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  1. My friend gave me this rod to pair with the Abu......I like the action......kid in tackle shop says perfect for blackfishing, fluke and working diamond jigs.... I am all in on these two setups...$175...this is service, braid, and pay for the Penn rod. Penn rod I got a 5x the points on purchase from bass pro.....so will get the equivalent of buying $500 of gear.....
  2. I sent it to ricks reels in Florida....let's see
  3. The way I look at it.....Its like detailing a car. A car that is not taken care of for years probably needs a pro to get it ultra clean. Then you can do regular maintenance. I do this with alot of my reels. My 704 I got was a mess. Sent it out and got it done. Now I do the upkeep myself.
  4. Spoke to rick at ricks reels and repair in Florida . He told me it is common if not serviced the drag will seize up. Services reel for $27 . He told me the washers are probably shot in the drag and he will put in my carbontex drag .
  5. I inherited a 320 GTI US Made conventional. As some have stated here I purchased the updated carbontex drag system. The drag seems to be seized up on this reel however. I bought to my local tackle shop and they said they didn't want to force it. This reel brand new is $100. Seems like penn would charge me $27 flat labor, $10 shipping, 8 Handling=Total $45......This doesn't even mention if we need parts it is more. Is there someone that knows someone that is good with Penns and can install the drag and service the reel back to new? Or..... Should I just bite the bullet and send to Penn?
  6. Went with a rampage jigging reel rated 2-5.....$65 at bass pro.... Something about Fuji guides made it appealing. Now off to get the drag upgraded and a service
  7. ok Carbontex washers coming and going to send it to get a servicing. Then this bad boy gets loaded with some 50lb j braid and stuck on a tsunami airwave. The Abu my friend is giving me a star reel to use on the boat.
  8. What type of rod do you have it on? I am thinking daiwa beefstick that can handle 2-8oz
  9. So pay for service and $20 for carbontex drag. That should make this reel nice. Then throw it on a tsunami.
  10. Where can I get these washers ?
  11. Anyone?
  12. One of my coworkers left me these reels. I just purchased a boat and don't know much about using conventionals but I know that most who fish boat use a conventional. What do you guys know about these reels? I plan to fish blackfish/Blues/Stripers and occasional fluke trips in the mix. What type of rod would you pair it with?
  13. Strippers in the housy don't tell my wife....was there alot 2 weeks ago but the fishing has cooled off
  14. Size L......Let me change the title. Thank you sir.
  15. Looking for a trade for a tekota or calcutta 400 or 500 or a similar conventional reel. I am open to swap or maybe swap and some cash. Looking to pair with a trevala s.......so don't want a monster conventional. Reel will receive a loving home and be accompanying on my first boat on all family outings. Enclosed are the pictures of the jacket Jacket is brand new and unworn...........It doesn't fit me an was a gift.