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  1. Nice SF! Regular stuff coming from my vise. 6,5"
  2. Thanks guys! The tail is made from clear jewellery thread
  3. Super shrimp in pink
  4. Synthetic flatwing
  5. Nice ties Sngl2th! I would recommend jc substitutes or real jc to not altering the shape of the fly. Pro 3d tapped eyes are also cool. One smaller ~6"
  6. ~7" bunker. Bt, thin hackles, angel hair & peacock herls.
  7. Thank you gentleman! Home, sick and nothing else to do than tying flies. Here's a couple
  8. One more.
  9. Bucktail&hackles
  10. Thanks Kid!
  11. Synthetic candy. I was just playing around with materials & uv-resin and this is what it came
  12. Thanks a lot mate! Yes, ostrich it is.
  13. Straight up deceiver. No reverse ties
  14. Been off from the vice a while.
  15. Thanks a lot! No hollow ties on it. Just three collars tied straight and some flash & angelhair between