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  1. Offer still stand? I will trade thanks
  2. I'm very intrested I'm just going to wait to see if any 5000 show themselves if not I will take it.
  3. Looking to trade my saragosa 5k sw for a spinning reel in the 4K-5k size range. Preferably shimano but will entertain all offers. Reel works perfectly has a couple scratches from boat rash would give it 9/10
  4. Is the vr still available?
  5. I have a gosa 5k that I would let go for 180
  6. Sold.
  7. im intrested in the calcutta. I have never seen this kind of calcutta though?
  8. if no one offers in the meantime im looking to get rid of this soon.
  9. which kind? it depends.
  10. thank you, but i am going to pass.
  11. Yes it comes with braid, 40 lb pp
  12. Yes I'm interested, I would like too see pics
  13. Bump will do 150
  14. WTS torium used a couple times. 9/10 looking for 175 or possible trades for a right handed conventional reel.
  15. Looking for an onshore spinning reel, or a bigger conventional like this one but must be right handed.