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  1. 33 years in Philly. 34 years in Jersey. One could think I'm equally screwed but the last 14 years I'm three blocks from the beach and two blocks from the back bay. My only problem now is when I go fishing. Do I make a left or a right.
  2. AR's are just the poster child for gun restrictions. The uneducated believe if you ban AR's the crazy people will stop shooting. They don't understand that if you filled a hall with watermelons and sent someone in for five minutes with an AR then sent the same person in with a quick load pistol the damage would be the same. It's not about the gun because is close quarters every gun will kill. The Genie isn't out of the bottle because Genies are rare and guns aren't. It doesn't matter what laws are changed or new laws made because if a crazy wants a gun then a crazy can get one. When you look at the shootings over the past few years there isn't any solution that could have stopped them. It's a crazy world out there and the internet is making it crazier.
  3. Thanks Dan. No matter what we have or how goofy it may be you are always the first one there. We appreciate that.
  4. Someone tell the OP that his gutters and downspout need some work.
  5. If you are using live worms then whats for dinner?
  6. Those two words don't belong there.
  7. Yes. His wife called and said that Red needed more lead. Said the entire town pitched in to make sure he got it right away.
  8. If you could somehow take an infant that was born say 7 - 800 years BC and transport him or her here to today and raised the kid just like your own. Would the kid fit in and be able to cope with todays technology? Or is the brain built to handle what the parents were doing at the time. Slow day and the mind strays a bit.
  9. Found her.
  10. Coolers float so they don't need a life jacket. Come on Red, you should know better.
  11. Alibi post. I believe her body is already in the dumpster.
  12. 13 lobsters. Some bad juju right there.
  13. Good morning.
  14. Lots of resident geese are here all winter. Rocky Outdoors says that they need to be thinned out because they don't leave a lot for the true migrating geese that will be here soon. My girlfriend lives next to a lake and there are geese all over the place all winter. Big V's overhead all winter long. Osprey leave because they hunt fish and few fish around in the winter and sometimes the water gets real hard on top. I have hawks here at the dock all winter feeding on the sparrows at my feeder. As soon as the trees leaf up they vanish. Then I see them along the parkway where they nest.
  15. The only reason they will be near shore is if there is a good food supply. Beginning to see bait in the back moving around but that doesn't mean squat for out front. And don't get excited if a few warm days has the water temps jump. We need warmer water for a period of time to set things in motion.