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  1. Thamks for the feedback guys. I ordered the 8ft Penn Battalion.
  2. Thanks. I ordered a 8ft Penn Battalion
  3. Thanks going to order tonite
  4. I have a ssv3500 on a Battalion 9ft and a ssv4500 on a Battalion 10ft. Just got a really good deal on a ssv5500, what size Battalion would pair with this rod. I have a ssv6500 on a tsunami 11'4. A friend suggest buying a 8ft Battalion and put the ssv3500 on it, the 4500 on the 9ft and the 5500 on t be 10ft
  5. Looking for some advice or a starting point. I have a ssv3500 on a Penn Battalion 9ft and a ssv4500 on a 10ft Penn Battalion. What size battalion would pair with a ssv5500.
  6. Any word on the other new Tsunami spinning rod that was mentioned in this forum? I think it started with a M.
  7. I have no idea.
  8. Yes I got it last Wednesday and it's a great looking, feeling and sturdy reel. I haven't fished it yet, waiting on Star paraflex rod from Tackle Direct. The 4000 might take 3and change of 15#. I have 20# on mine and I think it took almost 300.
  9. Great idea. I just purchased a new Star S7000 reel and it came with the bailess kit included, I thought that was incredible.
  10. Braided line from J&H on sale .05 cents a yard
  11. Braided line that j&h had on sale .05 a yard.
  12. I put About 25 hours on my 4000, 30 hours on my 5000 and about 20 on the 6000. I've caught porgy, striper, blues, sea robin, shark and snagged bunker. I got two wind knots, first from over spooling and the second from not maually closining the bail. These reels are awesome thats my opinion, bragging or $h!t talking
  13. Chuck Patrick I own all the reels you mentioned above and I have Penn Battalion 9ft and 10ft with the 5500 and 4500 on them. They feel sturdier but I've caught big blues with the 5000 and had no problem landing them. Also caught a sand shark that was a beast, no trouble landing it. I als o have the Penn conflict in 4000 and 5000. I think the shields and conflicts are close in comparison. Just my thoughts.
  14. I have the penn 4500 on a Penn Battalion 9ft. And the 5500 on a 10ft Battalion. Both are heavy compaired to the 5000 shield
  15. I've been fishing the I hell out of my 4000 and 5000. No complaints. I put my 4000 on a Tsunami 8ft airwave and the 5000 on a Tsunami 9ft Trophy. When i gest my 6000 back it will go on a 10 ft Tsunami Trophy. I'm giving my ll bean rods a rest.