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  1. Only heard that the big scup are in the usual spots and a few fluke here and there. The marina Im at has two in one docking which is great so when the fishing lights up on the sound Ill be over there. Peconic is so crowded now a days but i guess thats because thats where the fish are at. Last year this time the eastern sound fishing was great.
  2. I thinks its rated for 270y of 15lb braid. I didn't put any backing and it actually took the whole 300 yards of 15lb powepro slick and was spooled perfectly imo. Not over filled at all and been getting a lot of use of the boat casting with no wind knots.
  3. Amazon sucks at shipping rods. They sent me a 2 pc 9' rod in a 9' box... TD sends them in a nice stiff tube.
  4. First submission just shy of 17 inches
  5. First submission just shy of 17 inches
  6. Little guy
  7. My slammer 3500 was pretty tight until i snagged bottom on the yak while trolling a shad and winched my line back in with me in tow. It definitely loosened up a bit. I went porgy fishing yesterday an was using my diawa fuego lt 3000 but gave the slammer 3500 a try and man it was much nicer to fish with. Drag is amazing on these reels.
  8. Yup lots of bunker splashing in the peconic and shinnecock bay today.
  9. Thanks for sharing those photos! Every year I spent the entire summer on the north fork when I was a kid in the 90s. Crazy how much has changed since I was a kid I could only imagine how great it must have been out there in the 70s.
  10. I got the 7'6 XH 3 1/4-7oz with a maxel hybrid 20 to try out in the race/gut this year. Feels super light compared the usual stuff I use in those areas. Lets see how it handles 10-16 oz of lead.
  11. Incredible footage! Interesting to see those stripers follow that seal like that.
  12. You can probably use clams or worms this early on since there wont be much else out there to mug your bait.
  13. Whats the BEST black hole rod for sea robins? sorry couldn’t resist. Seriously thought, I’m signing up.
  14. I always found them to be easy to work as a pencil. Never tried them as a popper.
  15. Probably how tsunami sells great rods at such an affordable price. Not comparing them to ODM as I've never fished one.