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  1. I am on the way to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico now to fish 3 1/2 days with Capt Danny Osuma on the Marla starting from this evening. My first fishing in PV was in 2004 and I have been fishing there almost every year as there are not many places to catch 200 plus lb cow on 2 - 3 days trip like in PV. My personal best of 283 lb yft was caught in PV in 2005. In addition to tuna fishing, you can expect good rooster fishing south of PV though the prime time is in summer. After fishing, I usually stay a few days in old town of PV called Romantic Zone. There are so many restaurants to have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and they are cheap. I recommend this place to anyone who like to catch big tuna or rooster or spend a few days with family. I hope I can give excellent fishing report soon. After staying 3 1/2 days on the boat, we return to the dock in the morining on Dec 13,
  2. Tog jigging expert like to use light tip rods. So the choice is 6'8" Charter Special spinning rod for tog jigging. The 7'3" Charter Special rod is good for togging using bait, striper or cod jigging using upto 14 oz jig. 3
  3. 7'3" Charter Special rod is a kind of traditional rod like Black Hole Challenger Bank M model while 6'8" Charter Special Slow Pitch rod is light slow pitch jigging rod, but I found the 6'8" rod is an excellent rod for bait fishing
  4. yes. action of the Charter Special Slow Pitch rod for cod on a jig.
  5. Tog jigging requires sensitive tip to detect slight bites and proper backbone to set the hook. They prefer spinning rods for tog jigging. 7' Black Hole Challenger Bank 701L spinning rod is the choice of seasoned tog jig fishermen, but the rod is a little pricey. That is why I recommend the Charter Special Slow Pitch rods instead as the price is very reasonable and the rod is as good as the Challenger Bank 701L
  6. Slow Pitch jigging rods are inshore rods and they are lighter and a little longer than traditional jigging rods.
  7. The new 6'8" Black Hole Charter Special Slow Pitch spinnng rod is great for tog jigging. I tested for togging as well as grouper with the rod. The retail price is $185.
  8. I go to PV on Sat for a week, but my staff will be at the shop.
  9. I like to recommend 7' Black Hole Challenger Bank 701L or 6'9" Black Hole Challenger Bank 671UL rods, but they are out of your budget. New 6'9" Black Hole Charter Special Slow Pitch rod can be within your budge as the retail price is $185. For kayaking, I like to use a strong rod though they are light as you don't have much mobility and you sometimes are in high sticking position. Here are catches with the light 6'8" Charter Special Slow Pitch rod.
  10. We were closed last week because my staff visited Korea and I was fishing in Florida. We notified it on our site, JIGNPOP. We are open now. Just call us before you visit us.
  11. The are doing fine as they release juvenile. I caught more fluke and cod in Korea than in the US now. They were scarce before they had program to release juvenile. I don't think it is possible in the US.
  12. We shouldn't forget consumers who eat Striper as they also are entitled to eat them. 90 percent if sea fish consumed in Japan and Korea come from farm. But we rely on haresting from seas to be consumed by us in the US.
  13. we are planning to get them before the show. But we might not get the L model in time as we ordered them late.