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  1. You know who loves rats. richard kuklinski! You know what richard kuklinski loves ? Cyanide !
  2. Thanks again Sudsy.
  3. thanks Sudsy for your infos, am in France now for couple weeks so i might check out couple places and see. Did the spools come skirted like that or you just had to get them separately. it also seems that lots of Mitchell's parts are still available just like Penn's parts.
  4. Thats what am talking about. Great pic thanks for sharing
  5. Thanks, I will look into it.
  6. Thanks, I will look into it.
  7. It is so easy to get lost with all the Mitchell reels numbers and sizes, which one is the closest to a Penn 704 Z for size and retrieve, also did anyone tried to do some Mitchell reels the same as Penn staal (drilled Penn?) thanks for any tips and/or pics as well. S
  8. I used Mike's Lunker once and when that rancid smell came to my nose i just trash the whole thing, in my opinion if it was making such a big difference we would know by now--my 2 cents
  9. bump
  10. thanks Chris and SOL
  11. cheapest blonde i ever bought , specially with running lipstick
  12. i will take this please
  13. tsunami Phil
  14. Payment sent thanks
  15. I take this