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  1. Yes 7 to 8 ft is enough with 20 or 30 lb braid —- go bigger if you plan on reaching out further and go deep down. Thats what she said best of luck
  2. This ^^^^^ definitely avoid the mid day crowd. At Sunset with bait or small sand eels are good, had a blast last year catching stripers for an hour with tsunami eels with 2 SOL friends , nothing big but always fun.
  3. When you get there go to Jones Point under the bridge and on the docks Small swimmers and bucktails are best in my opinion, very rocky on the bottom so get ready to loose some jigs. If you baitfish you will most likely hook up catfish but you never know, strong current and deep channel is passing right there. And if your hungry while in the area let me know I will make sure you avoid the tourist traps seb
  4. Looking for one, new or used, yellow, blue or green color shades paypal ready thanks
  5. Payment sent thanks
  6. I take the green one. Thanks
  7. I take the small swimmer please
  8. Junior Moonlight
  9. haha, what a great memory when we cooked those scallops, Portuguese and cheese cuts, and of course your wines, looking forward to more of that Phil!!
  10. my little secret for crab cakes is to do some buttermilk fried onion rings, chop them up and add them in your crab or fish mix then make the patties and seared or deep fried, really a great texture and flavor added. always a dash of tabasco as well.
  11. the smell only apparent in late morning would mean the prep cooks are starting their mise en place, meaning getting ready for the day and probably starting most of their recipe bases with garlic and lost of different spices.
  12. black over yellow darter with silver side please
  13. Great footage thanks for sharing
  14. i take the commander
  15. I take the darter please