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  1. Thanks again Nerd No questions here about safety. Life jackets and fire extinguisher are already here; flares should be here this weekend I have set of Motorola radios that are on chargers Safety is a must and first on the list. No questions about that.
  2. Thanks Fishing Nerd I do not have any plans to go anywhere out on the open. This boat is for bays, harbors and inlets but it wouldn't hurt to get radio and GPS
  3. Yes If you don't mind sitting on the rainbow seat with unicorns all around.
  4. Work in progress 88 Skiff with 2012 captain
  5. Thanks again I appreciate a lot your help at this matter.
  6. Now I have no choice Boss said she wants that boat and she already made a plan to paint central console in rainbow colors with pink and purple seat.
  7. Here are few picks of my headache.and hopefully future joy.
  8. On the other note. I stop by local mechanic who wrote estimate two years ago. After a few minutes he did remember seller and his wife with comment that he hasn't seen them for about 2 years. In the next few days I will bring him engine so he can take another look at it.
  9. Thank you Suebert2 I really appreciate all those info that you guys are giving to me.
  10. It would say on the registration slip?
  11. Thanks CWitek I know title and registration are two different things I think that if there was a registration, previous owner can always apply for lost title or at least I think he can
  12. Early bird This was posted around 4 AM You do travel around a lot from North to South Good luck
  13. Thanks CWitek I am planing to stop by local engine service shop and pay guys to do a quick check on this engine. Wiring is not that much worry for me; almost all wires are visible and easy to reach if i need to repair any. About a title Previous owner has a last registration for boat and trailer so that would be a good thing, I hope.
  14. Thanks i07nyc I did tilt engine the other day but did not try to lift it up. Good thing; i do not want to loose engine in the middle of the harbor.