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  1. While fishing, my cel phone battery got dead. So I asked a guy next to me to watch my rods and reels to recharge the battery. When I came back, he was gone and my rods and reels were gone too. I don't know whether he took my rods and reels or someone took them after he left. I borrowed a rod from my friend Jeff. Fortunately or unfortunately fishing was great early in the morning. I got about 35 - 40 lb striper with the borrowed rod.
  2. I lost 10'Black Hole Suzuki rod/ IRT 500 reel and 10' Black Hole Surf II ( Yellowtail ?) Regular rod/IRT 600 reel along with lure bag around Pole 200 - 205 in Cape Cod Canal last night. If anyone find them, let me know.
  3. You are right. I used 10' Suzuki rod when current is moderate and I put lots of drag not to bother other anglers while fighting. The Suzuki rods are not for Cape Cod Canal rods when current is strong and there are lots of fishermen nearby unless you know what you are doing.
  4. I am sorry for asking Butch Nappi to cast the light 10' rod with heavy lure I am asked from many anglers how many oz lure the rod can handle and I like to show them with heavy lures. It is not Cape Cod Canal rod, but for albie or school striper.
  5. We decided to give rod bag free.
  6. I am in Cape Cod. I will post the picture of the rod when I go back to the shop.
  7. Yes. the blanks are the same.
  8. When money is involved, they become different person. I don't want to cast next to commercial surf fishermen.
  9. This is the test how heavy lure you can cast. I caught striper using 10' Suzuki rod with 4.3 oz Magic Swimmer. I cast with my full force for several hours. The lure rating of the 10' rod is 1/2 oz - 2 oz. I can say safely that the rod can handle upto 3 oz.
  10. That is my subjective opinion.
  11. On the way home, I was thinking about the idea of Cape Cod Canal exclusively for catch and release. I heard commercial fishermen fish there to sell two stripers a day during commercial days. That is not right.
  12. I asked Butch to cast harder, but it seems he doesn't have confidence enough. I cast the rod with my full force for several hours in Cape Cod Canal.
  13. The Magic Swimmer weighs 4.3 oz.
  14. I just arrived at the shop. The Magic Swimmer weighs 4.3 oz.
  15. I am leaving for NJ now. Two fish is good enough. Even it was crowded, the situation was not bad. I had only one tangle.