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  1. Got to love capitalism. The small guy gets crushed again! If you can afford to pay you can barge into any thread and sell your product. If you are small and can’t afford it you will lose to the big guy. What a shocker! Bingo Bango
  2. I have a friend on this site who sells a popular product. He has been reprimanded by the site owner for promoting his product. I’m not going to say who or what he sells but everyone knows the brand. There seems to be a double standard here and that as at the root of what is annoying me.
  3. LoL it seems that way:)
  4. Thank you! Finally someone that sees without the Black Hole Blinders on! Thank you, man I thought I was alone!
  5. Who are you taking to?
  6. It’s fine Ksong, no worries here. How the heck did I get all wrapped up in this stinkin’ post anyways! LoL
  7. LoL another subtle plug LOL it’s fine I am glad Kil is working out well with most everyone and lots of people enjoy it. If the majority here think he is awesome and everything is cool then I can be the silent (at least after this thread is over) minority. No problem here... BTW Ksong, I honestly do not mean any disrespect to you.
  8. Iyiyi, again in response to the original poster. This is not an attack on him. It seems like every time he posts (I have not read 2500) it’s a plug for his Rods and that’s all that it is. Just curious what does Ksong think about braided line, his favorite reel, does he have repair tips, thoughts on casting, thoughts on a favorite plug or tin??? I’ve not seen those types of posts. Just sales pitches for black hole rods. If the site allows it great! Seems like it should be in the buy and sell section but who am I to say. And again my response was originally to the opening posters thoughts. Who I do agree with. Not an attack. Like I said he is very respectful in his posts. I just think they belong in a different section. If if I was a lure maker and someone posted on how his lure is not working for him and I posted in the thread with a video of my product and told the guy,man you should try my lure it’s great. Would that be ok here? My guess is no. What if I found all the lure posts and flooded the site with pics and vids of my lures? Is that ok?
  9. LoL. Sheesh you seem so upset. I tend not to respond too often to Ksong and not because he is rude or any such thing. He has always been very kind. I do think he is a bit overbearing and I thought that was the point if the original post. If he is a sponsor then maybe he Should be allowed to over post if there is such a thing. Some of his vids are pretty cool I have to admit
  10. It just seems like one giant sales pitch whenever a rod topic arises. It’s pretty annoying really.
  11. Are you guys even reading the Original post?
  12. They keep getting recommended by the sales rep.
  13. That’s for sure. I thought that was against the SOL rules
  14. LoL I don’t know. Everything that I have heard and I don’t mean from Ksong is that they really are good and a nice upcoming newer brand. I fish with Century rods. Fantastic rods...
  15. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you tried a Black Hole already. LOL. I couldn’t help it sorry.