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  1. PP sent. Thanks, Marc.
  2. I'll take this. PM me please Marc.
  3. Socialism is where the government controls both the production and distribution of goods.
  4. Nice toad - but better memories.
  5. In late May THE hot bait for the cobia were tuna bellies - just figuring if you have access to tuna heads you might get some bellies too. The fish houses at the docks were slammed with requests. Don't know if that helps you at all in Nov. but we will be fishing in Avon at that time too.
  6. Picture?
  7. Would you take $215 shipped to 30329 (Atlanta)?
  8. Thanks. Its a conventional rod not spinning?
  9. One piece or two piece? Pictures?
  10. Thanks, DaBig2na. I am always willing to learn from the Pros. (I've only been fishing down there since the mid 70s and most of that has been from the beach.) Any suggestions on rods for pier fishing? 90% of mine are geared towards surfcasting. Actually I think the last pier fishing I did there was on the Hatteras pier in Frisco - so that probably dates me some.
  11. Thanks, Jolly Mon. We will definitely be spending some time on the pier. In fishing the southern beaches the ORV permit has always come in handy but I don't know if it will be worth it for the eastern beaches. I used to love fishing the point but as a conga line it loses a lot of its appeal these days. Here is a slightly off topic question but hopefully someone may have some insight. Sand fleas - in May they are too small to use, in July and August they seem quite abundant, will they still be around in November of should I just leave the rake at home?
  12. If I brought back half as much fish as stuff I take I'd be very content. I have a healthy paranoia about losing the one lure/plug/rig that might be producing at the time. I've noticed in your previous postings that you also fish the OBX a good bit. Most my activity there in recent years has been on the south facing beaches like Hatteras and Ocracoke but this Thanksgiving I'll be up in Avon. Any suggestions for the eastern facing beaches?
  13. Nice! Only one question. How do you get away with only one bag of tackle? I'm assuming the other 4 or 5 are in the truck already?
  14. Consider making (very easy) or getting a sand flea rake. The fleas should be plentiful that time of year and make great free bait for pompano and flounder.
  15. I like a slightly larger boat just because it gives you a few more options in terms of space and seas. A 23' BW Outrage has worked well for me for many years but the Montauk line deserves a look as well.