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  1. Was sitting at my boat before and snappers hitting these baits. Are these bay anchovies ?
  2. I tried keeping my fluke jigs in a Plano box and didn’t work because of weight. Would like to store I some sort of box with sticker on each cut out with the weights. example; store all my 3 oz jigs together, 4oz togetheretc..... anyone do anything like this? any suggestions?
  3. The screw didn’t fit need to go to hardware store to get a new one. Also the plate didn’t fit they are sending a new one here is what it looks like though
  4. 1 inch short of state record of 18 inches
  5. Good idea if I am catching robins then why not filet strips and use as bait......
  6. Is there a size and brand you can recommend for the 4 inch mullets?
  7. SO how would you edit the otter tails for 4 inch minnows.
  8. Went out today and drifted fluke after I pulled up 5 on clam anchored and using clams for porgy. Didn’t get nada today though. Did get about 30 robins though. my question is when robins are that thick and the tail gets nipped off the gulp do you use otter tails with the ripped off gulp body? What about like cheaper plastics like gotcha grubs?
  9. You like the ball over the one I got
  10. On amazon...
  11. Ok got a power handle from Abu off amazon. Doesn’t say it fits this reel but all ambassaeduers let’s see
  12. I know there is just want to buy something that fits. I am not mechanically inclined at all
  13. 19 is record it was 17 two inches short
  14. My abu Garcia 5600ca ambasseudeur the handle broke. Is there a power handle I can replace this with instead ?