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  1. Definitely,, thanks
  2. looking for a couple , Around 1.5oz , yellow, white/bone, pink, blue, no black or burple. thanks
  3. will do, thanks for your input
  4. weight is 1.9oz, large swivel, has been loaded with what sounds like buck shot, great color but i just never seen this before so is it just an homemade paint job or perhaps someone knows more about it. thanks
  5. Bump 45 shipped
  6. x2 ^^^^ lost my first one this year to a nice fish because i didn't check my leader after a 18lb got me into the rocks, they are definitely made for fishing and do not regret the loss either.
  7. there are yours GraniteStrockfish, pm coming your way
  8. both unfished , SS is floater at 2.4 oz and pencil is 3.4 oz no splits, $52 shipped paypal only
  9. I gave newport the chance. If not they are yours Granite. Thanks
  10. 70 and there are yours
  11. 75 shipped
  12. Both unfished, 3 oz darter and 2 oz swimmer. $85 shipped paypal only, no splits Thanks
  13. Im in
  14. GRS

    payment sent , thanks SOL