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  1. Me too, or I'll just keep it very short. I'm such a transparently bad liar that even the dopiest googan can see through it. And I ask the same question to practically everyone I pass. The other day I passed a guy leaving with a keeper bass and I know where he caught it, but I was curious how long ago and what he caught it on. I think he may have lied about the answer because he told me he caught it on an sp minnow during a 25 mph crosswind. But there was no question about the location or the fish, since I could see that with my own 2 eyes (unless he was hauling that fish all over God's creation, which would have been pretty stupid and he didn't look like a dummy).
  2. I've heard these fish farms (fresh water fish, at least) are mega polluters, filling the water with antibiotics and who knows what else. Has anyone figured out what kind of effect this will have on wild fish populations? I won't eat farmed fish because of the contamination from junk used to keep the fish alive in a cramped, unnatural environment.
  3. Ok no sweat. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Good morning,

    I didn't want to derail the sellers thread so this is the reason for the PM.

    I have a set of those same Thule roof racks with locks if your interested for the same price.  I will ship if youre willing to pay for it.

    I havent used them in years but if i remember correctly, they didnt make much noise at all on the highway.



  5. I'm interested. I have the same style roof as nomad (gutter with plastic insert). I have a couple of questions. * Could you post a clearer photo of the feet? * I'm really interested in aero style bars, but this is a really good deal so... Do they make noise at highway speed? * If they don't fit in the gutter, do you think they would fit over the edge above the door? * Would you ship to LI? Thanks.
  6. You can't expect cops to know the law. Never assume they'll take your side because you're right and acting within the law. With the millions of pages of laws and regulations, nobody can be expected to know it all. So like CWitek said, be prepared to go to court because even if you're guaranteed to win, you still may have to take a day off, pay court fees, etc. Make sure you're ok with that before venturing out. Honestly, though, if some jerk off tried to grab my rod, I would ask the cops to charge him with assault. At times like this, a gopro would come in handy.
  7. That will have to be a homemade for sure. I pretty much have up on pork rinds because of the maintenance involved but a special version like this could be in the stars. I just have to figure out how to dye it black.
  8. Well, there were basically no fish last fall, so I didn't get anything on it either. But I didn't use it much either. I'll bring it with me this week for pre-dawn striper hunting. I don't want to lose any expensive sluggos to bluefish teeth.
  9. Do they make one of those with bunker oil? I imagine getting hit in the face with high velocity bunker oil will result in immediate uncontrollable vomiting. Could be better than pepper spray. Or maybe mix the 2 for maximum stopping power (and later identification because even showering and changing clothes won't get rid of that stink).
  10. Woot-woot-lite!
  11. When I was in the Marines I had a rain jacket that was tough as nails but not breathable. That thing was great. I wish I still had one. Not for fishing, but just general use. That was a long time ago. I bet all the new ones are goretex like the one you described.
  12. I don't mind this at all. Having a hood mitigates that, plus, they all have cinch up neck gaskets. My problem is that my phantom simply soaks through everywhere. When I first used it in the rain it was just the arms but now it's the whole jacket. It's simply not waterproof at all.
  13. Yes the blue and black hooded one. Mine has latex cuffs. Looks like you get 2-3 years use and that's it. I guess I better look at this like a subscription service: $100/year to stay dry. Then it becomes a hand me down. I guess $100/year for comfort is not the end of the world.
  14. Yeah that's exactly what I have and what I want in a new one - latex cuffs and neoprene neck. I tried rejuvinex on my aquaskinz but it didn't do anything. I used the whole bottle which was supposed to be for 2 uses. Total waste of money.