catch fish, everything will be released back in the river for sure. I will try to go to Surf Day so I can maybe sign up for the tagging program with the Littoral Society.
  12. You're saying from April to May the fishing should be good close to the bay going up river. I don't really want to fish by the big landmark. Thanks.
  13. It's feast or famine on the Jersey Shores as well, at least I can fish closer to home and maybe find a relatively safe "night fishing" spot. The parks are closed at dusk and they are usually gated. I'm still searching for a spot before the season opens.
  14. I'm a former Astoria resident (Broadway and 30th), but I live in NJ now. I will be fishing in the vicinity you mentioned once the season "opens".