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  1. Mahi tacos with cabbage, pickled onions/habenero, fresh pico. Rice and beans. I love taco Tuesdays.
  2. Placid is awesome. Didn't play Masters 1 last year (Stu Funk/Go Big Nutrition)....don't have the step anymore. Loving playing for the Machine. I can still hang in that age bracket. PM me if you're going back this year. I should be there.
  3. Awesome piece of history. I went to Cape Henlopen in Delaware. It was brought there by Milt Roberts. Currently the girls program will be playing for a seventh or eighth straight title. There are two generations of girls that are four year champions in both hockey and lacrosse. The beauty of the sport of Lacrosse as I see it, is the accessibility to the great players and coaches. No other sport affords such the opportunity to see, talk to, even play against the heros of the game like Lacrosse. I was a D3 player yet every year I can go to a tournament and play against the best there is and was...Beardsly, Powell brothers, even played against Tillman when we lost to MD Hardshells two years ago. You don't get that chance in too many other sports.
  4. I’d give a couple of IQ points to be able to dunk a basketball.......
  5. Can't.....not a member
  6. I thought this was the Tavern? Same way I'd ask the question to one of my dear, dear friends.....
  7. I can't even enjoy the site anymore. WTF?
  8. Not a Hopkins fan but Petro has done a lot for the sport. Bellichek being a Hopkins supporter definitely doesn't make me like them any more. Tehoka is a beast but sometimes that indoor style doesn't translate against fundamentally sound teams. Hill Academy handled him pretty well last year when he was with IMG. Speaking of which I saw my college coach's brother pacing the sideline for IMG.....pretty cool.
  9. Yea, Towson looked out of place. Hopkins made them look like fools a couple times. Happy for Petro though...he's due a good run.
  10. Ahhhhh, a sign that spring is coming. NCAA Lacrosse started a couple weeks ago. Can Maryland repeat? The world's oldest team sport is booming as there seems to be a new program making a name for itself every year. High School lax starts March 1st. Our kids have been playing twice a week after school to work out the winter blues. The program has gone from just enough kids to have a team to most likely having to make cuts for the first time ever. Currently we have six kids playing at the college level, including an exchange student from Spain that just made his University team. Fun times for sure. ESPNU is televising multiple games and there is a ton of live stream available. Do yourself a favor and watch a couple if you haven't. It's addictive.
  11. Went last evening for the first time with my daughter, brother and nephew. Caught a number of sunfish, crappie and a couple bass. Caught the biggest bass on a grass shrimp of all things....darn near 3lb. My nephew Cohen (the now famous kid on the Delaware fishing guide) caught some lunker crappie and put on a clinic with minnows. Supposed to rain but warm up today. Should only get better.
  12. ...and Indians are known to be warriors.
  13. Yes they have.....American citizens
  14. You guys talk as if Trump doesn't know how to make money. If anything, it's the one thing he does extremely well.