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  1. was out a couple weeks ago in the harbor and there were huge numbers of mackerel everywhere blitzing on very small bait, should be interesting to see if all that mackerel are still around when the bass show IMG_0507.MOV
  2. ya I wouldnt doubt it, they are literally everywhere....i hook at least 3 every season but always foul hooked got one last season around 6 ft and was hell of a fight on light tackle. they are not allowed to be taked out of the water and I'm pretty sure not allowed to be targeted at all.
  3. never miss a rainy day for striper fishing!
  4. every season we get a post like this......the best is when sturgeon jump out of the water and a fleet of boat race over and start making casts like they are going to hit a topwater plug
  5. Do you need a special permit to drive on that beach? Any other beaches in the cape that you can drive on with no permit?
  6. Saw that post... most likely a holdover. If that was a fresh fish it would be covered in lice. All of the bass I’m catching in the cape right now are absolutely covered in sea lice. I caught a 40 inch holdover in the mouth before very early in the season they will start to work there way out of there winter spots
  7. love the scup on the pro tail lol....the bass I found today were doing the same thing just rolling slowly on the surface gulp feeding, ive experienced this before last season when the fish first show up....i did will with 7 inch hogy original weightless slow retrieve on the surface. good to see the numbers of fish & also got some huge scup on olive hogy epoxy jig.
  8. yup you have to travel right now if you want to catch, I got into some 30-35" fish on topwater in CT this past weekend....its going to be a while till we see fish that size up here, micros should be in any day now least its something.
  9. yup and herring are getting trapped in the nets
  10. I was in CT doing some fishing this morning and finally found some migratory fish after passing through the crowds & holdovers. Water temp in LI sound was 43 seems pretty cold for this time of year...thinking its going to be a late start for us in MA
  11. looking forward to a great season....fresh fish should be here in the next few weeks, herring already showing up in big numbers....holdover fishing has been great one of the best winters for numbers & size. Shad will be running in a couple my first one on April 18 last year might be a little later because of the cold.
  12. What is the difference between the sinking and floating sp's? Does the sinking version dive deeper than floating?
  13. Got this 25 pounder today......called cbs but they didn’t want to interview me
  14. Haha he wishes he was there but not true
  15. apparently the whole thing was staged....i guess they filmed it last spring sometime in May and waited to share it to the news in February, found this out from the kids fb page. So dont get your hopes up catching fish there in the winter.