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  1. Dang, wish I was in RI.... Good luck selling, that is gonna make someone happy!
  2. The NJ fall has been so tough for sure. But this season... man I had the best overall year (granted I haven't been at it for too long) 1) First flounder of the year a nice 5lb 23incher if I remember correct 2) Slammed the gator blues hard this year, had multiple banner days on them 3) Hit FL and got into some new species (peacocks, bowfin, gar, bonefish, puffers, barracuda, boxfish, cichlids) 4) Took the trip to the CCC three times, and all three times had days of monsters on every cast - these were the most rewarding trips 5) Participated in the MV derby and caught my first bonito - twice haha and even placed in a Super Saturday 6) On a lark, drove up to see if I could hit the tail end of albies at the hook and scored 4 even having to deal with the battle fishing 7) Remaining hopeful about some sort of potential for a 'fall run' on the NJ coast that us sand guys can get into No regrets here, just wish on some of the better days I didn't have to leave with fish biting...
  3. Jig Man - Thanks for the solid advice, I will use your advice for the second shot placement on future plugs. I adjusted the hardware and got a really awesome action on the plug. A quick retrieve gives a super dope tight wiggle action. The blade was really holding it back. I thought it would be a really neat idea, but with the blade it really only could be used as a musky plug.
  4. The circle is the weight I have in it now, the square is where I am thinking of adding weight to get the swinging glide after I try some hook swaps etc...
  5. Otsha - thanks for the ideas I will give that a shot. I was actually looking for that video, I watched it years ago and couldn't remember who made it, thanks! Also, to answer your questions, it tracks vertically and doesn't really dive unless you really crank it in at high speed. I also adjusted the nose loop location on the next 2 bodies I made to see if I can affect the swim that way too. I am going to try a tail hook and a tail weight to determine if I can change the action based on hardware. That would be ideal, so I don't have to rethink the design too much then. But that is the fun part too, the creative process.
  6. Yea, I focused too much on the belly weight in the center I think so I got the vertical alignment I wanted in the water but neglected to adjust for the proper swaying motion
  7. Here are pics for reference.
  8. Yea, so I added a belly weight which was as low as possible to the apex of the belly and it made it swim vertical in the water like I wanted. The problem is it doesn't have that zig zag I wanted. But..... I may have a solution in mind. Adding a tail weight to make the tail move faster than the head causing a sort of faster back movement making the tail get ahead of the center of mass on a twitch. So on the next twitch it will change direction (may have butchered the explanation but...). I think what needs to happen is the tail has to move forward for a longer period of time so that when it slows down it is angled either slightly left, or slightly right. This enables the lure to change direction when given the next rod twitch. Does this make sense?? I haven't tried, but I am going to weight another blank I made in this way to see if it works. I also think this is easier done on a longer glider like 8 inches instead of the 4-5 I made it (peanut style). I do like the proto though, even though it doesn't have a side to side motion. It swims in straight and the tail with the blade gives that flickering motion. Almost a better musky bait as it sits now, so still cool.
  9. Hey guys, I had an idea for a while about making a glide bait and recently dove in head first and made one. I really like the way it came out, but the side to side action isn't present. I was hoping on a steady retrieve that with twitches, it would zig and zag slightly. However, upon a steady retrieve it simply glides straight in. Does anyone have experience here that they can lend me a few tips/tricks? For reference, it has a large belly weight to keep it from going flat side up, and instead of a trailer or a tail hook I put a swivel with a colorado blade (could this be keeping it on a straight course? I haven't tried without). Also, the prototype design doesn't have much of a keel on the front, it is relatively flat. I thought maybe adding the keel could provide the action I am looking for. I have a few more blanks roughed out so I will be trying a few things myself, but I would appreciate any input you guys could give me.
  10. That is a mighty fine looking list!
  11. To pull out nose and tail wire pieces all you need in the future is a soldering iron. Simply touch it to the eyelet and give it a few minutes to heat up and they will slide right out. It is the same process I use for the thru-wired factory swimmers. Makes a very clean exit and doesn't foul the plug body up at all (unless you forget you are doing it and melt the whole thing down haha)
  12. Typically the tail hook is not the primary hookup location for stripers in my experience, so in the place of a tail hook the flag is added for some additional flash. The added belly treble just increases the hookup ratio, and additional confidence that if you do get a bite that fish is coming in for a photoshoot and release!!
  13. Unfortunately I don't have a loaded redfin at the moment, but I can ask a buddy to try and get a weight for me and let you know.
  14. Q1: Yea you probably can, it would make the process easier, however it may affect the final action of the plug. Not having done this myself I can't say for sure Q2: Don't have one in front of me so I cant say for sure. Just play around with what you have and see what fits. Q3: I believe they are in fact isolated, so you could potentially just choose one or two to load individually. Again this will affect the action so you'll have to modify and try. Q4: IMO 2 bellies and a flag is the way to go, however I believe the historical rigging of the reverse is with 3 trebles. But I like the flag to add the action and makes it more squiddy if you ask me... I have never tried one of these before so I don't have the knowledge from experience. But I think a few simple tweaks will get you where you want. Additionally, if you wanted to add the front hole for rigging I think you simply need to drill it at an angle to connect to the main center channel that the original wire would have been in. Then you wire it from the 'tail' end which is the new front to the back and it will just follow the original channel at that point, picking up your swivels along the way.
  15. Sounds good to me