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  1. $25 for the 1.5 bone
  2. #1 rule in all sports stick with what got you there.
  3. If Wentz doesnt get hurt Brady doesnt get mvp
  4. I fish the beach . I was wondering the same thing.So I asked everyone I seen fishing a VR. Not one person had anything bad to say about the reels.People that actually fish with the reel.
  5. Also do a search teaser leaders,helped me
  6. Check teaser rule of thumb ,15 or so posts down , should help
  7. GOSA
  8. Beach ODM Genesis 10' Saragosa 6000
  9. Bigger or deeper?
  10. w-8.5 d-2.5 h-6.5
  11. Wish the 5000 shimano twinpower was manual bail.
  12. what size saragosa did you put on the 10'6 tfo.Nice reel &rod.
  13. Toyota Rav 4 Anyone use one on the beach ?Thinking about one for IBSP. Are the beach worthy?.THANKS
  14. Tiderunner fair price, excellent service,quality belt.