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  1. NONE. And remember. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is on tonight.
  2. 32 Days till CHRISTMAS. Did you know? The worst snowstorm in history for the Southeast United Sates was called "The Christmas Coastal Storm". Snow began falling on December 22nd and continued through December 24th, 1989. Some areas of North Carolina measured up to 20 inches and even Florida had measurable amounts of snow. Just shows you that we all have a chance for a White Christmas.
  3. I think they sell them in isle 7.
  4. A donation in their name to the "Human Fund". then wish them "A Happy Festivus"
  5. As a tackle shop we were asked if we wanted to give hese packs of hooks out to anyone interested. They are free to everyone yet many picked up a pack and said they will use them for stripers. I like the hook for summer flounder and agree to some extent that it will cut down on deep hooked fish. The state also contacted me to see if I wanted to become a Fish and Wildlife Weigh Station and Information Collection Point. I have been to many meetings and long requested that we be able to collect infor about the fish being caught. Last week the state dropped off the package and one of the reps said that he was amazed at how many tackle shops said NO to participating. My thoughts were the more accurate information the better. Just wished they provided more room for information like health of the fish and stomach contents etc. .
  6. 33 Days till CHRISTMAS. Did you know? Wildwood Crest N.J. has no Christmas Spirit. There was an evergreen tree growing on the Crest beach. It grew where it was almost impossible as it flooded out with saltwater during storms and was beat on all winter by relentless winds but it still grew. It grew in sand and stood along with the dune grasses it's entire existence. It was the only freaking evergreen tree on the beach, Every year I along with a friend or two would take a ladder down along with ornaments and red bows and a star for the top. Over the star we placed an American Flag because it seemed right. We did it when the beach was deserted and never let anyone know who was decorating it. Then one day in January I went down to remove the ornaments. Many plants growing on the beach dunes now had assorted colored ribbons tied to them including our tree. I called City Works to find out what was going on and was told by the guy on the phone that he didn't know because he just returned to work from workman's comp but would find out and call me back. Call never came and the next day the tree was gone. I called every number listed for the city and finally found out that some plant brain or botanist told the city it was an invasive species and needed to go. After all these years it was the only freaking evergreen that managed to survive and he claimed it was invasive. They tagged it while it was decorated but that didn't mean a thing to them. All I have are pictures and want everyone to see just how freaking ugly and threatening an invasive species is. Sorry for this Christmas rant but I'm still pissed.
  7. Agree with spotted hake. Often find them in large summer flounder in the spring when they first move in. Spotted Hake.
  8. I have two daughters and when they were in high school one couldn't be involved in enough activities (sports, band, cheer leading, school plays, and the other couldn't have cared less. They both handled it well and they are both fine young women today. If she ain't broke then don't try to fix her. Sounds like your doing a good job there dad.
  9. Any word on what they did with his breakfast?
  10. 34 Days till CHRISTMAS. Did you know? You may not want to visit Greenland for Christmas. Instead of turkey or ham for Christmas dinner the residents of Greenland have their traditional "Kiviak" This meal consists of raw flesh of an Auk wrapped in a piece of seal skin and placed under a rock for several months, until it's well into decomposition. It's a treat that most Greenland natives consider delicious. "Mattak" which is whale skin with a slice of blubber inside is also served during the holidays. An Auk.
  11. Cut an X in the top then a little butter or olive oil in a pan and medium heat till the cuts start to peel back. Special treat when we were kids especially when dad made them during the holidays.
  12. 35 Days till CHRISTMAS. Did you know? Back in 1986 Johnny Carson started the bad word about Fruitcake during a monologue when he said on The Tonight Show, "The worst Christmas gift is fruitcake. There is only one fruitcake in the entire world and it just keeps getting passed around." I have a soft spot for fruitcake since 1969. Vietnam wasn't popular and for two years the only care packages I received were from my mom. Just before Christmas in 69 and 70 I received a care package from one of my good friends mother. Both times it was the most beautiful fruitcake you could imagine. To open a package from someone other than mom on Christmas was just incredible. Since then I think about that every time I see that heavy hunk of cake and I smile.
  13. There was one here at the dock this morning but unfortunately he got on a boat with a *****cat and went to sea.
  14. 36 Days till CHRISTMAS. Did you know? It's all in the numbers. The Christmas carol, "Silent Night" has been translated into 140 languages and The movie, "A Christmas Carol" has been filmed more than 200 times.