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  1. canal fishermen with go pros think they are youtube stars.....the best ones are "how to use a magic swimmer" oh and make sure to subscribe....lmao
  2. thats a nice one! good work
  3. interesting....i did fine with mono leader last year for albies usually 10-12lb and have got them on 20 before as well. ill try flouro this year and see if it makes any difference. looking forward to it.. got my first on Sept 5th and my last on Nov 2 last season...soo much fun.
  4. what a joke....plenty of fish in the sea.
  5. ya that looks like the work of a bluefish
  6. I've been told but I've also seen that place glass calm, I would plan trip accordingly...I've also seen kayakers who fish around the light house at night!
  7. thanks for the replys, i wont be doing a 16-20 mile run in my 16.5ft aluminum so thats why I ask. The link by @Chokurei is very helpful and probably my best option. Thanks
  8. Anyone know if there is a ferry from ct to Montauk that I can take my truck and boat on???x
  9. those are local fish, spawn up there they do not migrate south...if you like catching a bunch of teen sized fish then feel free to make the drive.
  10. haha and the lobster's not too bad either
  11. thanks for the post...its been very entertaining