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  1. Is it the one attached below? If yes, I respectfully offer $75 with the coffee grinder, If not, I will take it with the original handle for $65. Please PM paypal info. Thank you.
  2. I'm looking for either a finished project that didn't go as planned in terms of paint, color etc but mechanically still sound or something that is about to be finished, but already has holes etc. If you have one that you don't want, let me see what you have. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'll take it for 55. Thanks.
  4. Respectfully offer $50 pp and shipped. Thank you.
  5. Would you sell this? what price, paypal and shipping included. Thanks.
  6. thanks


    where to send?


  7. I'll take this senor.
  8. XRA132-2 custom spinning rated 1-5oz for $150. I'll take it for asking. I hope this solves it.
  9. I thought I was first in line.... what happened? I'll take it for asking if that is what it takes.
  10. Paypal sent. Thank you.
  11. Respectfully offer 90 for the lot. I don't really need it, but it'll give me something to clean and work on during the winter.
  12. I'll take this. Thanks.
  13. 20 for the lot. Thanks.
  14. That exit marker/dead tree/on the top right of the picture looks familiar....I think I saw you this morning. unfortunatley I didn't catch anything and had to buy fish at bedford seafood coop.
  15. im sorry i dont remember what the brand was but it was a chinese brand.