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  1. Thinner line and more aerodynamic lures like A-25 jigs cast really well. If you want to get nuts put a Breakaway impact shield on and you will stop the twirly helicopter cast. Also 12’ rods rock. I fish jig lures with tubs using a 14’ rod with no issues.
  2. Welcome, I too spent years fishing with my dad. Those memories are precious for sure. I too took a 30 year break as well and only got back into it in the last few years. Well, it’s addicting that’s for sure. Lots of good people here with lots to f experience. Good luck and tight lines!!!
  3. I agree they will leak. I bought top of the line waders from LL bean and they lasted just over one season. I took them back no questions asked. Got a new pair. I can’t for the life of me understand why they sell them at all, not with that warranty anyway... if they lasted 5 seasons I would not return them as that could be considered a good fair amount of use. But just over one season is not nearly long enough. So off to bean for a new one. $300 is a good deal with the bean warranty.
  4. Maybe I need to head to Montauk more often. Nassau County south shore stinks.
  5. I need to move you guys are killing me. I only bested one keeper size 28”. The rest were small and it was not very many! South shore Long Island is NOT what it was.
  6. I rarely see anyone using them. And almost never fri the ocean.
  7. April 1. It’s a Sunday this year. Barring rain I will be out there.
  8. LoL I did not even realize that. Leave it to NY to screw you for doing something that normally would save you money.
  9. Google is a wonderful thing.
  10. Abu 7000 Ambassador levelwind. Not made my n Sweden. Level wind failed mid way through the season. Whines when I cast it too. The Swedish made were smoother and better overall. Very disappointed.
  11. Akios 656 Shuttle. Adjustable mag brakes, Centrifugal brakes. Upgraded speed bearings and upgraded stainless main gear to 6.3 to 1 ratio. Good stuff
  12. And to top it off there are no fish!
  13. LoL. I’m keeping mine too!
  14. Agreed no Iis the answer. Make sure to get your night permit before March 31.
  15. LoL I guess I’m a poor excuse of a conventional fisherman. I use strictly conventional reels but use technology to help control it. Even with mags and Centrifugal brakes I still occasionally birds nest.