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  1. Retracted.
  2. Meet up Monday???
  3. I can meet you anywhere in Queens...
  4. $100.00 pick up in Queens?
  5. Googan, Im interested. Pics, please. B.
  6. OLC, Thanks for your kind offer, but I'm looking for REALLY inexpensive. I'm hoping to find something around $50.00. funds are tight this summer. Again, thank you.
  7. I'm looking for a kayak paddle. I left mine behind the truck as I loaded my kayak, and proceeded to forget about the paddle as I backed over it. So, I'm looking for an inexpensive kayak paddle 230-250 cm. Prefer local to eastern nassau county.
  8. 100.00 shipped to Long island?
  9. 25.00 shipped for the 710z !!! I'll take it. It's a shame about the plug bag. I'm still using mine.
  10. Is this reel still available,?
  11. Thanks to all. Couldn't pass up a tsunami for sale locally.
  12. Looking for a 12' approx casting rod for chunking. Please let me know what you have. Located in East Nassau cty.
  13. If you ever make it to eastern nassau county, NY, I'll take it. If not good luck w sale.
  14. If there are any extra, I would like one. thank you.
  15. 50.00 for the pair, with hooks, shipped. I'm in. I'll take em.