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  1. Great report--thanks! I'm a big fan of the Crusteaz for perch. Those are some nice fat barperch. I'm gonna fish that morning tide this weekend.
  2. +1 on the stripping guard, but I only use with my Aiflo Sniper line. Other lines don't cut my finger like the Sniper does. +1 on the Airflo Fan Club as well. Less tangles and more durable then the competition.
  3. Way to go people--lots of nice fish being caught. I'm going to load up the car right NOW.
  4. If I cant get a decent filet from a perch, I set it free. My wife likes them bone-free. That means about 12" minimum for me.
  5. its easy to tell a pregnant female... she will be so fat she's ready to explode, and often will eject a couple babies while you are unhooking her. the seagulls will swarm you if a bunch of babies come out. one time after this happened, my lady hooked up on a nice striper with a Lucky Craft Flashminnow. She thinks the bass was honed in on the helpless baby perch being born in the shorebreak.
  6. Good point about the driving distance... I'm lucky enough to to live within 10 min of the beach and wind is not an issue because I always fish from dawn until noon unless we get a glassy day.
  7. Oregon trout.
  8. In California there are many days when the kelp and eelgrass make it impossible to fish with lures (bait is even worse). For me, fly fishing is the solution. Weeds are never a problem... and in those areas where the weeds accumulate (eddies and swirling rips) the fish do hang out, because that's where their food ends up. I've caught many stripers and perch using lures and flies, just on the edge of those big clumps of floating salad.
  9. I'm in Cali too... I wear 3mm Stohlquist neoprene pants with surf (or flats) booties, and a wading belt. Add Orvis Infinity gravel guards to keep the sand out. The top is a light wool sweater and wading jacket. I used to wear waders, but the salt and surf was too hard on them, they got too expensive to replace or fix. Now I save the waders for the middle of winter or my annual Alaska trip. The downside of neoprene is the struggle to put on and get off, and the clammy dampness if your hike is very long. On the plus side--much cheaper. My first pair is holding up just fine after 2 years, and they cost less to begin with. The money I save can be used for other more important things: reels, rods, lines, lures, beer. PS: speaking of beer, taking a leak is super easy with the neoprene pants. You pull down the front and let her rip.
  10. if you ever win the lottery, I can see it now: Stormy Mondayâ„¢ Fly Lines. "You use a Hardy reel and a Sage rod... you're ready for a Stormy line."
  11. Line twist was always an issue for me when stripping clousers in the surf ( I dunno why) until I started using a tiny swivel between leader and tippet, or at the end of the fly line. Boom! No more twist.
  12. Stormy, do you monitor the Classified forums on Spey Pages or North American Fly Fishing or the others? Lots of fly lines and other gear pops up for sale all the time. Just making sure you know about it.
  13. How big is keeper-size in your area? Out here in Cali it's only 18" minimum.
  14. good luck Guy. the morning tides have been good to me this week.
  15. Another IG and Prisma mashup.