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  1. Thank you gentlemen! Orca, you almost got me to try that
  2. Kelly green & white
  3. Thanks man, and thanks to Kid as well!
  4. Bucktail, snowrunner, sw angelhair and some hackles. The winning receipe.
  5. Nice HT! Did one for a while
  6. Seriously!? Yep, I made it with my own hands.
  7. Latest one
  8. Thanks HT! It's Fly Co's shrimp shell. The coolest ones on the market but also the most difficult to find.. Thank you sensei Japi!
  9. Size #4 ahrex ns110
  10. Nice flies above! Semper hollow from yesterdays tying
  11. Hollow bulkhead with some ostrich at rear
  12. Tan supershrimp for searun browns.
  13. Yes, that's correct! And some peacock herls on top.
  14. Had to copy WFF:s idea.
  15. Nice SF! Regular stuff coming from my vise. 6,5"