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  1. the needlefish is a Surf Asylum.
  2. i take the jointed eel, send me your infos, thanks
  3. i will pass but hanks for considering anyway, Happy thanksgiving
  4. totally understand, i will pass on this, but thanks for your time. happy thanksgiving
  5. i offer 40 for the chartreuse darter if you decide to split. thanks for considering
  6. I offer 85 for the jointed eel. Thanks for considering.
  7. "I'm in"
  8. auction ends on 17 and will be locked on 18?
  9. Payment sent Thanks GraniteStRockfish
  10. I take this one, me love pink
  11. X2 on bucktail.
  12. Lots of good tips here thanks i will def try the braid.