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  1. Stradic SW is the 2018 version. Only 4K and 5k online. Never held yet and I assume it came from Shimano Malaysia as all Stradics.
  2. Stradic SW is for sale in Japan already
  3. New treble Owners are made in China but still very good. Vanfook brand is a new Japanese made hooks that may be worth trying.
  4. PR at home using a bobbin and FG when fishing using the rod and reel to tie it. Aside from a castable connection, you will feel the slight bump to warn you to slow the reeling to prevent the swivel from hitting your guide especially at night.
  5. After cutting the fluoro, use a lighter to burn the tip. Do half hitches on the fluoro and braid as much as you can and continue about 8 half hitches on the braid to create a ramp and finish with uni.
  6. Thicker grips than speed jigging rods. They call it Matagi as well.
  7. Gosa I think is not JDM model. It’s labeled as Export Spinning in their brochure unlike other models like Stella’s and Spheros.
  8. Include Deepliner Logical in the mix. It seems that it has a better action than a Poseidon. Though, Poseidon 603-6 feels better than 62/4 Yamaga Slow in deep water. I might be able to compare the Infiniti 634 next.
  9. Switch the spool lock, point the rod to the snag, pull till it breaks. Else, use line breaker by Kamiwaza. Was using piece of wood but wrapping braid on itself damages it.
  10. Any Tungsten jigs will be smaller in profile than any metal. Mostly Japanese brands
  11. "I never bought any tackle for myself". I bought all the Japanese tackle for my 5-year old daughter. Now, since she's still too tiny to fish, I'm borrowing all of it. What I'm saying is that buy something you like and give it to your son. When he's not using it or won't take the fishing hobby, he can surely "hand-me-up" the gears you want for yourself.
  12. Check-out the reels from these companies: Studio Ocean Mark, Evergreen, and Megabass. I've only seen the SOM and it's so beautiful but never fished with it. Tailwalk is another brand but may not be Made in Japan.
  13. On my 20k Shimanos, I have 445 yards of 80lbs PPHA, 532 yards of 100lbs JBH, and 533 yards of 80lbs PPHA on 20000Max. My point is, they are not comparable in terms of capacity. By the way, when you put capacities, make sure to tell the brand also as braid manufacturers are just guessing their diameters and strengths. Spheros is made in Malaysian factory owned by Shimano while Clash is manufactured by a generic reel manufacturer in China. Daiwa by the way is made in their own Vietnamese Factory. The reason I'm stating this is the QC aspect and profit by companies. Obviously, they use their offshore facilities to engage in manufacture of somewhat acceptable level of quality with the highest profit possible since they still keep manufacturing of high-end models in the US for Penn and Daiwa and Shimano in Japan. *