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  1. ok good left them on......
  2. I tried ripping the otter tail off my tube and I don’t want to make a massive hole. What do you normally do? Should I just leave it on?
  3. It’s a real shame the fishery is amazing
  4. It’s over until they get re elected then will bring it up again
  5. This is my third year fishing the housy and seems like year after year it gets worse. Between the poachers , people leaving trash and people that do ridiculous things like cast over you. Not to mention posting all over social media to burn spots. A dude put a pic of a 40 incher the other day at a popular spot. This is on Facebook. I thank the dude and told him there are 50 people on the way to throw sand worms....
  6. Didn't see the mileage tax part......
  7. https://ctmirror.org/2018/05/01/house-aims-wednesday-vote-create-highway-tolling-plan/ 50% discount for cummuters and residents, I will go for it. Lots of out of state plates on Thursday and Fridays. Should let them pay for some of the roads.
  8. This plug was not touched....so what you are saying is original
  9. Yes but is it an original Gibbs? Someone said the eyes are the tell tale it is original
  10. Heard there are bass out front as well.....this will be my last weekend in ct from shore
  11. Bump anyone?
  12. Was out yesterday and bagged 10 and 3-4 keepers (I don’t measure because fish never leave the water) nothing like bass on top water..... on on another note my loaded Redfin and talking popper cast like missiles....100 yards for the talking popper...
  13. Got this from an older gentleman at my company . Is this an original Gibbs? this thing casts like a missile and bass love it
  14. If Malloy has his way he will price all out of the pistol permits. https://ctmirror.org/2017/02/13/pistol-permit-fee-hikes-prompt-a-sharp-rebuke-of-malloy/