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  1. I want to work at your office.
  2. CC canal. I think they can fit one more person along the banks . There are areas closer to Boston that have some wade fishing opportunities. If you do some work on google I'm sure you'll find a few spots.
  3. Bonito? Still a little early for Albies, so I'd be surprised but given the water temps who knows. While I'm sorry you didn't do better with the sea bass, makes me feel better about my luck with them in FI sound and eastern LI sound. Nothing but shorts and not a ton of them. Surprised you did so poorly with porgies. Given the reports I've read I would have thought they were an automatic in that area. Guess you tells you the value of a lot of the reports.
  4. Starting to feel like the fall.
  5. Very nice!
  6. Bonito are showing in MA. Haven't heard anything yet in CT but Albies won't be far behind. I had a good year last year and seems like bonitos are off to a good start so got me thinking. With the warm water, do you think the Albies will be in earlier this year and maybe stay later? For me prime time was very early October. Thinking that date might move up a bit this year. I caught them into early November. I'm thinking my last was 11/02 but don't have my notes with me. Thoughts? Photo is of 11/2017 albie, NOT one from this year. Posted just to get the blood flowing and so you lose focus at work. Won't be long now.
  7. There have been times when they are very aggressive and times when they are not. I think it has to volume of fish, sun/wind conditions and time of year. Very general observation is they seem to be more difficult as the season progresses. Maybe they wise up. Either way there have been times where Going to a thinner leader made the difference. We had to go down to 10 lb flouro at times which I like to avoid. A little light and results in battling the fish longer and more gentle than I’d like or more break offs. 15 lb is my ideal.
  8. With all this warm weather, wondering if Albies will be showing early and staying late. Last week of Sept. and first week of October are booked for Albie fishing. I do most of it down in CT/RI area via boat but plan to do a few BB trips this fall. Weird, every fall I seem to fish more and work less . And work is definitely less productive as my mind is elsewhere. Albies are definitely the most addicting fish for me.
  9. I was there last week. No service issues. But inventory is still lacking. I also went to Watch Hill Outfitters and inventory is lights out compared to Quonnie. I'm hoping this is a bit of a transition year for the Quonnie as I want them to do well and will continue to shop there. I bought a few items, but it was a bit of a struggle.
  10. I was out on vacation and made it out on Wednesday of last week. Eastern LI sound. Porgies and one large sea robin. Few small sea bass. Most of the porgies were on the small side. I was fishing anywhere from 40-85 feet.
  11. I was out in eastern ct about a week ago and didnt do much better. I was going after sea bass and scup. Couple of small sea bass, scup, a fluke, few sea robins and a very small blue.
  12. Same general area this past Friday and did about the same. Couple of small sea bass, few sea robins, 1 16" fluke, a large snapper blue, and a few scup.
  13. When I was there they were low on inventory too but he was just getting started and said they’d have more stuff soon. Not sure it is a good idea to open half empty but not my store. I assume it is now now fully stocked?
  14. I was there earlier this spring. Really liked Robin, sorry they sold the business. I found the new owner, Greg?, very friendly. He went out of his way to be nice and helpful. I'll be back in the area again around the fourth and will buy some more stuff. I'm hoping you caught him on a bad day.
  15. Did some bottom fishing in eastern LI sound yesterday and caught a lot of variety, but no size or numbers. We fished mostly deeper water but also some shallow water. Ranges mostly 30-90 feet. All the boats we saw were in deep water. Didn't see a lot of catching but we spent most of our time trying to find humps and stuff. We caught a fluke, some scup, few sea robins, a large snapper blue and some black sea bass.