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  1. A recommendation like this should come with some sort of explanation for Mike what a Bermuda Triangle line's taper is like. Also make a distinction between cold and warm water lines. Remember, Mike said he is new to this, so it is important to explain things! Thanks, MXMT
  2. Mike you want to get a tropical or warmwater or bonefish/tarpon weight forward fly line, which they basically all are. If you buy a RIO, pay attention to the specs you want to get the right line for your rod. It would either be a 9 or a 10 weight that you want, but RIO sells some 10ish weight lines marked as 9 weight lines. The tropical/warmwater/bonefish/tarpon designation is very important because it affects how limp the line is. If you use a coldwater line it will be too limp and make casting difficult, or so i am told. You might want to find out the grain weight of some lines you use currently on that rod and like and then make sure the line you buy is similar weight. Don't want to go under or over by a lot--or at least not do so unwittingly.
  3. What about salvor's rights? Living around the water, you see it all.
  4. I was writing more about fishing pressure rather than overfishing. Angler hours at a spot I mean. I actually don't know if it social media and cell phones, but I think it is. It could just be word of mouth at work. But I think it's the cell phones taking the pictures and these being e-mailed, posted, texted, and shared around. Even at work, in a word of mouth situation, the cell phone pic speaks for a lot. And people like to share their sweet pix. I think social media and phones leads to lots of people descending on spots, often people who aren't serious anglers, and these people not knowing better tend to bring in more people. Of course it works with serious anglers too. I have run into people who "saw a video on Facebook of busting fish out here--where exactly was that spot?" Have also run into people who say "yeah bro tries to be secretive but on his instagram I can tell where he is getting those fish from the shoreline rocks so I came out here" Twelve years ago these things did not happen. It's last 8 years or so it's gotten bad. Basically whenever there is a big run, if it lasts long enough, a couple weeks, you will get the swarm descending from all points to partake and cause trouble with local residents and local anglers.
  5. That's what I did--copy, or, rather, followed a reciple provided by the maker. Still didn't result in bingos across the board but got several that do work. I copied Roccus' 6.5" darter. The one you posted above how far back from nose is the belly hook?
  6. I don't disagree about the politics and activism. That's a good point. As to ebola and fishing, what I maybe should have said was that social media and technology are the infected bodily fluids of a very sick person being sprayed into an airplane. Everyone gets the bug--as in the fishing bug, or fishing report, or the location, or whatever. As with ebola, the sickness spreads fast and wildly and will run from one network to another with each infectee infecting multiple people they come in contact with. You could also say that social media and cell phones with cameras and internet connectivity are like an old well in the middle of some ancient typhoid-ridden city that everyone has to come drink from, spreading disease like wildfire. And it's obviously a permanent deal. Actually the only thing you can hope for is that the fishing gets worse and worse and people lose interest and those with some skills can still manage to find fish. Although it looks like now the fishing is getting worse across the board but getting better in these places where lots of people can congregrate and kill what is left.
  7. The premise of this question brings up some points that might worth looking into. For the beginning angler, it often seems that the important issue, in the area of casting, is distance, no? What I would suggest, and I didn't follow this when I was starting out, is that the important issue is learning the how to critique your own casts and have a foundation of principles involved. Around this you can build the various casts and techniques. Distance will come from all of this. You could not worry about the principles and just go after distance and succeed in getting distance, but you would be in trouble when it comes time to solve problems or deal with different conditions. Tight loops, line tracking, power application, power stroke timing, hauling, line speed are some of the principles I had in mind.
  8. Social media Cell phones Text messages EVERYONE CARRYING A phone CAMERA ALL THE TIME Map websites Social Media Climate Change Fertilizer Catch and Release Fishing Social media: the ebola of the fishing world.
  9. On the reel end of my lines I have braided mono loops nail knotted to the line with superglue securing the loop in braided mono attached to a bimini twist in backing. I don't have this problem unfortuantely but you get big fish into backing you don't want something like a giant whipped or loop made of fly line in your guides, I wouldn't think. But maybe some of the anglers who deal with fast running fish like the bones or others can advise?
  10. Actually I made an error. Oakman saw through it but was too polite to call it out, even though he could have. I actually use 50lb Gudebrod, too. I have bought premade loops I think RIO and they are labeled for 7,8,9 lines and they are way to small for my floating shooting head which I have cut off some of the reel end. I suspect they are made with 30lb.
  11. Interesting fish junkie--didn't think about that need to keep it low in the plug. Thanks for sharing the info.
  12. I have seen something have a failure of one of the DIY welded loop kits on a sinking line tip. He was fighting a big ray and had it halfway on shore. Not good! I use the gudebrod 30lb mono, make loops from that which is by inserting the end of of a short length of it back into the braid to form loop and then using some superglue, just a bit, to lock it. Nail knot it on to the fly line about 8" down the line from the tip with 10lb mono.
  13. Also, I was going to ask to see a tintype photo, but forgot. Then I was looking through the B&W photo thread and found you had already shared with us! Very cool:
  14. Cool. Feedback should be very helpful. I would search out the Sexyloops masterclass on Vimeo and go through the first ten or so videos. One thing that will be very helpful: it will give you some terms and concepts to use to troubleshoot/critique your own casting through watching your own casting. Are you double hauling yet?
  15. Mr. Wool, The criticism in the posts above could be leveled by anyone at probably any piece of journalism where the writer doesn't have a dedicated subject for their beat. Good thing the writer did not reveal your North Brooklyn honey hole in the article Have you thought of using a paint mask of some kind that would filter the fumes from the plastic? Definitely worth the investment if such a thing is made for that application. I use one all the time when working with wood and painting. The occasional times I don't use it you can really feel that stuff irritating respiratory tract--wood dust. I would guess that you lose a LOT of lures out there?