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  1. You'll be fine. I'm 42 and still playing lacrosse. Monday nights are a mix of 18 yo's on up. Took a bit to get the legs back but I'm feeling great. 3 goals, 3 assists for the old man last week. Can't wait for tonight.
  2. Just as a warning, make sure it isn't eczema. My wife developed the same thing around her rings (and she's a clean freak). She took the rings off and her hands blew up with little bumps which eventually led to pealing skin. She's due for an allergy test. Not sure if its the metal, some kind of soap, she is skeptical of suntan lotion right now.
  3. Actually, Jr. is quite the outdoorsman and the family is very involved with the environment....you know, NRA and all. And I don't mean country club type hunting. Definitely more knowledge of our wild lands than the last administration.
  4. Well dammit......so much for all that investigating. We could’ve just waited for the book.
  5. Been playing around in the bay with the top water bite.
  6. Pretty cool stuff. Not many people know about BKB. Fishing isn't the same but we have a couple good days in the spring.
  7. My Dad will fish but isn't a fisherman, lol. Never learned any of the skills I have now from him...but that's ok. He'd rather watch us or the grandkids now. He did, however, build our house a block from the bay and we go almost every weekend. If it wasn't big sand sharks during the summer on sandbars, it was white perch in the creeks that were just west of us. Some years there are croakers, kingfish, the occasional highly rare weakfish these days and lately the striped ones show up. Best memories are pulling the big haul Seine. There's fishing and there's catching....when I watch our kids run down to the water to to see what's there, it's like going back in time. Lost art for sure. The fun now is watching my daughter and nephew. My nephew is waaay ahead of all of us put together....and he's 8.
  8. I was going to say the same thing.
  9. Had to put this in the Tavern. After I took the pic and we turned it lose he looked at me......"One nothing Uncle Kyle.....". Little f***er....lol.
  10. My nephew Cohen. This is the kid on the cover of the Delaware fishing guide. That fish was caught trolling a secret rig tipped with a fly he tied himself....he was seven. Took him for a short run last night. When I picked him up he was carrying one rod and one bait on a leader he tied himself.....topwater of course. Third cast and bang! Kids a natural. Anyone else have any kids "showing skill"?
  11. $20 load bar from Lowe's or Home Depot. I mounted a prefab rod holder to one with stainless U bolts. I get stopped frequently from guys that want to take a look. Easy to remove as well.
  12. Wipe away the tears and try not to take it so personal.
  13. It gets skinny but you can walk hundreds of yards off shore to get to some nice little channels. My fly fishing buddy (RIP Freddie) would spend hours there at first and last light just killing flatties on clousers....damn I miss him. Pink...bring pink.
  14. Party boats aren't too bad. They run out of Lewes harbor which is right down the road from where you'll be. Sea bass mostly right now but they're starting to pick up some flatties. Google Lewes Harbor Marina. The better fluking is on the bay side of the Cape around the pier and "flats". Picking up some spot, croakers, and a few trout as well.