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  1. I'm next.
  2. BLT is that 30 buck for 100 skirts ?
  3. Unless Tim puts me in the commercial BTS can't sell on this website bucktails that I make.
  4. No familiar with wish. I will check it out. Thanks
  5. Epoxy or super glue.
  6. Hey guys I make and sell a good amount of bucktails jigs. I was just wondering if you guys found a cheaper place to buy squid skirts. I find them on feebly for 25 bucks for 100 in the 3 inch and 30 bucks for 4.5 inch. Would just like to just my cost down. I know everyone loves pictures so I have attached some of my brand Tommy Tog Jigs.
  7. Good luck. Tight lines. Thanks again. Thanks sol.
  8. Ps I wish I was closer. I live on Long Island.
  9. Hey guys does anyone wana be friends lol. I could use a lot of lead.
  10. I guess I need to make more friends then Hahahah
  11. Where is around here ?
  12. What would you guys pay for lead ingots ?
  13. Shads price dropped 5 bucks
  14. Sold. Please close.
  15. Sluggos sold. Shad still up grabs.