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  1. Meh, I get a whole bunker out 300 yards
  2. Rtics are sweet coolers, I got the 65 last winter and used it this past summer was I was thrilled with it's performance. I keep my cooler on the front rack of my truck and the past coolers would turn ice to water by the end of the weekend with the summer sun shining on it all day, this one keeps ice for a couple more days after that when I get back home from a weekend trip out to the teague.
  3. And I was hoping the winter storms would add some sand back. Ugh, hope they do move those markers in if this gets worse, but even if they do what will happen with that dune?
  4. It is national guard doing some training helping to fix stuff.
  5. If you get there after say 8am-3pm on Sat-Sun the count is usually at max during the holidays or really nice days during the summer months. There is a website that shows the current count, osvcount.com.
  6. Cool find Allen! Can you imagine all the game they had to select from back then!
  7. Nice fish! I am surprised I didn't see more pics posted from the AMSP tourney from this past weekend, was it a bust? I Fished north of it and was only catching sharks. Good to see the Reel Girls looking like they were hauling in some fish showing the guys how it was done.
  8. Interesting, I will have to try that. I was using them on a single drop leader with a float and 6/0 hook. Some of the tails on the gulp baits was chewed off, I had attributed that to the crabs but maybe it was something else?
  9. Do you guys have any success with saltwater gulp baits? I tried some this past weekend and didn't even get a hit.
  10. I can say that the duskys were hammering squid this past weekend, they couldn't get enough of it.
  11. Hope they are still biting tonight Nice fish!
  12. I can tell you one not to get, I got the troy bilt 4 cycle to get away from the 2 stokes and it has been nothing but trouble. Now where the pull cord attaches to the shaft is stripped and I had to buy the part to put on my cordless drill to start the stupid thing. I love all the attachments but hate the powerhead.
  13. Don't forget you have to drag a thick power cord out to it and worry about something dropping on it. That is one thing I will stick with gas to do.
  14. I was quoted $1500 to do a 1600 sq ft house and garage and about crapped on myself. They found activity and want to do the full drill and spray treatment. I had found some old 2x4's in the crawlspace with activity on them so I knew I was in for a hit but didn't expect it to be that much, but I guess that is the going rate for a professional to do it.
  15. Nice to see so much fall action! Just waiting for the pics of the huge stripers to come rolling in