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  1. Nice work everyone! Got out fri, sat, & sunday this weekend Friday got a couple of smallies on the jerkbait then switched to a different lake and struck out. Saturday convinced the gf to come to a 'picnic' and I brought some rods. We quickly ate lunch and she was having a blast catching smallies, rock bass, and panfish on worms + tiny jig head. She almost got a jumbo perch too. Water was super clear so it was fun watching the action. Sunday got a couple of dink smallies and a jumbo perch on a ned rig. Dropped a really nice fish. Perch weighed 1.3lbs and it was long and skinny. Water is super clear and could see some monster smallies & lmb's cruise by but they wouldn't take anything. What would you guys throw? Depth is from 10 to 30+ feet. Once I switched to the ned rig I was getting more bites. I tried a nose hooked fluke on a wacky hook, wacky rigged senko, craw on a jig head. I'm also using straight braid, no leader. Going to try fluoro leader and maybe drop shotting as well as continue to work the trd. It's painful for me to work baits that slow though...curious what you guys would do
  2. Got out for a quick outing yesterday evening. Hit a like I'd struck out at 3 or 4 times last year. Water clarity was very poor, light brown murky water. Saw a bass show himself right in front of me gulping down a fry that swam past. Put the jerkbait in front of him and sure enough he came up and gulped it. Got another one in the same vicinity. No bites on a topwater frog. Saw some big carp launching themselves as well
  3. ^^^wow inhaled it
  4. Report for friday. Made the decision to fish a larger reservoir vs my normal smaller lake figuring the larger body of water would be cooler and further behind the spawning process. I'd never caught anything in 6-7 outings at this particular resy. Saw lots of smaller bass in the shallows and some smallies up on beds. Managed 2 smallies one of which was a good size and threw the hook with an amazing jump right in front of me, and a banged up lmb post spawner. Was one of the longest lmb's i've ever seen but very skinny. Really wanted to get a weight but was hesitant to touch it due to sores all over its body and I couldn't get the gripper on. It flopped back into the water. I'd guess around 4lbs and maybe a 6lb fish had it been eating Oh well...still felt good about finally catching at this spot. Jerkbait worked fast was the ticket
  5. Is this sarcasm? did you read the post?
  6. i bought a bunch, they are good for fluke. Hair does come off. Also good when you know you'll be losing a lot of lures i.e. rocky areas
  7. Got out for a quick outing saturday sundown. Two lmb's, both on topwater working a small rebel pop-r tight to the bank. One dink, other over 3lbs Got a long session in on sunday. Explored a more remote side of the lake. Very slow day but managed a couple of dink smallies, an lmb who hit a crankbait once it floated to the surface (???), a pickerel, good size perch, and a red breasted sunfish. Still saw lots of bass & panfish on beds but tough to find hungry fish. Threw everything in the bag
  8. All good suggestions. Do you have a rod/reel combo? I's also add some tsunami 5" pearl swim shads. Good lure to build confidence in and cover some water. I'd think about having options to cover topwater, middle of water column , and bottom. I'd do: topwater - tsunami talking popper mid - swim shads, bomber long-A in bone & blurple, 2-3oz tins for windy days(Ava, crippled herring, etc), mag darter bottom - bucktails 3/4oz-3oz. I use 1oz in most situations on a flat sandy beach but if your spot has current you could easily need more. Look for forward balance bucktails if you'll be casting from the sand (andrus jetty caster, etc) Also, trailers - Gotcha or mister twister white curly tails or otter tail If you plan on fishing for fluke this summer (which you should!). hi-lo rig w/ 1oz bucktail & a dropper loop baitholder hook both tipped with gulp swimming mullet (chartreuse/white) or gulp shrimp
  9. looks like the trip of a lifetime, thanks for sharing!
  10. another tough bite for my outing on saturday. Only got one hit on a jerkbait that came unbuttoned. Nice sized smallie too. Can't figure out what they want now. Tried small swimbaits, spinner bait, topwater, jerkbait and very little action. Did see some huge grass carp right at my feet near more a heavily vegetated area. Saw the grass moving around and thought it was a turtle or a big bass then I saw two 20-25lb carp munching around. Huge shock when I saw them right at my feet. Maybe i'll bring a salad next time to target them
  11. nice catching everyone! Got out for a few hours yesterday evening. Looks like the bass have gone post-spawn in my lake. A lot less fish up on beds. Saw a lmb protecting the fry which was really cool to watch. Makes you appreciate how difficult it is for a bass or any fish to even make it to adulthood or live long enough to become really large. Towards sundown, the panfish were going nuts on all the bugs flying/hatching. Did see some bass cruising but was tough to get them to bite. I tried jerkbaits, topwater, and a small keitech on a shakey head. Landed one dink.
  12. Definitely lots of bugs out there. Where I was, they didn't have a taste for blood yet....that'll change soon
  13. got out both saturday & sunday. sat afternoon once the rain slowed down a bit. underspin w/ a small keitech was lethal along the rocks until i miscasted and snapped it off. Wouldn't touch a spinnerbait. Hopped along the bank for a while with a jerkbait. Most bass were right at my feet. Really stalked them and moved quietly. Very satisfying identifying a juicy spot, dropping the lure just past a laydown, and popping it a few times and seeing the bass come up and inhaling it. Ended up with 11-12 fish, mixed bag smb/lmb. Few largies hair over 3lbs. Also landed first top water fish towards the end of the day. sunday much warmer. Action was slower but could really see the fish up on beds. Really fun mesmerizing them with the jerkbait and watching them bite. Also frustrating when it was a male bass guarding the bed not interested. Spent a good chunk of the day untangling my lures from trees. Got a few hits on a frog as well but the fish didn't really commit. really feeling like spring out there: greenery, flowers, hummingbirds, goldfinches, osprey, snakes, etc.
  14. What a beast!
  15. Wow, nice fish!