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  1. I fish up in the rivers from March till November.
  2. The spot I fish I’m able to jig 1/2oz in 25-30’ of water drifting. It doesn’t make sense but for some reason works. Skips right off the bottom.
  3. Yes, just pry off. They're glued on.
  4. No, there's a spot with free parking and access to launch kayaks.
  5. No keepers this morning just a lot of gnats and a couple shorts.
  6. 71-72 way way back from the bay.
  7. Had a few fish waiting for the tide to turn. Was hoping the switch would get them going crazy like the other night, but nave happened.
  8. If you’re coming down towards Brig, Golden Nugget is a good place to launch instead. That’s where I fish a lot. Or there’s Faunce Landing in Absecon.
  9. No registration unless it’s motorized in NJ. I would just check the tides so that you can take it from your launch and back.
  10. All my spots are safe with manageable currents in a pedal kayak.
  11. Same. 25-35’. I either use top water plugs or jig 1/2oz-3/4oz jigs off the bottom.
  12. Went out just before the top of the tide, once it switch back out it turned on. I was throwing Yo-Zuri Mag Minnows into the Eddy’s around a bridge. Bigger the plug, bigger the fish.
  13. Had a good night catching bass. One the tide started heading out, it really turned on tonight.
  14. It's great in the ocean and launching isn't that bad at all. It's getting back in that can be tricky. I think that's an issue with any kayak though.
  15. The bite was amazing this morning at sunrise. Wind picked up and turned everything off.