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  1. I mean I can carry a conversation but on the inside I usually hate it. Usually depends on the person too. Too many dullards these days. Thats why I like the tavern, like minded people
  2. right there with ya minus the talking to people a lot haha
  3. Small talk with strangers is the worst.
  4. No way he's too feminine to be an uncle
  5. I know you can't help yourself but please stop saying stupid things
  6. he's like the little sister you never wanted
  7. Only thing I'm 100% on is you need a prescription for IV fluids at the very least. The other things I'm sure come with red tape just never really looked into it
  8. Can the average guy buy IV supplies tubing, catheters, fluids?
  9. You're google searches have definitely landed you on at least a couple watch lists
  10. We already covered this issue. You're on a need to know basis. We operate in the shadows until its time to strike.
  11. Love your spunk tommykaz! I will still be awarding the debate team a point since you conceded you're an amateur and I'm a pro (sorry rules are rules). If there are any issues with the ruling please submit a formal inquiry in writing to @Terry Mac and we will ignore address it accordingly.
  12. Ill take that as another W for the good ol debate team
  13. I love arguing with you so please dont be shy, just know I do this for a living and my knowledge isnt based off a couple hour course at the red cross (sorry for the jab its been too long and I miss arguing with you)
  14. direct pressure with your hands will always be numero uno not some fancy smancy gauze