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  1. I say scrap the proposed fishing pier in Winthrop and use that money to hire more EPOs. Especially at the canal. Too many knuckleheads running amuck.
  2. I use white medical tape and its held up wellto the elements
  3. I find the felt bottoms on my korkers hold up well on rocks and give solid traction but I can't imagine they would fair well on kelp covered rocks.
  4. Looked like an EVA handle from the video that On the Water had on instagram. Looked nice but I expected that. Wanna see how durable this thing is. Hopefully they can make more than 1 a month... Cough cough VS VR50
  5. you know you're a redneck when you eat youre canned sausages with a screwdriver
  6. my money is on Belgium
  7. Fine. Send me a PM with your PayPal info
  8. Ill let everyone else beat the thing to hell and wait for the reviews. Almost sounds too good to be true. I just cant imagine it would be as bulletproof as a VS. With that said I hope it lives up to the hype.
  9. Take a look at the thread reelfire posted its a great starting point then utilize the search feature on the website for more in depth info. I would recommend the book striper pursuit by john skinner. Great read for someone new to the sport. No one is going to give you productive locations to fish on this site. Learn the basics of stripers and how they hunt for prey in relationship to structure. Then hit up google earth.
  10. Loved my seal pup until I lost rock hopping one day. Id stick with a kydex sheath. I just rinse my knife and pliers with some fresh water, dry, and then a spray a WD40 keeps them working right.
  11. id be careful bringing that buck into the salt with that leather sheath...
  12. This world cup has been an absolute treat to watch so far.
  13. Would you do both metal lips for $105 shipped?
  14. length and weight
  15. what are the specs on the pikie