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  1. Frankly, I am surprised you choose 9'6" Black Hole Striper or 10' Black Hole East Coast Special as not many guys use Black Hole USA surf rods yet. But you will not be disappointed whether you use the 9'6" rod or the 10' rod.
  2. Where do you live ? The best way is to check them yourself. I plan to go down to Southeast Florida soon. You can meet me and can test those rods. I had big drum using 9'6" Black Hole Striper rod, but I haven't tested much 10' Black Hole East Coast Special surf rods. You will not get any review of Black Hole East Coast 3/4 - 4 oz rods as we just started to sell them.
  3. Black Hole USA surf rods are new and there are not many fishermen actually use them. But you will hear about Black Hole rods soon.
  4. I am back to Virginia Beach again. What a difference it makes a few days later. Beach is crowded and there are lots of people here. I guess it is not good time to fish out of Virginia Beach during Memorial Days. But I don't have much choice as there is a storm in Mississipi from today and I can not go cobia fishing out of Hatteras as the boats got cancelled due to weather. I have a trip for sheepshead and cobia tomorrow morning. But you never know until it happens as two trips were cancelled in last a few days.
  5. The Black Hole Surf II Heavy rods are for casting heavy lures and using bait. Mike Basnite is a professional tournament caster. You got to load the rod with power to cast far. I found average casters can not do it with the heavy rods and cast mediocre distance. You can cast 150g - 300g poppers with the Surf II Heavy rods. 12' and 13' are developed for Virginia/NC anglers who cast far with 8 plus oz sinker and bait. The rods are high-end rods with special material. I doubt any rod can duplicate the action and power of Surf II Heavy rods.
  6. We sold 9'6" and 10' Black Hole Suzuki rods to anglers in Hawaii. It looks the light rods are pretty popular there as they are in back order now. But I don't think they target GT with the light rods. I recommend 10' - 12' Black Hole Surf II Heavy for big GT from the shore.
  7. Especially with scup rods.
  8. Red Snapper fishing tomorrow in Mississipi is cancelled due to mechanical problem of a charter boat. It is too late to arrange other options. I am very disappointed, but I know Capt is more disappointed than I do. I am thinking about fishing grouper in NC, but weather doesn't look good there. I might try sheepshead / drum in Virginia Beach again as they catch huge sheepshead in 10 lb - 20 lb range.
  9. No foregrup for slow pitch jigging rods.
  10. Thanks. I will fish the pier tonight. But trout is pretty small. We plan to go offshore for red snapper tomorrow. They say they are big. But you got to see with your own eyes.
  11. The 8' light rod is for 2019 project. I have to fish with the rods hard to make order by the end if July so that we can get them by Jan 2019.