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  1. I am driving to south now. I have 11' Black Hole East Coast Special surf rod with me. The rod should be good for shark if I fish them. I am not going to use light Suzuki Special rods for big shark.
  2. I have to postpone the Korea trip to March as they say they are very busy to prepare for the fishing show and travel to overseas. I decide to go down to Florida again. I might test the 9'6" and 10' Suzuki rods for snook and drum again.
  3. It is not difficult to make quality 10' and 11' surf rod casting 2 - 6 oz for $250 range as the Company has technology and facility to make them. But the priority is to introduce existing surf rods to many anglers first as still many surf anglers don't know about quality of Black Hole USA surf rods.
  4. I don't think any other rod can cast 250g - 300g ( 8 - 10 oz) lures like 10' Black Hole Cape Cod Surf II Heavy as I did with the rod for big GT in Oman.
  5. 9'6" Black Hole Suzuki rods are $195 - $215 and 10', 11' and 12' Black Hole East Coast Special surf rods are $340 -$360. We can develop 10' an 11' Surf rods around $250 with quality, but we got to see the market first.
  6. Great pictures. I was going down to Florida again, but I decide to travel to Korea to discuss Black Hole rods development before shows start. striper using Black Hole Suzuki rod
  7. In fact, that is good news for us Black Hole USA rods as we have future buyers. You will hear Black Hole USA rods soon.
  8. Black Hole USA attends the following shows on March 1 - 4 Suffern Fishing Expo, NJ March 1 - 4 Asbury Park Fishing Club Flea Market March 11 Ward Melville fishing show in LI March 3 Please visit our booths and check new Black Hole surf rods.
  9. I can't wait to fish there again.
  10. Unlike striper fishermen, tuna popping fishermen buy expensive lures If they see the lures catch tuna while others don't. I heard a Russian angler lost 4 -5 $150 lures while fishing big bluefin in NC.
  11. Kathrin is not beginner. She travels with his husband Dennis Verreet all around the world to fish from the beach or on the rock.