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  1. The styrofoam stop is excellent. Rinse it to keep the salt out.
  2. I happened across this late season and the bait I believe held those fish are long gone. There is a night bite and I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows whats there. The night bite brings a few guys out nearby that fish plugs for a good amount of smaller and small fish. I'm not going to throw an eel or chunk and educate the crowd. There's no one there during the day and I have free run. I would prefer not to bait those fish. I've had a small measure of success and a load of fun plugging. On that note, the sluggo idea sounds like the ticket. Weightless in shallow water. I'd love to feel that crush. I think the position of the sun has a lot to do with the strike or no strike. Didn't get a cloudy or rainy day to try while those conditions existed. Those fish may not show up like that again but I'll be there to figure it out next season under those and other conditions.....
  3. Interesting pakalolo. Thanks. I caught quite a few sail in the 80's on the B Love fleet out of Boynton . All small , but a west wind put them on the beach with the kings. Worked a hoo like a pencil and waited for a bill to bust on it. Sails on a half day head boat for 25 bucks was quite a bargain. Big fish on surface offerings is freaking awesome.
  4. hahaha micro bass.... hahahaha
  5. Thanks all. I need to put more time in there. Wish I had more time. There is not much better in the life of a fisherman than to see big fish come up after an offering. When this spot is active again, ill try with the sun in a different position and with other plugs , jigs etc. I Will also try at night with bait and big wood. Looking forward to rigged eels and Eel tins also bucktail with a conventional setup.
  6. Thanks Brian and Kima. I have a couple sub surface swimmers to sacrifice on that hard bottom, if necessary. The big soft plastic is interesting. Work in progress.
  7. Yes, maybe a different title.... These thing happen so fast. First instinct is to keep throwing the same plug. Second outing next day same conditions same plug same results. Third day same everything, but now surface swimmer and no fish. Spook, no fish... big pencil and there is a fish and over, same results. Tide, weather , bait , temp changes and this fishing is over. I was excited to find a human friendly conditions bite. This area is burned in my brain.
  8. I'm fortunate to have a problem to solve. You find a spot in warm sunny calm conditions that holds large over a few day period while the tide is moving and sun is high and at your back. Surface plugs raise fish but no strike. You have a shot or two at it and it's done. Your cast is much further than where the fish hold. There's a noticeable piece of bottom there in shallow water say 5' at 3/4 tide up. Changing conditions and tide ended this whatever you want to call it almost bite. I know I could go at dark with a different plan. What would you do? Thanks!
  9. I'll take the cowboy Jr's please for 55 shipped thank you.
  10. 75 + shipping
  11. I have a vintage Fenwick ff805. It's 8' 5wt. Never used with tube and sock. Tube is missing top cap. If this is something your interested in I'll send pics. Thanks
  12. Good morning, hope I'm in the correct place to buy a few things... I would like 12 eel tins I believe they are the j 35 type. 6 tin at 1 oz and 6 lead at 1.5 oz and 6 - 2 oz smiley bill or rip splitter black bucktail. All black head and hair with red wrapping. Thanks
  13. Where will you put in?
  14. I'll take these thanks for 60 shipped.
  15. thanks. got my answer.