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  1. Wish we got it here in NY
  2. LOL Spent a lot of weekends as a kid in Atlantic City at the Golden Nugget and in Vegas. Dad was a big blackjack player.
  3. I thought he was going to lose at the end. I don't know if he is going to be able to handle Belmont depending on the field. Guess my town will get shut down with the record crowds looking for the triple.
  4. That will give you a cross chop. Not best day for fishing. We were thinking about going out on a 6-pack tomorrow but capt canceled it last night. So that means it will probably be sunny, 80, no wind and calm
  5. My mechanic is very good and new what happened when I called him from the road. My first was a 98 also. LOL Why thank you
  6. I have 2 step kids. Met them when they were 3 and 6 they are now 22 and 25. Their dad and I divorced 8 years ago. They are still in my life and for that I am thankful. He is a jerk, I used to have to argue with him to see them. He hasn't spoken to his daughter since HS graduation (4 years ago) after flipping out on her since I was there (only because he turned down going to it). My stepson has an on/off relationship with him. Their mom invites my and my family to anything involving the kids (birthdays, graduations, etc). Hey boyfriend will probably walk my step daughter down the aisle when the time comes. He has been more of a dad to her then her father. So yes, father and daddy are 2 different things. Good on you for being a daddy.
  7. My 1st one had barn doors. They were great. I forgot about that one. Driving on the Garden State Pkwy at about 75 mph and the check engine came on and reduced power down to about 10 mph very quickly. Pulled over pressed the Onstar button and asked them to run a diagnostic. Told me the fault code and turn the key on and off 7 times to clear the code. Light went off and was able to drive again for about an hour then it happened again. Did the same trick and made it home after one more reset on a 3+ hr ride back to LI. Had it fixed the next day.
  8. LOL....It would make a great beach buggy (without the 3rd row seats in)!
  9. Some of them had the option of 3rd row with the 2nd row having 2 captains chairs. I should have gone for that option.
  10. Never any problems with mine.
  11. I have an 08 Yukon with 76k on it. Bought it new. I love my truck and use it on the beach all the time. This is my 2nd Yukon and I would buy another one if/when needed. No mechanical problems to date (knock wood). Just general maintenance. My older one I traded in with 150k on it.
  12. Coworker went last week to renew her license and upgrade it to the enhanced. The one by Roosevelt Field. Had a 3:00 appt and didn't get out of there until 5:05. I will say when I went there 2 years ago to register our boat, I had an appt and was done in 20 minutes. I guess it depends on the day.
  13. That looks great! Thanks for sharing.
  14. WTG Guest! Nighty, that looks great!
  15. Awe he is so cute. Maybe he will make his home under your dock.