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  1. My BG 5k had horrible issues with the bushing and I lubed it regularly. I installed PENN bearings (same size as the bushing) and problem solved. I have had no issues with the roller on my Slammer 5500 but it doesn't see a lot of use. Should be a cheap upgrade if you get a Slammer with the bushing.
  2. When the bass are gulp feeding like that you are lucky to get a bite. The Hogy peanut bunker jigs or similar can work well. Sometimes nothing does.
  3. Or we could just let nature do it's thing.
  4. Must be talkin’ about the popo.
  5. I haven't been down since the July new moon but from the latest reports, it sounds like it's become a public safety issue. Shutting down Galo is a no brainer if you ask me. Businesses that own or are leasing the land have the right to reserve it for customers only and tow the rest. I'm surprised they haven't done so already. Make the neighborhoods sticker only on both sides. Shut down Bell and any other lots adjacent to neighborhoods at night. People live there for Christ sake! No resident should have to endure the noise and bright lights in the middle of the night. I don't live near the canal but I feel for those who do. I'm all for public access to the coastline but there are limits on what residents should have to put up with. There is still plenty of parking to be had. Those who want to fish will just have to get there first. Those who park illegally get towed. Finding your car and paying the fee at the impound lot is something you don't forget quickly.
  6. I love missing calls so not a good test case.
  7. I've seen a lot of potential Canal solutions come and go and perhaps this is another one that has already come and gone. I look at places like Gallo and all the little neighborhoods and dirt lots and it seems to me that if businesses and towns started banning parking and ticketing and / or towing cars in certain areas it would make a difference. The towns abutting the canal could make a killing in fines and impound fees which in turn could pay for enforcement. I'm sure local commerce would complain but I'm also sure the local residents are getting pretty fed up and would have a voice in this. I feel bad for the folks who live in those little neighborhoods up and down the canal. I'm shocked they haven't already implemented a sticker only parking program. Every time I park on Pleasant St. at 2am I feel compelled to shush people talking and carrying on as they get ready to head out. It can't go on like this. Parking and access are way to easy. People are inherently lazy, make it hard and they won't come. If you don't get there early enough to get a spot, you go home. PS: Sorry Phil
  8. It's hard to prevent robo calls since they are often spoofing the return call number and changing it each time they call. Needs to be dealt with at the network layer by the carriers who appear to be doing nothing. It doesn't help that big corporations are lobbying the current administration to ease restrictions on the constant robo calls, as if there were any restrictions to begin with. I'm sure it's going to get worse before it gets better. There is an app called YouMail that I've been meaning to try.
  9. I’ve been using a VR150 on a 9’6” Tsunami Airwave Elite for almost all of my surf fishing this year. I do a lot of wading in fast current and there are times when I wish the reel was faster. Overall it’s really been a game changer for me as it spends a lot of time under water when unhooking fish, untangling the rod tip, etc. I’ve been pulling in many 30-40” fish in extremely fast tidal current. So far the reel has held up very well with only a rinse after each use. I opened it recently and it was dry and clean inside.
  10. Been doing well with the original size this year. Smokey Joe works well at night in fast moving water. Really digs in.
  11. Ok. Thought I was losing it.
  12. Where'd it go?
  13. Phil, That's the first step towards a lighter tool belt. The second step is to ask yourself if your from Jersey. If the answer is yes skip the rest of the steps because there's no known cure.
  14. I should say mostly use my pliers to cut braid. Use them for other things too. Also carry braid scissors and a sharp knife. I think I have too much stuff...but you never know.
  15. Welcome ToddyRocks. Your alias holds nice fish at certain times of the year.