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  1. All mushrooms are edible - some of them only once.
  2. Nice. It's kind of odd given the heat, but I wonder if the North Shore bite is showing new signs of life?
  3. This?
  4. This mirrors my experiences up there recently - short periods of catching small fish, with long periods in between.
  5. My wife and I typically take our vacation there each year during the Derby, but that's not going to happen this year. I may, however, try to get over there for 1 or 2 short trips - either there or to Cuttyhunk.
  6. Try not to get too down, as there are two factors working against you 1) this has been a tough season for shore fisherman overall, and 2) Late July/early August is a bit tougher than the spring and fall because the fish tend to stay in deeper water.
  7. Two conclusions I am drawing from this season: 1) I should get a kayak or boat, and 2) it's time to target more species.
  8. I fish exclusively from shore and it hasn't been a good season for me on the North Shore. My largest fish so far was maybe 30", but the great majority have been small to medium schoolies. Except for one early blitz in Ipswich, there typically is a long gap between catches. I've fished dusk, dawn, and the middle of the night, but keep coming up short.
  9. Sounds familiar. The number of larger fish being caught from shore seems to be much lower than in recent years.
  10. No joke. I fished nearby early last night, and when I parked there were multiple greenheads immediately on my windshield - before I'd even gotten out of the car.
  11. I fished Ipswich last night on the outgoing. Two schoolies. It was a nice night once the greenheads went away.
  12. During the day, it's filled with swimmers and you'll need to pay for parking. At night, a parking sticker from the town is required. Beware the greenhead flies. FYI: This site has an aggressive policy against what the mods consider a spot burn, and I got spanked a few months ago for mentioning this same location.
  13. Oh no. This is such sad news. I was in the shop recently and someone was asking Martha how Kay was doing, and it didn't sound good. Kay was such a great solid person, and a local institution.
  14. I'm in a similar situation: I gave up on a paddle kayak two years ago as it was a real PITA in any current and/or wind. In the end, I mostly used it to gain access to places I would then fish from shore. More recently, I've been tempted by the pedal-driven versions, but in the end I think for me a small boat is a better option. Because the pedal-driven versions are still relatively new, there still is a large price premium over the paddle models. If you haven't done so already, you can ask this question on the New England Kayak Fishing forum.
  15. I tried the Gloucester area last night from slack to a few hours into the outgoing. Nada. Maybe I can blame the bright moon?