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  1. Lighthouse.
  2. TowBoatUS or Sea Tow is something I have continually been on the fence about. I have a SMALL boat - it's a 13' Whaler. I used to go out exclusively on the lower Cape where if something happened, I had enough buddies nearby with boats or could just beach it and walk to my folks house but now that I live in Sandwich I don't have friends around with boats, nor a place within walking distance of where I usually boat. I don't go far and typically just bounce from boat ramp to beach and back but I've always been the type of person to prefer reducing risk and having peace of mind.
  3. Seems to me it should be considered unconstitutional for a municipal police department to board a vessel in a freshwater body. I can understand USCG and salt/navigable waters (still kind of a stretch) but I've seen it happen in ponds/lakes. I mean if my house was flooded, it wouldn't give the police free reign to enter and search it as they please so why is a boat any different. Thoughts? Maybe it's a concession that we've somehow agreed to in lieu of a state mandated vessel inspection? Anyone know any background on this? Just a curious thought I had today.
  4. Great report and really gorgeous location. I love seeing your pics because aside from being beautiful country and great trout fishing, it is so different than what I am used to in eastern MA. I would love to fish the German countryside one day.
  5. Which way was the tide going when you lost it? If it was incoming it could very well be hung up inside the marsh or up on the grass.
  6. In my experience it does happen but the viscosity change is not as noticeable with the thin. It still flows well enough. If I need to thin them out for a short period of time, I put them in a cup of warm water or run them under the warm tap.
  7. Also if you use hairs from closer to the base of the tail they'll flare nicely. Almost too much flare.
  8. I like UV superhair for small clousers because it creates translucence that is present in many very small baitfish
  9. I have had welded loops fail on new Rio and SA lines. I now use those chinese finger trap types which have yet to fail me.
  10. That's a good point. I tend to equate hook size to wire thickness in addition to gap just based on habit due to what I typically buy. This was a basic SS15.
  11. I straightened a #4 Gamakatsu on a fish last fall trying to keep him off a jetty. From then on I stopped using them. It only takes one instance like that to dissuade me. Based on the way it hit and the way it ran, it would probably have been my personal best fish.
  12. So was it as crowded as feared this morning? It didn't look too bad on the cape side as I went down it 7 AM headed to work. Speaking of the overnight weirdos, I was fishing last summer around 2 AM and walking down the service road in a dark section with my korkers still on, you know how they sound on pavement, kinda creepy maybe in the dead of night. I come across this kid probably early 20's, barefoot and no shirt, only a pair of jean shorts on. He comments how I freaked him out and I said sorry and kept walking. He follows me and I say have a good night and pick up the pace. He picks up the pace too and continues to stay on me not speaking, just following me strangely so i dip down to the rocks and step into the water and I have no idea where he went from there. Point is, if you are easily weirded out then avoid the night time.
  13. I like the idea of the Tacky fly boxes but the price is quite high. What really interested me was having a fly box that doesn't have foam because hypothetically it should last far longer since you aren't stabbing it with hooks all the time. But I have not tried one first hand.
  14. Friday's tides will be breaking such that anyone who doesn't have to be at work til 7-8-9 AM will be in a prime spot to hit it, so I would expect it to be very busy that morning.
  15. If there's one thing that most fisherman who have some years under their belt will see right through it's gimmicks. The OB lure seems just that, a bit too gimmicky with the wings and the bottom and all that. I don't want one popper that can do it all. I just want it to do one thing well.