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  1. Some real porn going on over here.
  2. You can find envirotex on Amazon. I like to have both etex and a 5 min epoxy for gluing stuff. While you're on Amazon, look for some plastic syringes. I glue them into the etex bottle caps. That way you can get precise 50/50 mixes. That's not as important with the 5 minute stuff. But for finishing/outercoat it is.
  3. I think that's enough time. I can do this. Is it limited to metal lips?
  4. Maybe we should try this with the IRS? It worked for Scientology.
  5. The trick is being there on the rare occasions when the bait is close to shore. This morning was a dud for me but I talked to several people that did well from the beach (keepers) on Wednesday and Thursday.
  6. She ain't here quite yet.
  7. It's true, it might not be a fish. It could be a bag full of micros or practically anything, but it looks like a fish drag, and a big fish at that. And there's footprints on both sides, so that also leads me to believe it was a bigger fish. Unfortunately, there was nobody in the lot to ask if they saw anything. Somebody must have seen something if it happened in the morning. There were several anglers around. I guess it could have happened anytime after midnight (after the rain) but before I got there. If so, I wouldn't have seen the tracks in the dark on my way in. Someone also told me yesterday morning that he saw a seal eating a large bass. I'm still convinced there are big fish around but they're only going to be near shore if the bait is in close too. So the stars have to align, but it looks like they did for someone.
  8. This morning tons of birds and bait, although it was out of casting range. And someone had a good sized fish. I'm pretty sure those drag marks were after midnight since it rained last night and I was the 2nd car in the lot this morning. I didn't see the fish or the 2 fellas dragging it out. The micros seem to have pulled out. I had actual schoolies this morning. No keepers, though. Edit - photo/backlighting makes it hard to tell, but the tracks are fresh.
  9. Those tiny pencils are going on my to do list. Nice work.
  10. It will hold the thread for sure but it's way overkill when nail polish, Superglue or 6 other things can do the same job in a couple of minutes versus all night curing.
  11. Epoxy sure will hold the thread, but its not necessary. I use red nail polish. I also paint the mouth and eyes on my Smilin' Bills with the same nail polish. It dries fast and is pretty durable. I never had an issue with the thread using nail polish. One time I epoxied a batch but it didn't make a whiff of difference to the durability of the finish.
  12. Got mine done and painted. Just need to epoxy coat it. Maybe start that tomorrow.
  13. Very keen indeed! LOL Here's some new old growth DF a friend has that he uses to build windows. Pretty spectacular stuff. It must be very expensive.
  14. Wife says yes. I'm tied up today but can get it tomorrow. I'll send PM with my phone number, etc.
  15. I might be interested. Need to talk to the wife first. I'll let you know later today. Any chance for delivery? I'm in Nassau county and I could help load/unload it.