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  1. My girl only wants to know where I'm going, when I should be coming home, a text when I've arrived and settled in, and check in a few hours later. Just gotta put them at ease. Plus you can use the 'I do it late at night so I have time during the day to get stuff done' excuse if they really don't get it. Luckily mine fishes, as much as I do. She's just not into surf casting. That's 'me time'.
  2. No sir. That's way too low.
  3. Snoped a pic of the ratings for ya. Date code reads I7.
  4. Looking to upgrade to an 11' version. Used, great condition. No gouges or cracks. No rust anywhere. Barely any fish on it. Handle was re-Wrapped, foam removed and rubber gimbal installed by Cow Harbor Tackle, as I did not like the cork tape. $200. Long Island sale only, will not ship. I'm located in central Suffolk. I do not have a pic of the whole thing but I do have one of the handle. Can take more pics if needed. Its the one with the saragosa on it.
  5. Sadly true. Lost a lot of line because I couldn't break that knot haha.
  6. Damn. I hear the stripers are biting in Kentucky! Transport is not the issue- it's storage unfortunately.
  7. Saw the same thing a few weeks ago at sunrise on my kayak. Paddled all the way to the birds and splashes for a damn Robin blitz.
  8. So, here's my predicament. My two set ups; 9' Lamiglas Pier and Surf, Shimano Saragosa w/ 20lb 832 braid 1-4oz 10' St Croix Mojo w/ Slammer 3 and 30lb 832 1-4 oz I've always fished the NS and SS. Moses, captree, Sunken etc. Always did well with these rod lengths. I never really caught anything over 30" or so. Went to Montauk a few times, caught one Schoolie off the beach with my 10' Mojo. I'm looking to really start fishing Montauk more and more but I feel like I may be coming up short. Should I look into something a little longer? I'll be hitting from North Bar to Kings to give you an idea. Of the areas. Should I look into an 11'? Anything over 9' has to be a 2-piece. I'll throw pretty much anything, bucktails to big swimmers. Recommendations?
  9. Palomar for leaders under 40lb, 50-60lb I used a clinch knot.
  10. Senkos are a bit heavier, but the dingers take a beating and have a recessed area for the hook point so you remain weedless but it doesn't have to poke into the top of the bait.
  11. Senkos...watermelon, amber laminate, cinnamon, but my absolute go-to is a Yum Dinger in Bama Magic. Absolute killer. Hard baits, match the hatch.
  12. Agreed. With so many beaches closing due to erosion or f'ing birds, along with the decline of the fishery, it's becoming less and less worth it. Yet the price goes up and up.
  13. Meh. imho only if you're going to montauk
  14. Senkos are my number 1 go to. First thing out of my bag. Toss, sink, twitch weedless Texas style. After that, I like floating rapalas, jitterbugs, frogs... basically anything topwater. This time of year our ponds and lakes have so much overgrowth under the surface it becomes a giant pain in the butt.