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  1. gosh darn. That's the best damn thing I've heard all day. Fish to table. Love it
  2. I have the Avid your looking at. I'm a novice working certain plugs so may just be me but I find it harder to work a plug with it than say a 9' or bigger rod
  3. Stopped and talked to a warden last night. Eventually asked him what he was scoping out with binoculars and he said he was on a Plover watch detail. Overtime was mentioned and I was kinda shocked by that. Even he mentioned that he doesn't know where the money comes from to be able to do that. Interesting to say the least. Suppose we caused the problem and now we're paying for it.
  4. That's funny. I have never examined the contents of a keepers stomach. Last one kept, a friend gutted and went right to stomach to see what it was feeding on. About a half dozen or more green crabs. Interesting mess
  5. So...the Grinch eventually saved Xmas right
  6. I bet it is. I get some that r out with others, (not fishing) such as family or hang with friends playing Frisbee and watching babes butts. They may have no problem sticking a rod in the sand with the hopes of a fish just to add to the fun. But for those who r out to catch fish should hold the darn rod. Simple. Why spend time, money and sweat to miss opportunities. Can you catch fish with a holder? Absolutely you can but as you know perhaps more than you think r getting away.
  7. That could be. Another advantage of holding a rod vs a holder is being able to bow to the cow. Dropping your tip to the fish gives that bit of slack just in case the fish is mouthing it the first go around. You can then feel the second go at it immediately. I'm not convinced that just cause it's a chunk they inhale it the first hit. They aren't no dummies. Doing this I have my drag set fish fighting tight. Give her a whirl. See if ya like it
  8. Well if ya fish 2 rods then hold one and see what catches more. Was just a suggestion. What's absurd is chunking with the idea that you won't miss fish while you get up from a chair and run to a rod. Just standing there for hrs won't help ya much either so we agree on that. Still gotta work a little while chunking IMO
  9. Forgot to add...what do ya mean, "by the time I got to the rod"....? Rod holders r for resting and tying up. I strongly suggest holding the rod when bait is in the water. That alone will increase your hook ups.
  10. I used to use one while chunking but at the time it was all I had for a reel. I stopped using the secondary drag due to missed hook ups. They feel that resistance even at the loosest setting I assumed.
  11. Cool stuff. I visited a friend there years ago. Beautiful place.
  12. I'm for the boga. Guess I have to rethink my weighing fish with it. Common sense would tell me that it isn't all that great to hang one by its lip to weigh. I'm more interested in length but seems like with biggens a lot of peeps use weight to tell the size. I'll keep to measuring and use the chart to estimate weight.
  13. Got to expect some muddy waters on rivers and potential weeds on beaches after good storm activity. I would also work the beaches. Chunk it up!
  14. Like the topic. Been struggling to make a jump to wet suit. I'm cold now sitting on my porch just thinking about it. I hear the safety part of it. Just can't see myself enjoying the wet. If I didn't catch fish being dry I'd probably be in a suit by now but since I feel I do pretty good staying dry in my waders I think I'm gonna just a bit. Still want a suit for an occasional experience
  15. Yes, first this year to be clear