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  1. Dead drifting means drag free drifting.
  2. I use a double surgeon's knot. Granted I only fish up to maybe 30 lb. flouro leader, but I have never broken the knot whether casting, snagging, or fighting a fish. I caught a drifting trap or log or something in the canal and could not break the knot. Also super quick and easy to tie.
  3. What about a sinking polyleader?
  4. Has anyone tried the new Echo BAG Quickshot? It is an 8' as opposed to the standard 9' BAG. They marketed the original BAG as a fast rod but the reviews I have read state that it is actually pretty slow.
  5. I'm in!
  6. While I would not say I have more experience with glass, I have found that my two (cheap, very cheap) glass rods (Eagle Claw 7' #5 and Ultraglass 8'6" #5/6) can both accommodate anywhere from a 5 to a 7 line. I can make very delicate presentations with a 5 or 6 line, but can go up to a 7 to load the rod more to fish in windy conditions or where distance is more important than finesse. In fact, I would even go as far as to use an 8 on the Ultraglass rod if conditions called for it. It is a very heavy rod though, at lease IMO.
  7. All items sold. Thanks everyone!
  8. I am very much an amateur when it comes to drifting/swinging flies. I will attempt to dead drift by mending line as best I can but have found that in tidal outflows with strong current and oftentimes standing waves, it is hard to mend without pulling on the fly and imparting unwanted movement. When I swing, I just cast cross-current and let it swing out and across the rip and then make a slow retrieve back. It is usually as the fly hits a low point when crossing perpendicular to the current flow that I get the hits. Bear in mind this is for Striper fishing in New England and I am probably experiencing dumb luck/right place right time more than a sound swinging presentation.
  9. All - I am sorry for the confusion. Per the BST rules, I am obligated to sell this to RickG as he is the first one to offer the asking price. Rick, check your PM's.
  10. I will do $375 shipped. PM(s) sent.
  11. Would prefer local pickup in MA, thank you.
  12. I hear ya, the mind will jump to whatever rationalization it can find but oftentimes it is as simple as not being in quite the right spot. I've fished locations where a guy is getting fish every cast or drift, but fishing 15 feet to his right there is nothing. They were just holding in one very concentrated area of the rip. I fish a Rio floater with blue head and tan running line, and an Airflo sinker with clear head and blue running line. I have not noticed any difference in catch rate between the two lines at least not due to color. Certainly due to sinking vs. floating though.
  13. Final bump here. Willing to trade for a Hatch 4 Plus fly reel (preferably in Black/Orange but willing to entertain any color), a Nautilus XL fly reel in black, or an Islander No. 3 fly reel. If you have or can get one of these and willing to trade, you're getting a great deal on a VS300! Or sell outright for $375 cash. If no interest in one week I am shutting this down to list elsewhere.Thanks.
  14. Oh and also check out the book Stripers and Streamers by Ray Bondorew. It is a short book and a great read.
  15. Great recommendation by Cpalms. I think the Motive is around $450 (?) new and for not much over half that you can get a great setup albeit with not quite the "name recognition" as the Motive, but that won't help you cast better or catch more fish anyway. I would also recommend taking a look at the Behemoth. I bought one for a 7 wt. setup and it is a great reel. Super light with a good drag, and while not fully sealed it is better protected than other drags on cheap reels where the drag washers and one way bearing are totally exposed. I paired it with an Echo Base rod which would also be a great choice. It casts really smooth and transfer energy well, it is hard to mess up a cast and throw a tailing loop with this rod. For the Behemoth reel, Echo Base rod, Rio Mainstream line, and 200 yds. of backing I am into my 7 wt. for just over $250. Hard to go wrong there, leaves you a couple hundred bucks in your fly rod budget for a stripping basket, small sling pack, waterproof fly box, and some flies. The warranty on all big name manufacturers is pretty much the same these days - TFO and Echo have a lifetime guarantee in materials and workmanship and then a $35 repair/replace fee if anything else ever goes wrong (TFO replaced my entire rod for $35 because my heavy clouser crashed into the tip section and snapped it). I believe Sage's is the same except with a $50 fee.