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  1. Haha! Nice fish.
  2. There are hundreds of knockoffs on Amazon. I bought one last year for less than $10 and it is truly waterproof. It's on my head at night and in the front mesh pocket on my bag in daytime. It's been submerged and splashed countless times and has never failed me, and when I finally had to change the batteries, it was bone dry inside and not a speck of corrosion on the batteries. It's not as powerful as there one in the video or has as many features, but there's a red and white light and the battery life is great and I use it for fishing, not as a car headlight replacement. Expensive lights are just not worth the money for fishing. I had a nice one for mountain biking. That's when you need 1,000 lumens. Not for looking inside your surf bag that's 18" away from your head. Reviews on Amazon go a long way.
  3. I think plaster should be ok. In high school I made things out of aluminum using plaster molds, but they were lost wax, so only one use per mold. There are lots of YouTube videos for making reusable soft plastic molds. You could take those concepts and apply it to plaster. The only thing I'm not sure of is if you would need to heat the mold to use it, to avoid bubbles and other malformations that happen when the lead cold too fast. Heating it in an oven probably won't hurt the plaster, but I couldn't say for sure.
  4. Awesome. Love the colors.
  5. First cast of the morning on my 9" needle with black and white gull feather dressing on the rear hook.
  6. It's been slim pickings. I have a feeling all the fish up to now have been resident fish? No big schools pushing through. Not sure about boat reports, but I haven't seen much bird or bait activity.
  7. Nice fish. Just curious if you're out east or on the west end of LI?
  8. Yeah. I'm not throwing that. I have a couple of 8" cedar darters stuffed full of lead. They're a little over 4oz and that's the max limit. I can throw them but I don't like it. They dig but more swim than dart.
  9. Jeez, the fish that takes that 9" one is going to be YUUUUUGE. I'm not sure I could cast it with my setup. What do you think the final weight will be?
  10. Thanks. I used metallic gold as the base layer for the scaling. Going to try silver next.
  11. Does it roll out with the tail hook? If not, then you can probably induce action by jerking it. At least then you'll know it can hold the surf and have some action.
  12. LOL I like a dressed siwash 90% of the time. Just a little dab (of bucktail) 'll do ye. Sometimes no dressing for a smaller profile. Trebles cause troubles.
  13. I made several of these pencils and little poppers in bunker pattern. The needle is a one off. I made another one just like it but it was an inch too long for my bag, so I made this one that fits. The feathers are gull feathers I picked up off the beach. Maybe that will bring me some luck.
  14. I assume it's not thru wired? Maybe try sticking the loop in a vise and twisting the body until they break the bond inside. Steady and slow. If you get the back out, you can probably drill rear to front to make the front one come out easier. This is plastic or styrofoam? And what do you mean by hitting the concrete?