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  1. I will take the red head please, sorry just saw these, you can include all plugs in the PM i sent if that works for you
  2. Ill take the other danny, the metalic green round nose, and the cigar please. Thank you again, I hope he has a great trip
  3. I really appreciate you digging these up, I would love to purchase the top and middle popper- they all look great. Thanks again, ill send a pm shortly
  4. Likewise, not sure what happened. Maybe someone with more tech knowledge than myself can help us out
  5. No worries, thought you had changed your mind. Thanks for coming back
  6. Thats a good idea, ill have to try that
  7. Theres a couple saw dust flakes that stuck, maybe something like dust in the mix container?
  8. Here are some pictures of the epoxy, the bodies are just a pichney conrad project and dannys (both clearly works in progress). But hopefully the pictures are clear enough that you can see the sort of rivets of epoxy and uneven clumping
  9. Yeah thats what I was worried about with the spinner, Ill try a space heater and more flipping in the drying area and see what happens tonight and then get back to you guys
  10. Temp was maybe too low- around 70 and humid. Flipping vertically hanging plugs every half hour should be ok? Ill take some photos of the epoxy
  11. Thanks for the tips guys, ill try these out
  12. Ok I'll look into that, thank you. Is there an epoxy that can be used with just a flipping method?
  13. System 3, relative long dry time
  14. Finally got some plugs done yesterday only to have the epoxy not set right. It was a little lumpy and bare in places, I hang them and then flip them. Could it be humidity? Too thick a coat?