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  1. for me and my brothers its been a john’s fried shrimp problem for years and years ...:)
  2. second year in a row this happening... last year we were trying to figure out a way to attract the orcas...if they only knew what they were missing...
  3. sorry. i was “at A bar” - so i just realized what you said.... “HIS” reel. no worries ! all good and my buddy will be very happy he’s got a heavy spin set up to borrow ...:)
  4. pics were already posted by me - above in this string. want anything additional / specific let me know. buddy wants to take this set up fishing sat pm - sunday pm so please let me know.
  5. i don't think i bought this 18000F on SOL (?). i bought a new style SW20000. some pics of the 18000F are posted above.
  6. any interest? let me know... now that i “took it out” a buddy wants to borrow it...
  7. we love it in there. Usually easy to find some great fun school bass, its a good place to find blues - if there are any they are in there, and - that’s where we got the bonito the past couple years (august)...
  8. ready to go as soon as the bfts show up... spooled with 100lb power pro w/ a 130lb fluoro wind on leader... 10/10 mechanical. a couple of superficial cosmetic scrapes and scratches. i’d have to ask $300 plus shipping.
  9. any interest in an 18000F ?
  10. move everything closer to there...:). maybe some structure or something nearby ...:)
  11. “$7k obo”. this is a “before the ad goes out opportunity” if i wanted it.
  12. sorry - also - its 4wd, automatic, and gas.
  13. looking at a used 2002 f250 (v8) a friend wants to sell. solid but not the “prettiest” - no accidents - but plenty of “scars”. 130k miles. no known material issues (no blowby etc) recent new brakes and related, good tires... will be used only as local beach crawler and short distance (couple miles) boat tow vehicle. neither of us wants to get into a back and forth - just looking for a fair independent “what’s it worth” /fair price?
  14. have you seen the new commercial ones with the “plastic bucket trap doors” instead of any netting - supposed to be more of a “you can come in but never leave”... i bet they still hold the door open for eachother ...:)