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  1. Don’t forget about the new Firmware update coming this momth too. It will merge 2D sonar and downscan.
  2. I just installed the side scan transducer this year. Looking forward to all the new information it provides.
  3. I picked up the these for my rod tubes mounted to the tracks. The double mount is nice and secure.
  4. You can use my code, RENGLISH18 on Rams site for 10%off. Should help cover shipping cost.
  5. I have the 1” on my Ti 5.
  6. I pour and paint them myself.
  7. Do it Swimbait Head.
  8. I’m sure she came up on the otters nest and she was defending her babies.
  9. Just put together this new color jig for night Stripers.
  10. I picked up a Daiwa Coastal TWS last year and it performed great. It’s definitely look for something with corrosion resistant bearings.
  11. Yes it’s a nice addition.
  12. I have a Lowrance Ti 5 with totalscan. Love it.
  13. Not a great photo but you can get the idea.
  14. The definitely were. The Radar was great. Took about an hour to get used to it coming from the PA14. Definitely happy with the set up and how it handled in the current.
  15. Took the Radar out last night and transducer worked perfectly.