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    Deeply enjoy the lure customization, and hunt of the big ones.
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    Fierce love of all things outdoors.
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  1. Got into some 10 to 12lb blues with the 5in standard in chartreuese. That plug is worth every penny. I have the bigger 7in and it has it's applications too. They are fish catchers. Also, I absolutely killed it that day on the Mirrolure Top Dawg. Another really good, loud, search bait.
  2. Dude, yesterday's lures were awesome.  Very unique design, similar to the peanut challenge.  Q: what do you use for the top coat?  I am really struggling with this step.  Thanks man!

    1. Kphresh


      Do you mean for the final epoxy coat? I use a 2 part glaze epoxy you can get at any home improvement store called Parks

  3. @lonellr I have the rainbow trout in my bag too, would be awesome to get one this weekend. We will see!
  4. A couple finished and going out! I'm keeping the Big Eye for myself...
  5. Lip type, WEIGHT PLACEMENT, plug length, center of mass, hook size, etc...
  6. MAIL CALL! plugs look awesome, gonna pull in some fall migrators on these bad boys.
  7. @norcalkat dope as always brother, that sardine gonna get SLAMMED!!!
  8. @eddieg710 and @mmanolis send me a PM with you address so I can get you your plugs
  9. Dude.... I thought this was a picture on that paper for a second. Very Very Very nicely done. So cool man
  10. I'll grab the last Antagonizer for my #2! @mmanolis you're up mmanolis-0 Seed420-0 Kima-1 Repeter_parker-0 Kryndam-1 Lonellr-0 MrScott-2 Kphresh-2 Antagonizer-0 Eddie 710-1 Round 2 Repeter_parker Kima Kphresh mmanolis MrScott eddieg710 Seed420 lonellr Kryndam Antagonizer
  11. Alright, last but not least hahaha. I will take an Eddie 710 for my first pick, the list has been updated. On to round 2! @repeter_parker you're up bro! mmanolis-0 Seed420-0 Kima-1 Repeter_parker-0 Kryndam-2 Lonellr-1 MrScott-2 Kphresh-2 Antagonizer-1 Eddie 710-1 Round 2 Repeter_parker Kima Kphresh mmanolis MrScott eddieg710 Seed420 lonellr Kryndam Antagonizer
  12. I like the cage match idea, but #1 seems also reasonable
  13. Lot of good stuff here guys, great job everyone! My vote goes to Mmanolis, the swimming action of that jointed is very nice.
  14. very cool man! They are looking good already! Just wait, it's really cool to see like 6 months from now you will have plugs you are making and you'll look back and see how far you have come. It's 100% learning all the way! You will have that regret feeling all the time man trust me. I have given away so many plugs that I thought 'dang that would look good in my bag....' hahahaha Be careful with the pikies..... they are addicting and fun to make!
  15. you could also send it to a plug builder. Hardware swaps and redoing throughwire on a a plug like that is very easy. If you are close to DE I would do it for you.