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    Deeply enjoy the lure customization, and hunt of the big ones.
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    Fierce love of all things outdoors.
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    Synthetic chemist in the pulp and paper industry

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  1. Awesome! I'm in.
  2. Snagged a few of these guys at Surf day after meeting with OTF. Great guy and these jig heads came out mint!!! Really awesome work.
  3. dude... awesome job on that, looks amazing! I'm sure it's got some nice action too!
  4. Yup, actually 2 weights one there and one at the tail base. It holds it perpendicular and keeps the plug from rolling that way.
  5. Heres the 2 sketches hahaha
  6. Thanks man, to be honest yes I was sitting at work and it popped in my head so I made a rough sketch on a post it note. The first model had no tail and I had a lot of trouble with the swim (most just tracked straight in). So I tried moving the weight around... no luck. Finally I thought about how some musky/pike baits are designed with a rear soft plastic tail so why not a fixed integral wooden one right?? It took more trial and ERROR than I like to admit but I've made a lot of tweaks and finally dialed it in. The one in the video is 4in, designed to either be fished for largemouth, or as a peanut bunker depending on paint and preference. They are very labor intensive so I can't crank em out yet, but I wanted to go for something never seen, with through wire construction, and zero roll in on retreive but swims without a metal lip.
  7. all good with me
  8. oh man those are sweeeeet!!
  9. Here's my most recent, gonna bring this guy to the surf day swap!
  10. That danny right there.... mmmmmmmm
  11. Dude.... Awesome, awesome work!! They turned out great! If you ever change your mind about the molds, hit me up. My offer still stands, especially if you make a 1-1.5-2oz mold.
  12. Hmmmm ok, not the one I use but.... My epoxy is very thin on mixing. It does thicken with if you let it sit obviously, but it is easier to coat when thin. My spinner does go about 1 rotation per 2.5 seconds. This may sound fast compared to most other guys spinners that are in excess of 30rpm, but it does work and the epoxy doesn't come flying off. It really all depends on your epoxy I think.
  13. You the guy wit da deuces
  14. out of curiosity, what is the brand name etc. of your epoxy? I use a 2 part 'table top' epoxy as well. If it is the same stuff, I may have some tips for you.
  15. Absolutely agree, can't get a true test until they hit the surf but it gives you a rough idea. If I had to guess I'd say far left in the last pic is gonna be the money, but kudos on trying all the lips to see what works!