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  1. Sorry yes. I just mean the 2x ultra point jig hooks in 60 and 90.
  2. Okay so here’s a question. How does one authentic hooks. I found someone that will sell the hooks in the mustad box (1000) hooks
  3. Shark river
  4. I normally buy from **** and it’s half the price there so yeah 30 bucks for ultra point is kinda high
  5. I’ve bought hooks there and they are super high. 30 bucks for a 100 pack of the thinner mustad hooks.
  6. Anyone here know where I can find mustad 2x jig hooks. Mustad 32824NP-BN Ultra Point Jig Hooks. 60 degree and 90 degree. I can’t find too many places that has them and when i do they basically come to 30 cents a hook.
  7. Hey Mkus. Thank you. I looked at those vises and I might go with that. They are very simple and cheaper. I'm looking at the kingfisher. For 175 ish. I just don't know what the difference is between that one and the more expensive ones
  8. I feel like the regal one is beefer and can handle the big bucktails. Anyone agree ?
  9. Never heard of them. I'll check it out thanks.
  10. Yes I did see that actually. Thank you !
  11. Hi guys. I'm looking to getting a rotary vise. I've been looking at the atlas anvil which goes for 150. Also on the other end of the spectrum I'm looking at the regal revo. 450. I feel kinda crazy that I want to spend 450 on that vise. What i tie. Bucktails up to 8 ounces. With mustad black Nickel hooks to 8/0. They are thinner then a normal 8/0 in my opinion. Just looking for some feed back. I'm not really knew at tieing just new to a vise. I've. Been using a bench vise and would like to spring on something that can spin.
  12. I wish there was some way to test it. That's what I was thinking too. Also the medallion regal
  13. And a 8 ounce bucktail.
  14. Looking for a regal vise that spins and can hold a 2/0-8/0 hook.
  15. I'm next.