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  1. Same here til I tried the Bonefish taper but that is another story. My InTouch striper line cracked and separated from the core, and has a memory like an elephant! You can't stretch the memory out of it due to the InTouch core. I like the Mainstream way better and it is cheaper too.
  2. My vote is also for the Bonefish Quickshooter floater. I've been using it lately even in the cool temps and it hasn't been too bad. A bit stiff til you get it working. But I can present far more delicately with this taper than any of my other lines.
  3. I second this too, I bought one to have as a cheap 7 wt. and I like it a lot. The price point and action would make it a good beginner rod. Also Echo has a phenomenal warranty.
  4. I have an older IM6 Imperial and love it still. Bought it on CL for $50. I understand the new ones are just as good.
  5. Sure......
  6. Fishing glass while smoking grass? or?
  7. Yes absolutely... supposedly it is bringing some 'soul' back to rods and forcing you to slow down, get away from the glitz and glam of carbon fiber fast action rods, and get back to basics of casting with a slow action rod. I have two, both cheap, and they are fun in their own right. Difficult to find the right line for them, ended up 2-3 line weights up on both. My favorite is the 7' 5 wt. Eagle Claw Featherlight with a 7 wt. Rio Mainstream line, picked up for $20 at Walmart. Great for backwater schoolies, small streams, and to throw in the bed of a truck and not worry about it. For young guys like me, fiberglass was never really an option - we were born into the graphite era. Anything glass was old and junky. My mother in law even has a steel fly rod that was her grandfather's. I tried an Echo Bad Ass Glass (BAG) and it was cool, I personally could not tell the difference between it and any other 'glass rod I have casted. Would I trade my Scott for a hundred of the best 'glass rods? Not in one million years. But they are cool to have as another tool in your fishing arsenal or to keep things interesting by changing it up. Plus the action may better suit one's inherent casting style.
  8. I was in Santorini for 10 days on my honeymoon. Gorgeous place and dying to go back. But did not see many fish at all, locals said the volcanic environment with overfishing had pretty much wiped out the population in that area of the Aegean. +1 for 9 weight. I swing my 9 weight in no wind and it's just as fine as an 8 weight, but when the wind picks up I am glad to have the extra power.
  9. Also a thought, is your running line a Rio InTouch by chance? Rio's 'InTouch' core is incredibly prone to tangling in the stripping basket or in any sort of close coils/pile. I have found it to be the case on multiple InTouch lines
  10. You can park at most beaches in the early morning hours as enforcement typically doesn't begin until like 8 AM. So fish the best hours of the day and then head off and do something else until enforcement ends in the evening and fish again. I am a resident and I do this; I don't bother buying stickers. Also, a bike can be your best friend. I find plenty of free parking within a half mile of many places I want to fish and then I just ride my bike down to the spot. (e.g. park at the courthouse or W Barnstable Elementary and ride to Barnstable Harbor). Also some of the best areas (again, Barnstable, and also Chatham) have free parking in prime locations at wildlife conservation areas... so look for those as well.
  11. are you talking for wet wading or to wear over stocking foot waders? I have logged many miles in Patagonia ultralights over the past two seasons and they have been very comfortable. I usually wear them with waders but have also worn them wet wading with neoprene socks.
  12. Do you know approximately what the physical weight is?
  13. Convenience I am sure.
  14. Why doesn't the Nautilus X ever seem to come up in recommendations? People generally recommend the NV or CCF but never the X Series. It seems popular enough with guys down south and the price point is maybe a little friendlier than the other models.
  15. I think you got it backwards; watts / volts = amps, comes from -----> P=IV (power = amps * volts). This is good for estimating roughly but really only works for resistive single phase loads.