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  1. Heading down Mid-March. Hopefully some will be around by then.
  2. Happy Birthday Loots!
  3. Have fun. Be safe!
  4. Wow, never heard of that before. Will have to try it. Thanks!
  5. What are they?? Sounds interesting
  6. I haven't heard anything good about Cod lately either.
  7. Well that sounds disappointing. Guess I'll see for myself tomorrow. Went out today for a little fresh water fishing, no luck. It did feel great to get out of the house though!
  8. Glad to help.
  9. LOL. Well if you can't make it to Freeport maybe you can make it to Ward. Good luck!! You don't need your having a canary
  10. He is speaking at the Ward Melville show on March 3rd. I saw him there last year. He put on a good seminar.
  11. Yes at 12:35.
  12. Here ya go. If you go to the show on Sunday stop by the Atlantic Anglers booth and say hello! Saturday, February 17th, 2018 9am- Capt. Phil Kess Gear up with Rigs, Knots & Special Tactics Room 101 10am- Capt. Tom Mikoleski Tactics and Strategies for Trophy Striped Bass Room 101 10am- John Paduano Bucktailing for Stripers, Fluke, & Weakfish Room 102 11am- Capt. Ken Hejducek Offshore: Shark Fishing Room 101 11am- Ralph Votta Surf Fishing with Tins/Reading the Beach Room 102 Noon- Adam Sotiryardis Surf Fishing with Artificials Room 101 Noon- Capt. Jerry McGrath Tanaku Lodge-Planning your Alaska Trip Room 102 1pm- Chris Paparo Fishing Bio 101: A Look at What Tugs at the Room 101 End of Your Line 1pm- Capt. Tom Mikoleski Tactics for Montauk Monster Fluke Room 102 2pm- Capt. Al Goldberg Custom Rod Choices for L.I. Blackfish Room 101 2pm-Capt. John Capuano South Shore Skinny Water Fluking Room 102 3pm- KFA-NY Kayak Fishing: Rigging and Safety Room 101 3pm- Capt. Stu Patterson Fluke Fishing L.I. Sound Room 102 4pm- Nick Meola Custom Rod Choices for the Surf Room 101 Sunday, February 18th, 2018 10am- Matthew Broderick Surf Fishing: Proper Plug Selection Room 101 10am- Capt. Fred Mignone Orient Point Blackfish Room 102 11am- Capt. Bob Schmitt West End Wreck Fishing Room 101 11am- Capt. Joe Paradiso Orient Point Stripers Room 102 Noon- Capt. Marco DeStefano Bucktailing Deep Water Fluke & Sea Bass Room 101 Noon- Capt. Jerry McGrath Tanaku Lodge-Planning your Alaska Trip Room 102 1pm- Tom Schlichter Long Island Freshwater Secrets Room 102 Sunday 2:30pm * Live Auction * Room 101
  13. Happy Birthday!
  14. Thanks brilliant DG!! Have fun fishing
  15. I certainly don't know the answer on how to stop what is happening but maybe some things to try are: 1 - Parents need to start being parents to their kids and stop trying to be their best friend. 2 - The PC bull has to stop included catering to everyone that is offend by everything. 3 - Kids need to be taught that there are consequences for their actions (and not just a 2 minute time out) 4 - Kids should be required to do community service for x amount of hours a year. Let them see how a lot of people have it worse then them. 5 - Schools need metal detectors like in the city schools do. 6 - Cell phones should not be allowed in school. 7 - Schools should have armed officers of some sort (retied police/military would be a good start). 8 - Teachers should be allowed to carry after taking special training classes. 9 - Criminals should have it much rougher than they do. They shouldn't have TV time, internet, basketball courts, weightlifting equipment, etc (Maybe that would deter some of these kids.) Our soldiers have it rougher than most criminals. 10 - Mental health is a big issue. If you don't take your meds, you need to be confined. If you have certain types of mental health problems, your "file" is tagged as such until the time it is determined you are ok, if ever. 11 - Better background checks for gun purchases especially regarding mental health (I know most criminals don't follow laws, but it's a start) 12 - When schools feel that someone is a threat, it needs to be brought to the authorities attention. Not just ban them from the school. 13 - Maybe facial recognition for the people entering the school. If you aren't in the school's system, you don't get in without the armed guard at the front door authorizing you.