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  1. Im no doctor, but sticking a needle, into a trigger point, sounds like a bad idea.
  2. Congratulations DT
  3. My kids have a nintendo switch, ive never even touched it.
  4. for real doe the xbox is a real pain in the ass with all the logging in and updates and downloads and for ****s sake i just want to put the cartridge in and play got damn
  5. nice
  6. Yeah that part was difficult too. There were a couple parts where just going for it was the answer. Especially the part after you spoke to the big wig by the fireplace that you were sure was going to rape you, where you had to help the resistahnce by putting bombs on big doors? Sooner or later you figured out to just run and do it forget trying to be sneaky. pete.
  7. ginds my gears to a metallic slurry
  8. for the record my email was sneakypete before that weak show. that really chaps my hide.
  9. Watch comedians in cars getting coffee. Jerry proving why he's the king. And theres cool cars.
  10. Saving the little girl sneaking through all them Krauts at the hotel or whatever it was, was the hardest part for me. I hadnt played a game in a while and all the f bombs and extreme violence was a little surprising to me. I expected the soft world to have gotten rid of such things, not advanced it.
  11. ****in awesome i wish i could grow some **** like that
  12. Chum the fish is nice but your hair and chops are absolutely glorious. I thought it was a photoshop at first.
  13. missionary skull and crossbones shark and alien head?