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  1. Screw the dress size. I see the girls at our dock every day as they show up for waverunner rentals. Bathing suits can't hide anything and some of the girls wear suits that define 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag. Can't figure out what kind of trick mirror they have that says, Nailed it.
  2. 94 Days till CHRISTMAS. Did you know? Prior to 1931 Santa was often depicted wearing different colored clothes and was also very skinny to allow him to slide down chimneys. It wasn't until 1931 when Haddon Sunblom an artist for the Coca-Cola company created a new image of Santa to market their product. The new rotund Santa wearing red with white trim was born.
  3. Remember when cartoons were cartoons. Then rules came out about what could be shown to kids on television. They didn't want little Bobby dropping an anvil on little Tommy's head. Hanna-Barbera had many many hit cartoons back then. I remember reading an article when the new rules came out and it was titled, Hanna-Barbera, Geniuses with their hands tied behind their backs.
  4. She hit me with a lot. Cheat, beat, lie or abuse. I just sat there stunned because the answer was no. Why would she be asking because she should have known what my response would be unless she had been fed a bunch of lies. My lawyer told me that she represented many men who swore they never did anything to their wives only to have police reports come out that said much different things. In my case they had nothing and it took every breath of wind out of her sails. I remember after that first question her lawyer walked back to her desk and stood there flipping through pages of her legal pad looking for something, anything. I remember looking at my lawyer and seeing her smile.
  5. Has to be one of the greatest ever.
  6. My brother was in country from 1967 to 1969 and I was there from 1969 to 1971. Came home for the final time in August 1971 to surprise my parents. The next day I walked out to our front steps where my parents were talking with our neighbors. They all acted like I had been in my room for the past year. People just didn't want to talk about it. Met a pretty girl and went out a few times and we hit it off real good. Then she asked what I had been doing lately. I took a chance and told her I just got out of the Army. She asked where I had been stationed and I told her. She never talked to me again. My brother was sure he missed out on decent jobs because he put his service on his application. For about the next ten years we never spoke about Nam in front of anyone. Made sure we were alone. Wasn't until around 1990 that we suddenly became popular and that was very confusing. Still makes a wheel spin when someone comes up and says, thanks for your service. Almost feels like, thanks for cutting my lawn 45 years ago.
  7. No, it was saltwater. Poured in over the bulkhead like it was the rapids.
  8. Sure it is. The whole time they were doing this I stood outside going, Ho Ho Ho.
  9. Clear sunny day but the effects of the storm are still here. Mane road into Wildwood floods during every storm as saltwater just pours into the streets. Every storm I sit here and watch the idiots just plow through the water flooding everything with saltwater. Freaking idiots.
  10. Missed the fine print. Also the bar code on the bottom. Thank you for pointing that out. I'm sure Santa will bring you something special for Chris....Oh wait. No he won't because you killed Rudolph.
  11. Pretty sure escape map wasn't printed on the pack of cards.
  12. Fantastic attitude. Beat the odds and appreciate life. SALUTE!
  13. 95 Days till CHRISTMAS. Did you know? During World War Two the Bicycle playing card company had special cards made up to be given to POW's in Germany. These cards when soaked in water would reveal escape routes to the POW's. The Nazis never found out.
  14. In Wildwwod we have a Memorial Wall half the size and made of the same granite as the Wall in Washington. It was dedicated on Memorial Day about six or seven years ago. Here are a few pics. Early construction. After the lights were turned on. Many Vets arrived for the dedication. We didn't know each other but we hugged and sang and it was great. Every year I place a Christmas Tree at the wall. When it was dedicated there was a local man who came up to speak. His son was killed in Vietnam and another son was severely wounded there. His son spent months in the VA hospital before he also died. He was killed in Vietnam but just didn't die there. His name is not on the Wall. Would be scary to find out how many died because of injuries after returning but aren't on the Wall because they did not die in Vietnam. Very very sad. The old man lives in Wildwood Crest as do I. It's a small town mostly measured by blocks. A small Memorial Park was dedicated to his son and another kid from town who also died there. Every year me and a buddy of mine who is also a Vet place two Christmas Trees and a sign to remember.
  15. I'm still waiting for this one private who went to get us more ammo. Luckily there was a guy laying next to me with an AK-47 and some extra clips.