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  1. I'd put 10 nets out if I had the license! What bothers me is the ropes they leave tied along the banks. Pain in the ass
  2. What's wrong with calling them out on the danger of casting that close to you!? So maybe they don't care but atleast you get a word in on your own behalf. Had a situation last year where there was 20 guys fishing happily and 2 dudes try to squeeze in. They didn't fish with the current and rythem of the group and tangled up quickly with me. Untangled and gave him a suggestion to push futher down and it may not happen. Advice not taken and grabbed my line yet again. At this point I felt like smashing a face but jail isn't good. Instead I called him out loudly and with more choice words. Even others in the line spoke up to their stupidity. They finally got the hint and chose to outright leave. I'm not a guy who looks for confrontation but as I've gotten older I don't keep my mouth shut anymore when I'm being wronged. Don't leave and wish you had said something. It will eat you up
  3. Had a walk the other day on the river. Waterm was coffee brown and current is ripping with the recent rain. No osprey working
  4. Anyone see the episode where he caught a decent Musky with what looked like a 1/2 Oz jig head with a 3/0 hook and 6lb line on a 2500 reel? Crazy
  5. I'm glad for the technology. Especially braid. I fished as a kid and mostly remember bad mono bird nests and lost fish. Granted I didn't have much guidance to fish properly.
  6. Osprey r back! Work and live near Back Bay and have spotted them more frequently the past few days. Starting to look fishy again!
  7. I will. A bit different then the BG I assume at double the price? Always swayed toward Shimano but daiwa reviews r pretty solid and the line capacity is so much better.
  8. I'm getting a 3000 BG till fill my small reel void. May not see this thru. I'm 32 ish on a list at TD. Their shipment of reels this month is in low 20s. And no clear date of when delivery is. May be end of month. I won't see it till possibly end of May or into June. Hope the BG makes me rethink 500 bucks
  9. So is the limit on herring just for harvesting them? Is it still 15 a day? Also, the Thurs night to Sunday morning rule. Believe I read it right to mean I couldn't obstruct them at all. Does that mean I can't fish them or just can't harvest?
  10. Hey bud. I looked at the 5000 as well. I already have some shimanos in that size range so if I got a Gossa I'd go a bit bigger for heavier needs. The BG would be for boat use mainly. Back bays and what not on a 7'. The BGs r not fully sealed but have a sealed drag. May take you up on using the 5000. Thanks
  11. So I'm down to crunch time and thinking of cancelling order for VR50 and getting 2 reels. Daiwa BG4000 and a Saragosa SW8000. With credit with dealer I'd pay $10-20 more this route. I'm at that point of no return at close to 4 months since order for the VR. So want the 50 for my uses but I need that small reel and the Saragosa is a great 2 reel buy kicker. I'm in need of a push here...should I wait it out or take 2
  12. I don't think it's known at this point.
  13. I hope that's the case. Makes sense that runoff helps. I harass the elver guys and gals for early info if I can. I'll guess the 13th
  14. Wish I was informed that the VR50 was a ********* project. If I finally get it, I'll be as surprised as seeing a unicorn. Going on four months. May have to get a Saragosa 5000 if it doesn't arrive soon.
  15. I got them for a CCC trip last year cuz the hard plastics were all but sold out. No luck with them yet. The small mac color should work for me in ME.