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  1. i know very little about the “politics” of fishing but i have some time ad the motivation to learn. willing to make the effort. i have my own opinions for sure but pretty sure knowing the “landscape” is a good idea and highly recommended before trying to “navigate” those waters.
  2. Not. My very point (hence the “quotes”). Asking exactly what you are pointing to. What organizations and outlets are out there already that I/we would want to try to “coordinate” with (?).
  3. sounds like a slot limit solution (that i believe may be the simplest, practical and productive (for the fish) solution that we could expect “agreement” on within a reasonable timeframe. how do we go about preparing a “collective pitch” from “all fisherman” - for the press, the regulators etc (?) - something that we start by agreeing represents our collective interests and what we think Is a best solution at this time for the fish and the fishery - rec and commercial (?).
  4. Two strings here that seem to be heading to the same place. Can they be combined into one (Admin ?). If we’re (fishermen) all in the “same room” perhaps we can evolve this into an “agreed upon” more “formal” presentation to “the powers that be” (?)...
  5. Thank you for the education. So should we all start to “cc” these guys in on our concern for the bass (?) maybe add our state to our signature (?) we help the bass we help all bass fishermen. “rising tide raises all boats”
  6. perhaps we need to find more fisherman that are willing to be politicians (!) and identify the existing politicians that are (truly) fishermen. we need to figure out what we think is best for the fish and what the majority of the fisherman want and do what we need to to make it happen. two fronts: one working on the solution, the other working on politcal and similar means to make it happen. what and who prompted the drastic action of the 90s (?).
  7. I posted a link to this thread on a couple other fishing blogs/sites. Spread the word. There’s a long winter coming. We fisherman should be able to figure this out if we make the effort.
  8. That’s kinda my sense. Maybe we need to wake up and recognize we f’d up and “go back and do it again” and this time learn from our mistakes (if we call it oit we can learn) and follow a realistic “maintenance plan”
  9. Hence “bum rush”
  10. Is there a way we can “use” the Feds (bum rush them with OUR unified plan) or is it pointless and time better spent otherwise (?).
  11. Sorry if this has already come up. I’ve got behind in this string. The Feds show their status of the Striped Bass as “over target population” but have a moratorium in Federal waters (?). Yet - maybe the only way to really have a unified and coordinated effort to benefit the species is to “use” the Feds and have them declared a coastal fishery (not regional) with strict slot limits, huge fines for poaching and etc that can be coordinated to protect (especially) spawning fish (???)
  12. unless its rough i don't think i can come into the pamet w/o stopping just outside for a little while to cast for schoolies. especially if i'm solo. used to be some really big bass in the mix there too...:)
  13. We got one 12” fluke in the last 3 years between the Path and P Town (by “accident” bass jigging). When Inws a kid (late 70s - early 80s we could load up on doormats in a matter of hours with those same fresh raked sand eels. I started a thread about this a little while back. Where’d all the fluke in CCB go ? Seals ? (they are called “seal potato chips”). Food gone ? Try raking sand eels the last 10 years (?). Even the sand BARS on the bayside have dramatically disappeared. Used to be 3 dry bars separated by tide pools back then - now - even even one dry bar (?)... lots of schools of swimming sand eels still from WE to RP - but hard to find them rake-able in the bay anymore. global warming? ?????
  14. same way i get them off my hands (that's how they get on the rod in the first place)..:) warm water, soap, maybe a sponge if they need a little light scrubbing.
  15. I’ll pm you my paypal. Send me an invoice for the 6 @ $2.50 plus postage - and they’re gonna charge you a paypal fee - so make it $20 (?) - then I can get you paid so you don’t have to go out of pocket. pm-ing paypal info now...:)