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  1. Scooby which grease did you use? I have lots of slammers lol. True about the QC I sent one back to amazon because it was making a grinding noise. Probably the gear hitting the housing like you said. Went directly from penn in the same size and it was perfect. This was on the 8500 HS (yeah its ugly) so the savings not paying MSRP were negligible. Love the drag on these reels.
  2. I got a 5500 slammer last season for the surf. Love it, drag is amazing and smooth... but I don't have any experience with diawa or shimano offerings in the same price range. Always been fishing with Penn reels and never had any major failures. Picked up 3 new slammers this off season. 8500 HS, 7500, for tuna jigging/popping and a 3500 for backbay/albies/bass. I have a Clash 4000 but I much prefer the drag on the slammer so Im replacing it with the slammer 3500 as my main reel. Clash will be the back up. I also got a diawa fuego 3500 so we'll see if this little reel will make me a covert lol. I just see a lot of value in the slammers.
  3. amazon
  4. I have the 7'6 mh tsunami travel rod. Its a nice rod for 80 bucks. Used it on two trips and its held up. Keeping it in my car is a good idea which im probably going to do.
  5. Interesting. The onshore model that I have felt solid up to 1 and 1/2 oz. The tip isn’t any thinner than other one piece inshore rods I have. Two different models though.
  6. Sad. I take back my comment.
  7. I just got into it last season. I really wanted to catch an albie on the fly. I would bring my spinning set up and fly rod with me to the beach and always ended up setting aside the fly rod and going with the spinner...for a number of reasons wind, distance and frustration mostly. I’m more proficient at casting now. Hopefully next season.
  8. I hope they pass it. Where are the blackfish hanging out in the spring? The moved out of the sound by mid-late November.
  9. No experience with the surf rods. I have the 7'6 MH 10-20 braid 1/4 - 1oz inshore. It was throwing the 5'' 1-3/8 talking popper a mile.
  10. Tsunami 3 piece travel rods only 80 bucks. Great travel rod for the price.
  11. Love my slammer 3 5500. Handled everything I've thrown at it including using my rod as a walking stick at night in montauk and dunking the reel several times. I opened it up and there was dry. Make sure you use locktite for the side plate screws because they did back out a couple of times after I opened it up. I just picked up a 7500 and 8500hs for offshore tuna popping/jigging. Was sooo close to buying a saltiga dogfight at the canyon runner seminar (20% off) but I got 2 reels for cheaper that should hold up (I hope) for the few times I go offshore.
  12. Used to eat snappers as a kid and they were pretty good. Recently brined and smoked a big blue and it was delicious. Make sure to bleed them out asap. I dont cut the gill I cut the part that connects the belly to the under side of the head, between both gill plates. A lot of blood will start pumping out of there.
  13. Got a 30 inch bass out of a few dozen rats. Looks small cause Im 6'4. Also an Albie from my boat from early October.
  14. Plenty of blues in eastern Long Island Sound this season as well as Garnders Bay, Peconic Bays, Plum Gut and the Race. I even kept a few and smoked them and it came out great. Pulled the recipe from Miss Grace Charters.
  15. I ran into a few guys at the beach fishing this summer and we got to taking. Said a captain let them (3 guys) take 250 plus seabass. They even had the nerve to ask to keep the bluefish I was throwing back! SMH.