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  1. Let me know when your around, always looking for someone to fish with out there and to learn more. Funny you mention the mag darters, I find a lot of those washed up as well
  2. Thats some very nice work done by that builder, great attention to detail. Needles look good too, as far as weighting, id love to see how he does his. I currently basically load from the middle --> back.
  3. Do you find you catch more on the sinking? Also, I actually usually rig my plugs with a hook at around the belly as thats where I get most my hookups and the trailing hook usually just rips up their side. But with the shape of a needle I might have to use a rear hook
  4. Thats some great info to keep in mind, the intricacies of a simple looking plug play some key roles. Ill focus on those different sink rates
  5. I too usually carry a lot of needles, mainly dannys and needles. Theres just something about needles I like- Currently my needles resemble a thick wadd, the only problem with that is that it means itll take a lot to make em sink. The floating ones swim fine so far, im just planning on sinking ones now. Maybe add weight holes between the belly and tail weights. I will defenitly send some your way once I have perfected them. All I know is I find tons of needles washed up on Cutty and they cant all be from rocks....
  6. Thanks for all the feedback, i appreciate it. In my limited experience I find them to be best on a calm night, and the structure/current to not really matter, but I caught on both floating and sinking. I am turning some needles this week and just cant decide on wether or not to make them slow sinking or floating. Ill see if a needle expert can contribute on the floating/sinking catch ratio. As for Cutty @Southcoastphil, ill be there all summer (leaving next weekend) as I live and work there, ill pm you some info if youd like and maybe we can meet up while you are in town
  7. Right I should have included that, relatively calm, boulder fields and some current (Cuttyhunk waters)
  8. I am getting some needles together for this July/August and was wondering what you guys find to be more effective- floating or sinking needles? I have caught on both but just haven't used needles enough to really know. When it comes to eelskins, should the needle be a sinking one?
  9. I appreciate the offer, I would prefer used because im looking to fish it and new is most likely too expensive. Those 2 look great but im hoping for a more darker color. Gonna close this down for now, im headed out on a trip!
  10. Just found one the other day on a beach in Westport, MA. As for this athletic fish, I believe everyone is right with thinking it to be a Sturgeon. Great fish, its a shame they were so heavily hunted
  11. 60 is a little high for me as I hope to fish it, ill see if maybe a used one comes up and is a little cheaper. If not, I may just have to break the bank if still available. Thank you for the offer
  12. Sounds and looks great, please let me know what amount you would like for it
  13. Could I please see a picture of the herring? Also, what length is it? Appreciate the help
  14. Looking for a Hab's needle (can be new or used) in around 3.5oz, open to any color but would prefer a dark color or silver-ish scheme. Thanks in advance for any help
  15. Also thinning my freshwater herd. The Lsi came out at the same time as the HDT, both outstanding rods. Its a 2 piece 6wt at 9ft total. The other is an old Cortland also a 6wt at 8ft. Asking 90$ shipped for both, again very underpriced I just hope someone fishes them