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  1. Some SOL builders. Pike 8" about 5 oz, poper about 2.5 oz, needles 2 oz give or take and 5 - 5.5". 50 shipped. Thanks
  2. Agree with above. He's not hitting a jetty with dad.
  3. If alone, and untethered, make a will before using 15lbs drag from the beach.
  4. I have an old but excellent condition lamigLas 50 lb + and Penn 114h. The 500 yds of braid and top shot are not included. Aftco roller guides and varmac rs3 reel seat. Double top wrap. Difficult to find this vintage in this excellent condition both rod and reel. Lots of good mojo. 6.5' 200 shipped.
  5. Would like white or black.
  6. Measure after the tip. Just to be sure... I just went to my 150 and s2. I got 3 lbs at the reel and 4 at the tip.
  7. I took my 7 yo cousin fishing for snappers... handed him an old 6' lami with my battle 2 2500. He tells me I got a hit. I dismissed it because I did not.... we were flat lining spearing. I reeled in his line and touched his outfit to his displeasure. He was right. Spearing in half. He tells me hook it more to the tail. Now he wants to cast. Tells me not good. Need to re cast. That's not where the fish are. I still don't have a hit. By the 3rd cast he lays the spearing out like a pro drops the tip , tells me he's taking it and lifts and hook up. Kids learn fast, if interested. I would let this kid use my rods and reels before I give them to his father. I would get the kid a rod and reel i would use myself.
  8. Very late season for that type fishing that area. You could bait fish..... but 8 or 10 oz gets you to bottom and 15 sinkers or so allows you to fish a tide. The question was CCC like fishing. Not talking size or numbers.... I'm thinking were talking jig fishing... metal , bucktails , big rubber.
  9. The answer to the OP is yes. About 4 - 6 weeks worth of fish moving through an area of big tide, deep water and bottleneck. Oh and sticky bottom claiming lots of tackle. Not hard to find the spot.
  10. Sy, are the herring good for bait? ...... Looks like a good post to ask a question like this. HaHa I do miss my Brooklyn days. Swimming live herring and bunker early for resident fish around the lights. It's almost that time.
  11. E also leases vehicle to municipalities or any gvt entity. They provide maint. pkgs and ins if needed or desired. When I look for my next sporting type vehicle, will inquire and choose from vehicles coming off lease from public works or highway dept. used vehicles. I think you would be to get info on the lease history from E.
  12. Ill do the 115 shipped, thanks
  13. I wasn't going to wait.... till I saw that bag you describe.... 2 tube tall but with buddy lock 3rd regular tube. Sign me up. Good luck.
  14. 6 month wait. Pick your bag and order. Time goes by quick and worth the wait.
  15. Ill offer 110 for the jr's, shipped. Thanks