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  1. w-8.5 d-2.5 h-6.5
  2. Wish the 5000 shimano twinpower was manual bail.
  3. what size saragosa did you put on the 10'6 tfo.Nice reel &rod.
  4. Toyota Rav 4 Anyone use one on the beach ?Thinking about one for IBSP. Are the beach worthy?.THANKS
  5. Tiderunner fair price, excellent service,quality belt.
  6. x2 love mine worth every penny.
  7. I have 2-6 9' nice rod for the $ 5000 gosa.Can fish all night.
  8. I take a picture of fishing lic. and drivers lic. I have already used it in OCMD
  9. Has anyone carried the otter tails,cow strips different colors in the same jar,do the colors blend?
  10. magic earser
  11. CRAIG CANTELMO Told me at one of the surf shows a couple drop of 90wt. gear oil on the main shaft 2 or 3 times a year .will keep seal pliable,in turn cause the reel to loosen with use
  12. Tony can the 5500 be converted to a manual bail.
  13. Bloomsburg PA.14 inches + and still coming down
  14. jigs and plastic [shads,flukes,bucktails]keep your bait as close to the bottom without getting hung up and as close to the pier without getting hung up.
  15. I have been looking at the star paraflex also.I just dont know about single foot guides on a surf rod, how have they been holding up for you ShoreThing