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  1. Thanks for bumping. Love smoked fish. Favorite is blackfish, but like bluefish a lot. I have an electric smoker but I like using the charcoal one (basic weber grill). It is harder to control temp but I don't find maintaining exact temp critical. I think the flavor is better with charcoal vs electric heat. I also use apple wood chips. Definitely buy a vacuum sealer. Frozen fish taste fresh. Well worth the money.
  2. Also grease the ferrule a little to help avoid sticking in the future. For fly rods, just the oil on your nose can work.
  3. Yeah yeah. Point taken. But not my favorite shot. I like the fish though. Nice one.
  4. I know that rock well. Nice fish and sorry about the rod. Looks like it is fine though. I once slipped on a set of rocks a few miles away and tossed the rod straight up as I fell. Reel hit the rocks hard, but lucky for me no real damage. Just dents and a sore butt.
  5. It is tough to hold fish with both hands and hold the fly rod without looking a bit awkward. I'm not saying biting rod looks normal, but... I don't usually bite the rod, but I'm sure I have. As for being gross, we are fisherman. Gross goes with the territory. Try storing store bought green crabs in your fridge. One wiff when you open the door and biting cork seems like nothing. Besides cork tastes pretty good, like chicken. Or should I say sea robin. Any idea how big that scup is? Kinda sad we are all commenting on the scup, but I'm easily impressed. Plus I'm going fishing early next week in Buzz. Bay with my young son and scup are always good to have around as a plan B. Anyone know if they are in upper BB yet?
  6. Are those bite marks on the tail of the second striper shown above? Lots of variety, looks like a great start. That is a big plastic for that scup, though he does look big.
  7. I use the app, but just the basic version. I haven't fully explored it yet. Do you use the advanced features?
  8. Ran into nice school of small bass in the bay this AM. All small fish but lots of them. Only fished it for a short while as they were not the target but it was a nice surprise coming out of the marina/harbor and see tons of birds a couple of hundred yards away.
  9. Went out this morning looking for Tog and landed two. One keeper, one short. Also got a handful of small bass on top. Large school of small bass feeding on top. Could have stayed with the bass and caught a lot more but had a short window to fish and wanted to focus on the bottom fishing. I'm new to blackfishing by boat, so did some bouncing around to try to and find good spots. Got a good one today and couple of not so good. Fish I caught were in about 20 feet of water. Both from the same spot. I was fishing both crabs and worms, they only went after the crabs.
  10. Very cool. Big upgrade from the minivan we rented 30 years ago when we spend a month out west flyfishing the parks.
  11. Got it. Thanks.
  12. Are there any apps or websites that give predictions of wave height in the bay? I use various tools for weather, wind and wave height (I.e Willlyweather) but none report the bay (and some other big bays). It is always the outside of the bay such as beaver tail.
  13. I get a lot of this fishing in Fisher's Island near Stonington/Watch Hill. That area has a lot of traffic coming or going to offshore locations with big pleasure boats and they just don't care. Guy in a boat got run over in that area about a year or two ago. I now avoid that area on weekends as lots of chop from the traffic and a lot of clueless or careless boaters that I have to watch out for.
  14. Bought them on Saturday but didn't cook them until Monday. Bellingham MB. They were still fresh on Monday night. How is the seafood at Market Basket in general. I don't buy seafood at most big supermarkets as the fish/shellfish is always iffy.
  15. One other thought. I have had success on occasion nymphing worms. I found a small "stream" drained into a larger "stream" in a salt pond. It was really just cuts or channels but acted the same as a fresh water stream. The worms were drifting out of the smaller channel into the larger channel and the bass were ambushing them like trout. I stood on the bank and caught about 10 bass in an hour with my worm flies drifting with the current about a foot under the water. All very small bass but still rewarding. I've tried this other times and got zip. So like all worm hatch fishing, sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't.