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  1. CCB's post above quotes me and makes it look like I made the "update" list in the quote, which I did not. Here is the actual, verified list I made of ALL-TIME LEGEND SOL FLY FLINGERS, including the two additions mentioned since: The Pantheon: Bill Hassan BobPop Dan M BrianBM Mike Oliver Crunch Esa Lefty Kreh KEvin(?) 10X10 RJ BFD Rich Murphy Hilltop BHorsely PeterPatricelli Marcel Krassies Gilbey Max Garth Ambergris
  2. What flies are you using it for? What are characteristics of guard hairs and the other hairs?
  3. You can put a fan in a window upstairs turned so it will blow air out of the house and then tape a few pieces of cardboard around it to sort of seal off the window around the fan. Close the rest of the windows in house and doors. Turn on fan. This will depressurize house and you will be able to feel air coming in through cracks pretty well to locate them. This is a good resource: https://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=home_sealing.hm_improvement_seal_insulate
  4. I have Maxima mono and Berkeley Big Game mono in #20. The Maxima is a lot stiffer. I do a 4' butt of #30 or a combo of #50 and #30. Then 3' of 20lb mono. I a perfection loop in both ends of the butt. I tie a triple surgeon's loop in the tippet to tconnect to the butt. I leave the tag end on the loop in the tippet about 5" long so I can tie on a dropper if I want to try a different fly simultaneously.
  5. I think Local66 is in the lead for the worst day, although it would be awfully difficult to beat PATroutGuy's day if you excluded days involving physical injury or being arrested. I guess I haven't had any "worst" days at all yet.
  6. Well, I perused the site, and purchased a Shimano Clarus and boy can you feel the difference. I think I did strain my back a bit with that Lami and if I go back to it to try it again I will try to ease into it and take it slow. The Clarus is what I should have bought initially and I guess the X11 is the price of an education. Maybe there will be some use for it if I need to be casting heavier lures on the beach who knows.
  7. Ok so here it is the pantheon of SOL salty fly rodding' fly flingers, a list of heros! Dan M BrianBM Mike Oliver Crunch Esa Lefty Kreh KEvin(?) 10X10 RJ BFD Rich Murphy Hilltop BHorsely PeterPatricelli Marcel Krassies Gilbey Max Garth My nomination is Ambergris for the movies he has made.
  8. do they make like carbon fiber butt caps this one looks like some kind of rubber.?
  9. daiwa bg 4000.
  10. you think that rod is too stiff for spooks and stuff?
  11. Thanks for replies. Maybe it's the faster rod together with what prican said about it being a new season. Maybe the faster rod just kind of pushed the back over the edge. I took out the old ugly stick and cast it for a bit. You can feel a difference. I might need to try to find a little slower rod. But geez this X11 is pretty sweet.
  12. I'm not an experienced spin fisherman and I just graduated last week from a cheapo ugly stik GX2 medium action rod to a Lamiglas X-11 salmon steelhead rod. It's rated 1/2 to 1 1/2 ounce and is said to have "heavy" power and a fast action on the website. Says it's a "drift/boat/heavy spinning" on the rod. Don't know what that means but I think it casts pretty great with swim baits and topwater lures and it's nice and light compared to the ugly stik. But about three days after getting it and fishing it a lot my back has really started to bother me. As I was casting I noticed that the muscles in the middle of the back seem to really come into play when casting, seem to handle the shock or something. Anyways, that's where my back is bothering me and I'm wondering if rod is involved. If so, will it go away over time as muscles build up? Or should I be looking at a less fast rod? The funny thing is the rod doesn't feel difficult to cast and I don't notice any pain or anything when casting but...
  13. a switch within the switch ok that's an interesting idea. and if you think about it, you were going to switch anyways to the right hand for the next cast so it's almost a preswitch right?
  14. just don't use it on your ducts. Never!
  15. Yes I get the main idea and it's a dynamite one, having also benefits for the joints and building up a hedge against future injury potential or actual, but you can't avoid the flaw of what you do if a fish goes on the reel and you are casting with the left hand which, by necessity, must also be the reel/line hand!