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  1. would you sell just the pp 65 for $12 shipped ?
  2. don’t know what the knot is supposed to be called - we just call it the braid to fluoro knot. loop the fluoro, up thru the loop with the braid, wrap the loop 15 times (all test) back thru the loop the way you came, wet, snug down, trim the tags.
  3. LOL!
  4. My perspective on bunker / alewife is from Long Island to Cape Cod bay and the outer Cape and Long Island Sound and up the CT river. I do see bunker and alewife as two different fish species (?). Maybe related, but not the same. I usually only see alewife when targeting shad. I actually think of alewife as something that runs with shad (?). I have only ever come across alewife in one size that I believe to be adult. All the alewife I have seen have been noticeably smaller than the average adult bunker. They look much more like a herring to me than a bunker. Also, I have never come across / seen enough consistent or "concentrated" schools of alewife to consider them as a target bait fish. Bunker I see in visible and often large schools. Adults - typically about 12-13" and remarkably uniform - and peanuts that to me look like 1" versions of the adults. I can't remember seeing bunker in any size other than peanut and adult (?).
  5. or a "pogy" if you are looking at the gulf of ME.
  6. sorry. just got a call from a buddy - another trip is on. gonna need to keep the reel for now. if you don't need it till late June, let me know.
  7. abel super 12 just re-spooled with new rio line for trip that was cancelled. currently set up for left hand retrieve (this is a switchable model). used only a couple times on a couple trips. in pristine condition. $650 paypal shipped to lower 48.
  8. that's what i was wondering as my "target keeper" if keeping any is usually as close to the minimum as possible (where i fish open season its 1 at 28"). not that often i'm in a situation to be comparing known same got that much apart.
  9. am interested in oakdale if scheduled. please post details when available...:)
  10. i always thought the “sucess” of snag and drop was creating that “injured outlier easy prey” that sunk down and away from / below the school (??). not sure if casting an adult bunker back out without any added sinker would do - and - could you even cast it with/without weight far enuf to get it back out in play (?). can’t say i ever tried to wing an adult (live!) bunker - especially from shore. guessing it’d maybe go best with some old school big guns (??).
  11. me too...back up there next Thursday evening... I didn't think that forecast looked that good at all... at least not for my boat (?)...maybe by Monday (?). Hoping next weekend is a whole different situation and we finally see some real bass population come in - and some good haddock days...:)
  12. if safely releasing is your main priority why snag and drop (?) - why not throw a lure or plug (?). i think snag and drop works great (i like a weighted treble), but to me its for when you want that take home keeper. i’d say up to half the bass i ever get that way are hooked pretty bad.
  13. thanks! calling now..:)
  14. a buddy on long island has a couple different “kids” that come by when his boat is out of the wayer and do decent buff/wax/detail type work for a fair price. anyone know anyone like this outer cape (truro) ?