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  1. Caught a couple schoolies while walking the beach last evening where I grew up. The takes were right in the wash. Before dark, there was a nice blitz on some baitfish. I was hoping they were big blues but no takers. A surf fisherman down the beach caught a beast of a black drum.
  2. There is a pic of my brother holding an 11# snakehead on the F&W website and I believe on the Delaware Surf fishing site. The fish was caught while sampling for shad. The same place yielded an 8# the week before.
  3. I was agreeing with you. Then i made a joke based on recent current news. Not funny now though since I had to explain.
  4. That girl needs to ask to get slapped around.....
  5. Diet is way more than we think. My FIL had a minor stroke caused by his heart meds (has had many heart related surgeries). The stroke caused an onset of dementia. Choice was quit the heart meds or you stand the chance of a bad situation. Fast forward six months after changing his diet (no processed sugars/carbs including white bread) and the heart doctor says his ticker has never been better.
  6. He's got plenty of time to consider. Has 'Boma filled his shelves yet?
  7. Wow. Never read such crap. There’s already a couple of snowflake threads open in the Tavern. Congrats on the catch sir.
  8. The shad are in. My brother sampled the Nanticoke this week. Only a handful Wednesday, plenty of Hickories and Americans on Friday.
  9. Played baseball against Delano Deshields. He did ok as a major leaguer. Luke Pettygue’s mom was my first grade teacher. Played for the NY Giants and has a ring.
  10. In the farther reaches there is still decent tidal movement but not outrageous. I believe it’s the overall shallow depth. Clear water over darkish bottom helps.
  11. I'm in Delaware. Our inland bays warm quicker than people think. By the time most are getting the pots out, we've been on them for weeks.
  12. My buddy had 30 yesterday. Nine were big males. It’s starting.
  13. I hate cats....
  14. Naked chick, big fish or cartoon of myself in a straight jacket?
  15. Definitely nicer people in the south and out west. No question IMO.