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  1. Will if you need an extra set of hands for the truck give us a shout.
  2. Guy next to me at a jetty caught one. Nice to see it!
  3. else has been up since 230 in anticipation? Wife has had me up, good news though. She’s given me permission to fish all day. Why couldn’t they have gotten married next week?!?
  4. 0/2 myself, however, royal wedding this weekend! That means my wife has kicked me out all day!!! Awesome!
  5. Hmmm...A tad fishy indeed. I did go to a certain Marsh this PM, and although I came up empty, it was great seeing 3 other guys also come up empty. It's great to be out again...
  6. Tomorrow is the 15th. I have waited long enough. Tomorrow I shall be hitting the mouth of at least one river. Possible a marsh instead. Please keep the info flowin'! -SC PS> That fish ladder was amazing, first time for me. Looking forward to next weekend when the numbers should be more impressive. Also, there's a flea market half an hour outside of it and picked up some nice gear on the cheap.
  7. Just hit the fish ladder, the herring are lining up but they aren’t stacked and packed. Over the bridge I did notice a 24 inch “herring” with horizontal stripes on it...but maybe my eyes were only seeing things...
  8. Dam iris otta mills reports lots of fish in the ladder, harvest starts on Monday. Good sign. We are Less than a week away, definitely .
  9. That's really an interesting point. I never thought about it like that, but it makes sense. In Maine many years ago the lobster laws changed "restricting" the number of traps to 600, many of the lobstermen were only using 250 - 300 traps, and realized that if they didn't fish 600, others would and they would be catching their feast. Where can you catch salmon in Connecticut? I grew up in Stamford in the '70s and you were lucky to catch bass and perch, and I mean very lucky.
  10. ...A herring was spotted at the base of the fish ladder in damariscotta...You may be on to something...
  11. In Rhode Island, now is the time for the sea worm hatch, wouldn't be surprised.
  12. I've changed a bit on my take on taking a striper for dinner. There are so many other fish that there are plenty of. Pollock for one is a delicious fish, and is in extremely healthy numbers. 3 million tons a year are caught, and they are managed quite well. Haddock numbers change often. Keepers go from none, to 3, to 15, and they play with the size limit on them, but I think fisheries management has a good handle on that one as well. Constantly monitoring and changing when necessary. Personally, I'd like to see them allow one cod per angler per trip, but that's never going to happen again in my lifetime. I would support a stamp system for Stripers, much like they have for king salmon in Alaska. You purchase one or two stamps a year and you can keep one in the 20-26" range, I think the 28"+ range is more to align with other states than any other reason. Subsistence fishing I understand and respect and we could create an avenue for that, but I'd love to know that if I am fortunate enough to have grand kids, that they will be able to catch a striper from the surf some day. ...And I've seen that photo before, and it still makes me sick to my stomach.
  13. I usually go to damariscottamills dot org . I've never gone to the alewife run, it usually gets hot about a week or two before memorial day. I think you may be on to something Mainiac in regards to runoff. We shall see...
  14. Sunday is April 1st. Please don’t send pics of a stripet you caught at low light hours on your way home from Easter service. Or posting an amazing sale of penn and st croix products at a non existent address. Or convince me that peanut butter on mackerel is both a great bait and a delicious mid nite snack. It isn’t I’ve tried both. many years ago I had open heart surgery. My heart was stopped for several hours and this was in the infancy of bypass technology. I’m alive and grateful however my short term memory isn’t horribly good. It out right sucks. I will most likely forget I made this post tomorrow, so I am asking everyone please don’t make me take the bait this April fools day. thanks.
  15. Looking for a solid surf cast setup. Any deals any where?