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  1. But How do we know that those notes are true??? I mean, he could write in his note book whatever he wants.
  2. To be fair They come long way from Harbor tools 15 years ago. But still, lots of their items just simply sucks and it a waste of money. However, i am first one to admit, no matter how much i dislike them I do often stop at store to see whats going on. And of course spend few buck that I do regret later on.
  3. Yes You right sir. 100% right, There are more important things to worry about. Like, lets drag Trump some more in the mud. Who cares that he is our President and he needs our support Lets throw him under the bus all because some drank, blood handed, fat azz lost election and according to you and few others she still be a better choice No way, no how
  4. That is a very first thing i do with every new plug. Taking at least one eye out and making few scratches on the side with wire brush simulating teeth bites. And sometimes I deep ans soak plugs in fish blood for overnight . Best place for this is a new neighbors porch.
  5. Yes we do But is NOT Trump's or Russian's fault.
  6. Says a man wearing Trump's picture as his avatar in fishing forum.
  7. Getting a ticket on the black market, from scalpers, for food line.
  8. Lets drink to that!!!! From your mouth to God's ear.
  9. What Russian aggression? Paranoa Paranoa Paranoa Get of weed and start living normal life
  10. Only the time will tell And we will see how many people will switch boats, lol. No matter what will happen it will be a lots of "I told you so"
  11. Nice gesture FyshhTrap And classy act, too. Thank you Tim S and SOL
  12. Not yet. It is in secret negotiation. Troops from south are going north.
  13. Com'on, easy guys. No fights. We are humans, not Democrats.
  14. Have another drink, my dear lady.
  15. You have to much crab grass on that lawn. May need some weed killer