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  1. Brand new. Never worn. Got these and XL on clearance online for $49 each plus shipping. I am keeping the XL. Here’s a chance to still get the clearance price on the sold out XXL.
  2. one last try i guess
  3. Okay. You want a cheque, right ? PM me your address...
  4. GRUNDENS 116 Petrus Bib Trousers size XXL. Brand new / never worn. $50 shipped to lower 48.
  5. I have a never used Fenwick AETOS A661MFS (6'6" 1 piece) (1/8-3/4oz lure). I'll sell it to you for $100 not including shipping. I use another of the same rod as one of my favorite go-to freshwater spinning rods. Trying to "clean up some". Don't need two. I am in Astoria if you wanted to pick it up (??).
  6. I’d respectfully offer $66 ($1 each) plus shipping (?)
  7. Any interest ?
  8. For sale: Vintage Shimano Magnumlite GT-X 2300SM. This reel was never used. Like new condition in original box with all original paperwork and original spare spool. $90 shipped to lower 48.
  9. i still have the line... do you have paypal? i can pm you my paypal.
  10. Interested ? never spooled. $35 shipped.
  11. thank you..:)
  12. just lures or other tackle like rods, reels, etc ???
  13. to answer the op - you can get chicken mahi (we call them "fish tacos" cuz they are soooo good in fish tacos) as close as cholera and on any pot or floating anything along the 100' line in july thru mid august - esp if there's good water. (Any buoy) far enough that its in the good water (trying not to spot burn?). if you get there first on a nice day in late july you can have a couple hours of good fun with gaffer maui on lite tackle.
  14. i have always fished for fluke "old school" with a single hook. these days its usually a 3/0 mustad gold wide gap hook tied to about 1.5' (i like short) of 40lb mono. in the old days - like back when there were fluke in cape cod bay - it was similar only we used a long strait j hook with a single sand eel. i have got some larger fluke early season (more shallow) on a 1oz standard buck tail jig in chartreuse w/ a big spearing hanging off the hook - but that set up tends to miss a lot more fish and come up bait-less. def think it has all to do with how the fluke come after and take the bait and the need to set the hooks just don't work well in that scenario. need the fish to take the whole bait, close their mouth, and swim away scenario for the circle hook to work.
  15. i stand corrected...1/4 oz heads...sorry...