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  1. Here you go. Like I said, not a speck of rust. And invisible lines. And believe me, that's the best picture I could take. You can barely read it when it's in front of you and I don't see anything at all in the photo. I think it's laser engraved and the lines and numbers are both narrow, shallow and faint.
  2. Well, its been a whole season. I didn't put many fish on it this fall, but everyone knows the deal there.... Its solid marine grade stainless. Not a speck of rust on it and I never rinsed it except once when it got a lot of sand inside and the jaws were getting stuck. I couldn't get the sand out because there seems to be too much grease inside and the sand stuck to it. I finally sprayed an entire can of wd40 through it and it knocked out most of the sand so it operated normally. I also took it apart once. It kind of works like the boga with pins that hold everything together. I could not find a manual online that showed how to properly take it apart and it does not come with a pin removal tool like the boga does. Sometime before the spring I'll take it apart again and remove all the grease completely then see how that holds up to the sand. It should be fine without any lube or maybe just a little reel oil on the main spring. Like I said - not a speck of rust on it. As far as the scale goes - that was a big disappointment. It works fine and I'm sure its accurate, but the engraved lines and numbers are so faint that I can't read it even with my glasses on. And forget about when I have a fish on it (I don't bring my reading glasses fishing - maybe I should). The one time I used it on a size XL fish, nobody could read it. I'm not sure how this compares to the boga since I never owned a boga but I did see once something about painting the lines and numbers on the boga. Maybe I'll try that out. If they fix the markings, its a winner. I have the 60# version and its half the size and 1/3 the cost of the 60# boga. Its built like a tank and I don't see a reason that I would ever half to replace it. It looks as sturdy as the boga for sure.
  3. Thanks for jinxing me. Now it's going to be another 2 weeks. LOL
  4. Got mine yesterday. I know who sent it due to a comical miscommunication. :-) And wow. The picture doesn't do this thing justice. It is superb in every way. It is literally a perfect finish. Not a bubble, imperfection or anything and the paint is beautiful. It shows me really how far I have to go in the finishing department. I'm almost afraid to throw it. And to the poor soul that gets my contribution, I'm so sorry to say that I haven't finished it 100% yet. I will try to get it out tomorrow.
  5. I'm down with that. I'd definitely do a full grown banana.
  6. HOLY EFFFIN WOW!! That is incredible!
  7. Nice. It would be great for the occasional spoon I turn.
  8. This is totally not true. Maybe a typo? Shellac it's basically the ONLY thing that prevents tannic bleeding. I had a wild hair up my ass and decided to build all the interior doors for my house. I used green Douglas fir for the stiles and rails. Construction lumber full of knots. Which I filled with putty. I primed all 6 sides with BIN and caulked the panel joints. Except for the bathroom door, I had virtually no movement whatsoever and none of the knots bled through except the first door I built, which was primed with zinsser bullseye (latex - but normally really good hiding). I'm a true believer when it comes to shellac. It's an excellent sealer. Sealer for lures? That's a whole other ballgame. I do seal with dewaxed shellac and prime with spray can bullseye. I've never had a problem with the paint peeling off, but I have had etex peel off the paint. I'm not sure if that's due to swelling (insufficient sealing) or if something was going on with my paint. But the paint always held tight except for some outer layers, which leads me to believe it's more likely I screwed up something while painting rather than shellac sealing being the issue.
  9. I've been thinking about the same. How long is the replacement and how much did it cost? Edit- duh... 10" right in the quote. Not enough coffee yet this morning...
  10. Some real porn going on over here.
  11. You can find envirotex on Amazon. I like to have both etex and a 5 min epoxy for gluing stuff. While you're on Amazon, look for some plastic syringes. I glue them into the etex bottle caps. That way you can get precise 50/50 mixes. That's not as important with the 5 minute stuff. But for finishing/outercoat it is.
  12. I think that's enough time. I can do this. Is it limited to metal lips?
  13. Maybe we should try this with the IRS? It worked for Scientology.
  14. The trick is being there on the rare occasions when the bait is close to shore. This morning was a dud for me but I talked to several people that did well from the beach (keepers) on Wednesday and Thursday.
  15. She ain't here quite yet.