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  1. Happy Birthday Loots
  2. My girl just took the lead. She is lovely.
  3. youre crazy I'm swelling just thinking about her
  4. was thinking the same it looks so slow and careful
  5. just get lubed up inside and out and let her work you over itll be good
  6. I plan on doing a little plowing all three days.
  7. Nice. Take them on a detour to the Power Exchange and see how much fun they really are.
  8. we're having some amazing weather right now so youll enjoy that
  9. no way effwork
  10. I'm starting to really enjoy Olympians crashing and getting effed up in my old age
  11. oh lawdy three day weekend thank platypus
  12. this is gonna bother me now
  13. she looks like someone or something ive seen before I cant quite put my finger on it
  14. what a dumbass trying to pull that move
  15. USA stinks show the carnie