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  1. Any Tungsten jigs will be smaller in profile than any metal. Mostly Japanese brands
  2. "I never bought any tackle for myself". I bought all the Japanese tackle for my 5-year old daughter. Now, since she's still too tiny to fish, I'm borrowing all of it. What I'm saying is that buy something you like and give it to your son. When he's not using it or won't take the fishing hobby, he can surely "hand-me-up" the gears you want for yourself.
  3. Check-out the reels from these companies: Studio Ocean Mark, Evergreen, and Megabass. I've only seen the SOM and it's so beautiful but never fished with it. Tailwalk is another brand but may not be Made in Japan.
  4. On my 20k Shimanos, I have 445 yards of 80lbs PPHA, 532 yards of 100lbs JBH, and 533 yards of 80lbs PPHA on 20000Max. My point is, they are not comparable in terms of capacity. By the way, when you put capacities, make sure to tell the brand also as braid manufacturers are just guessing their diameters and strengths. Spheros is made in Malaysian factory owned by Shimano while Clash is manufactured by a generic reel manufacturer in China. Daiwa by the way is made in their own Vietnamese Factory. The reason I'm stating this is the QC aspect and profit by companies. Obviously, they use their offshore facilities to engage in manufacture of somewhat acceptable level of quality with the highest profit possible since they still keep manufacturing of high-end models in the US for Penn and Daiwa and Shimano in Japan. *
  5. Heavy duty line winding machine
  6. Thanks for the heads-up to get parts by 2018. Indeed, I don't intend to get rid of it as it is my first Stella. I also have a 08 Stella 8000SWPG with SOM kit that I want to keep till it dies. They are perfect until this waterproof craze kicks in so I disposed 3 gold Stellas and replaced it with a handful of the blacks. I still want the elegance of the gold and silver Stellas.
  7. Great information on the Saltiga. Surely, if and when my Stellas disappoint me, that will be my next reel. I have an 8 year-old Stella 20000SW that is never opened and still perfect though it was lightly used.
  8. When I'm deciding between different models from the same company, I always buy the more expensive ones when I have the cash like Spheros vs Saragosa, Stradic FJ vs Sustain FG, Stradic CI4 vs Twinpower, and Twinpower SW vs Stella SW. I believe there is a reason why the other similar model is more expensive because if not, no one will buy the more expensive model. If the more expensive model is discontinued, it means that it is not worth it and customers don't buy it. Between Spheros and Gosa, I believe Gosa has back-up dog and more bearing than a Spheros. I bought the Gosa.
  9. My iPhone is Assembled in China and not Made there. Nice to stick with Made in USA and Made in Japan if you can afford it as you will less likely be disappointed with them. For PRICE, nothing beats China, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
  10. It's also good for No Boundaries to test these new reels for GTs in Oman. I read their report that Saragossa was not up to the task while they are used for Tuna stateside.
  11. I used a $40 extendable Plano tube bought at Academy at United and took with me 2 rods at 5'5" long. It was considered 1 baggage and they only allowed up to 2. The longest they would allow is 6' if I'm not mistaken. Bazooka is the same as Plano but may be better as it has wheels.
  12. Fireline is best for durability when fishing rocky beaches but they are so thick if you want the capacity.
  13. I think I read it somewhere that only the main core is protected like small twin powers which they call "core protect". Spool can resist water due to rubber seal but up to a certain pressure only.