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  1. I have the Paraflex. Throws up to 3 oz plugs quite well. Haven’t tried anything heavier. It’s a great rod for the money and the Star warranty is the best I’ve encountered. I’ve used it a couple of times and was never without a rod more than a couple days. You only pay shipping of the old rod to Star.
  2. Peggoty or Egypt beach are good bets early am. You can park there without a sticker until Memorial Day I believe.
  3. The red slammer is the high speed version and has been in the Slammer III lineup all along. I think the smallest they make in HS is a 6500 and I would use that for jigging. I asked them about it and it also comes with the aluminium knob if you like that style better. All the gold ones are the "regular" speed versions.
  4. I used a BG5000 all last year jigging many days at the ditch and never had an issue. Perfect line lay and casts well. Serviced it over the winter and resolved a binding issue. No detectable gear wear and just as smooth as new. Replaced the roller bushing with a bearing and good to go again this year. Great value for the $105 I paid. Just don't dunk it. My VR150 has decent line lay but I wouldn't use it for jigging. The VR200 has a quicker return and more line capacity and would be a very solid jigging reel I think.
  5. Alewife is river herring and is under pressure. In Massachusetts it’s illegal to harvest Alewife or use it for bait (unless you are Native American). Menhaden is the same as Pogy same as Bunker and is excellent bait. Peanut Bunker is juvie menhaden and is often confused with juvie herring. Too small to use as bait but creates excellent blitzes. Porgy is the same as Scup and excellent to eat.
  6. So are you saying that you've never had a problem with anything made in the US? The problems with the ODM bags are likely growing pains with getting the manufacturer up to speed. I have a Surfwave bag and ODM replaced the D-Rings and shoulder strap. The D-Rings were spec'd to be stainless but the vendor delivered something else. The clips on the shoulder strap corroded so they redesigned with heavy plastic clips and sent new ones free of charge. This is a good company that is providing excellent customer service on their bags. Most products regardless of where they are made have some issues. On the other hand, ODM also make excellent rods but their rod warranty sucks. My local dealer is considering dropping them because of it and I am hesitant to by one. Why the inconsistency with the warranty between products?
  7. I ride my mountain bike in the woods at night all the time. See lots of owls and deer and encounter the occasional pack of coyotes. The coyotes always run away. The deer get confused by my headlights and often just stand there until I'm a few feet away. I can't recall anyone other than small children being attacked by yotes or foxes unless they are cornered or rabid. I was attacked by a German Shepherd mix but not in the woods. Was in the foyer of someone's house when I was dropping off a date. Dog went straight for my throat.
  8. Nice haul. Now we know why no Bluefish reach MA!
  9. Nice catch Todd!
  10. I just drop my entire reel in warm bacon grease. Lubes everything, conditions the line and the fish love it.
  11. I have that same Dakota Lithium 10Ah battery and using it with a Helix 5 CHIRP SI GPS G2. I also bought the Dakota charger and put quick connect plugs on the charger, battery and finder leads. Now I just leave it in the under hatch holder to charge. The battery has over charge circuitry so I don't have to worry about leaving it plugged in over night. It's so much lighter than my old 8Ah SLA battery and I can do multiple trips without worrying about charging. Definitely worth the extra $$$.
  12. Yes he was playing with a knee brace but took it off part way through the series. He was still coming back from a partial ligament tear. His last game was his best for sure. Everyone is pretty banged up by this time in the playoffs.
  13. I have several Star Paraflex surf rods which I use mostly for jigging the canal and they are very good. They also have the best warranty I’ve encounteted. If the rod breaks, send it back and they send you a new one.
  14. How is using Perm any worse than spraying Deet all over your body? That stuff gets in your eyes and mouth and sits directly on your skin and hair. At least Perm is supposed to have minimal transfer to skin once it dries. I've read that Permethrin is poorly absorbed through the skin, although sunscreens and other products may increase the rate of skin absorption. The military has been using it on uniforms for over 20 years so they must feel the potential disease prevention outweighs the potential Perm side affects. Also keep in mind that Deet dissolves breathable laminates a.k.a Goretex and other high-tech breathable waterproof gear (think breathable waders). When I'm wearing waders and or a waterproof shell I opt for a Picaridin spray for exposed areas. Preferably from Sawyer because Natrapel smells awful.