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  1. My guess is that getting closer to the ocean (Newburyport or similar) would provide better odds of getting fish, although many of these are likely to be pretty small. I’m hoping that the bigger fish will start arriving in greater numbers north of Cape Ann this weekend, but I have no clue if that will happen.
  2. Yeah, it really was a gorgeous day. I didn’t catch nearly as many, but it was great to be out.
  3. I was out in Ipswich late afternoon/evening. Lots of very small bass (12” - 15”), but I didn’t see any signs yet of bigger fish. Hopefully, this weekend.
  4. Great. I’ll send you a PM.
  5. SOLD In excellent condition, and could pass for new. It hung on my belt for a few trips, but wasn’t used. $195 shipped to the lower 48. Price assumes regular PayPal. Located in the Boston area.
  6. They’re definitely in RI, but I’m sure about MA yet.
  7. Fish SoCo late-morning to mid-afternoon on Sunday. When we arrived, we heard the usual "you should have been here this morning." Apparently, decent sized bass and blues were caught on soft plastics. I caught a few during the day, but all were schoolies, and I had to work pretty hard to get those. Lots of time between fish, and many of them hit at the far end of my cast. I did best on minnow plugs - epoxy and SP.
  8. No, but I have a similar situation at home and would be interested in hearing whatever you learn. Thanks.
  9. I’ve caught a few. They were located close to an inlet, but definitely in the surf. I saw one guy land what looked to be about a 32” bass on a pencil popper from the surf in SoCo.
  10. Ziploc bag, and then into a tube inside my surf bag.
  11. My Knipex cutters arrived today. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Tons of scholies this morning on the outgoing, but I didn’t see anyone land anything near keeper size. Thankfully, most of the nasty mung weed was gone out front.
  13. No, but earlier in the day I did slip on the jetty and smash my St Croix rod against the rocks. Luckily, St. Croix has a good replacement tip policy. (I am a repeat customer there....) On a positive note, I did catch a few nice bass in between my various mishaps.
  14. Nice. I love Lou - accent and all.