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    sort of.

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  1. Both of them have me pretty triggered. Talking all kinds of ****.
  2. eff the Knights the universe better not let them win
  3. Turn that pain into motivation.
  4. Ernie is the chunky brother.
  5. good video I kinda like that guy
  6. It was all downhill after the Pens. You beat them you can beat anybody.
  7. I will be, yes.
  8. If that's what youre asking. I'm a little liquid retarded right now.
  9. I built a rod specifically for lighter stuff like that but haven't used it yet. But I'm going to guesstimate its probably 1oz, to maybe 6.
  10. 19k doesn't get you much these days in terms of classic cars.
  11. I guess youre talking freshwater? In that case its over an hour to do that. I mean theres closer options but theyre not anything i would fish.
  12. A little under ten minutes drive.
  13. Whats your thoughts on Keitechs? Theyre pretty big over here right now. Hype or what.
  14. Wheres nighty?
  15. I'm pretty sure they were.