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  1. I wouldn’t write off the older WS 160i, it’s 28 inches wide and much less volume than the current 160. It’s missing the fancy seat that everybody now wants, but it keeps your butt closer to the water. It’s wet in a chop but it paddles so well that I’ll probably keep mine forever.
  2. Posted today, I can’t tell if the hull has changed.
  3. Good stuff there, thanks Riddler.
  4. I'll second kross, I use a carbon kalliste and short of buying a new kayak, it's been my best purchase. It literally feels weightless, the slightest breeze pushes it off my lap.
  5. I'm about 5 minutes from the Woodbury Common Outlets. I'll be around Saturday till noon and anytime Sunday.
  6. Bump for price drop, $700
  7. Check out how guys run their bass boats here, not much different.
  8. Unless this is in a no wake zone, the kayaker is in the equivalent of a channel. He turns his head once because he hears a motor but never even picks up his paddle. Lucky dude.
  9. There was the Cobra Tourer that a few guys were using, decent speed and didn't weigh a ton.
  10. Yup, check out my for sale post
  11. The seat is built in, it folds down for transport. Boat only, I have some extra rod holders that fit into the tracks I could include. Im also willing to meet within a reasonable distance.
  12. It's aimed at the freshwater bass fisherman, designed for standing. Looks well thought out if that's what you are using it for.
  13. T160 for sale in great shape, garage kept, always carted, never dragged. Perfect for covering distance without pedals. Located in Orange County, asking $750 cash only
  14. Thst speed would only be possible with a hydrofoil system.
  15. PM sent, but for the record, my favorite kayak for covering distance without pedals.