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  1. Bubble wrap if you don’t have spool a case
  2. ST56, 66, 76 and STX 58 and 68 are Owners (there are other numbers as well). New treble Owners are Made in China now even the STX models if that matters. Be careful using pliers to remove hooks as it will damage the Tin coating and will also rust. Use the original hooks that come with the lures until you fear of Tetanus.
  3. I throw away a lot more VMCs due to surface rust than ST66. So, I find it cheaper. Barb is a little small though.
  4. Medusa Custom Works Raging Bull Series. They have your specs but hard to find. Have used and own their jigging and boat casting rods and felt sooo nice.
  5. Ten Mouth on the left and NT on the right. I found the Ten Mouth to be superior in design to achieve strength while NT for ease of use. Both made in Japan.
  6. Stick with made in Japan aftermarket parts. SOM and Yumeya are better than original. Stronger handles, higher capacity, and feels smoother.
  7. Longest tube is 31”and rod only is 28”. It can fit in large luggage without tube. I enjoy using multi-piece rods rather than hand lining or watching others fish when airline restricts length.
  8. Definitely something will happen - a thinner wallet. 3 Jacksons vs 1. Unless you are light line angler after pelagics.
  9. Nice knob. Still an ugly reel
  10. For reference, 8000 Shimano will take 330 yards of Hollow Ace 40. Your 6000 will take 370 yards slick 8 30lbs or 300 yards slick 8 40lbs or 230 yards of 40lbs JB solid or 330 yards of Gosen PE3. All on line winding machine with 6-9 ft leader. You may get close to 450-500 yards or 20lb braid using slick 8 but it’s just my estimate and not actual experience. Braid thickness are sometimes off based on manufacturer’s specs. Better to specify what brand of braid you use so that those with the same line may chime in. Some may say they have a very strong braid but in reality, it’s so thick.
  11. Stradic SW is the 2018 version. Only 4K and 5k online. Never held yet and I assume it came from Shimano Malaysia as all Stradics.
  12. Stradic SW is for sale in Japan already
  13. New treble Owners are made in China but still very good. Vanfook brand is a new Japanese made hooks that may be worth trying.
  14. PR at home using a bobbin and FG when fishing using the rod and reel to tie it. Aside from a castable connection, you will feel the slight bump to warn you to slow the reeling to prevent the swivel from hitting your guide especially at night.