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  1. Huntington isn't all that far from Ronkonkoma... you could still fish the same spots. I live in commack, I couldn't imagine having to search out all new spots for an additional 15 minutes of driving.
  2. Take a Trident 13, improve the hull to be less prone to deforming, add a central scupper for a transducer with a battery hatch, with bigger more universal recess underneath for a 'ducer.
  3. Forgot about this one. Hooked him in the forehead with an SP Minnow. Ouch!
  4. That makes more sense to me. I have the green key, needed it to get an archery permit for Suffolk.
  5. Unfortunately the only pic I got that night because the no-see-Ums were so thick, I was tossing a tsunami sand eel into a STRONG outgoing rip one night with a friend and hooked into a 'huge' fish. Fought it for 10 minutes, felt like forever. Nope, just a 28" schoolie I fouled hooked in the tail. Between the foul hooking and strong current, that sucked.
  6. Absolute insanity.
  7. Lmfao Get outta here....
  8. Roger that, thanks. Any idea on cost?
  9. Hey all, I got my Normal night fishing pass this year that covers all my basic needs (montauk, hither hills, jones etc) But I was thinking about trying shinnecock etc this year. I was wondering, it's too late to purchase the outer beach/ Suffolk county night pass right?
  10. Ya know, that was more entertaining than 90% of the huge fishing channels on YouTube. Hookem in da mouuuuthhhhh from spaaaaaaceeeeee!
  11. Got on the yak this morning in beautiful 60* weather at 6am. Tangled with a few bluegill, all hitting a topwater CrickHopper as soon as it hit the water. Noticed a large bushy tree branch in the middle of the pond that wasn't there two weeks ago, had a feeling about it and scored a few dink bass. I'm hoping judging by the dark color they're telling me the bigger guys are still holding deep. The pond is only 6-8' at its deepest so it's been staying cold. Hopefully next outing there will be bigger fish hanging around.
  12. No longer for sale. Thanks!
  13. Yeah it is a stockie, that's for sure. You're probably right, just a genetic mutation. Funny thing is since this pic was taken, its been caught by him 4 more times haha
  14. Hey all, thought I'd love this reel combo'd with my 9' Lamiglas P&S but alas it's just a bit big for it for plugging for me. I would much rather have a 4500 size Slammer III OR Similar in a Shimano reel. Reel is Like new, literally casted 4 times this afternoon. The metal knob has a tiny ding in it, which is how i received it in the box. I have the original box, papers, EVA knob. Braid not included. Asking $215 shipped. Functions flawlessly, hasn't even seen a beach yet. It's just not for me.
  15. No, i know it all chips. I just hate how thick Jann's PC was. Maybe I'll try the HF stuff next.