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  1. If ya like st croix I was looking at the new legend tournament series. Believe they offer a 7 or 7'6 or both. Good specs on the rod for back bays and what not. Not to crazy price but it's around the Avid range if my memory serves me right. Super light!
  2. Thats how I was taught to field test the drag. Always does the trick.
  3. I guess I miss understood this but I think I have it now. I guess the simple return for me under its old policy, due to purchasing before new policy, I was able to return with no problem. So I'm locked into lifetime? Lot of moral thoughts about this lately and talked about alot in my inner circle. I've said before I spend quite a bit at the store on a year basis. Am I a jack ass for taking something back? In my case waders. Spent good money on a product with the said lifetime satisfaction guarantee. In 1 year they had legitimate leaks. Although common in this product, it still is a failure within a year of purchase in my eyes. Again with a company backed lifetime guarantee. Do I feel bad for using the warranty with a legitimate case for return ?...Kinda not really maybe
  4. I am patiently waiting on mine to ship. I was told I have 60 people in front of me. Been a month and probably another month before I see it. I decided on the 8' Avid for a rod pairing. Should be the last setup I need for awhile!!! Although a good deal on a Thunnus would be nice...
  5. I've caught good fish with my 10 airwave. Great bang for the buck. Still have it and is fishable after 2-3 seasons.
  6. Damn! What a great feel to the rod. Would definitely consider the rod for future buy. I'd have bought 2 if I had seen them!!!
  7. I had the same issues when I started using them but also had the same problem with live macs and such. Better rods I've upgraded with more sensitivity has meant all the difference for both styles. Eels r a feel thing for sure but worth the learning curve. Gotta be ready for the hit! With some time spent using them I don't see that they cause more gut hooks. I've always used circle though so hard to be sure
  8. I go to the Flagship store in Freeport. Told them they leak after less than a year. They took back and replaced with no problem. Business as usual
  9. Return them. You'll get e replacement with a receipt. I just returned mine today.
  10. For you casting rod boat guys theres a handful of g loomis blue water 7's for a steal of a deal. Retail 280 and r marked down to 169 with 25% off that. Wish they had some spinning.
  11. I just left the store today and was told by customer service that they still will take back items that fail. Not just for the rumoured year either. Still lifetime. Basically you need a receipt and your fine. Maybe after a year they have some discretion on what they do. They still want legitimate buyers to be happy and to keep coming back for a lifetime. No more garage sale junkies returning with no receipts.
  12. Zmann 4in minnow. 3/0 TT lures headlock 1/2 Oz jig.
  13. I love my legend. But also found it for 300 bucks new. Have seen similar deals on them while out shopping around during winters. Keep your eye out. Great rod. Just picked up a 8' Avid and love it and haven't even used it yet. Both great rods if ya like a fast action. Very stiff
  14. I use the ones on the right. Guess I miss spoke. Don't know who mentioned treble hooks for bait but definitely don't use them. Thanks for.clarification.
  15. Man that's awesome. Not a smelt for sure