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  1. "whats a computer?" **** YOU APPLE YOU THEY ASS MOTHER****ERS
  2. thats a pic from "THEY LIVE"
  3. I'm curious to know what his they could be. If it goes E.T. then props to him.
  4. I'm in.
  5. Don't worry though. If you want them to stop listening just start talking about your "plan" for 2018. They'll change the channel.
  6. depends on what you say but "they" are all on the same team
  7. I think you should force yourself to puke every time she does to support her.
  8. this isn't a tin foil hat thing its been proven
  9. Be careful what you say when around that thing. They are listening.
  10. I wanna switch to hockey but this has been a good game.
  11. knee injury they weren't specific
  12. Birds are toast without Wentz.
  13. effin Terry like the little girl that keeps hitting and being mean to the boy she likes