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  1. The hugs are priceless. One of my favorites.
  2. Classic.
  3. Drink that and everything will sound like these guys.
  4. Anyone else watch the videos of soldiers coming home to surprise their families? I know I'm a sucker for them but some of the emotion is incredible. Just feel good stuff that can put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye. If I knew how I would post a few here. Just wondering if anyone else watches them.
  5. Another oldie hanging on. Probably had so many face lifts that her ears are in the right place but just facing the wrong direction. Here is a photo from 2009 Red would hit it. In fact it looks like he already did.
  6. That was great. Pulled a lot of strings for sure.
  7. ARMY but Red keeps trying to piss me off enough so I listen to the voices in my head and pay a visit to South Kentuc.......Sorry........South Carolina.
  8. When you wake up and check in and find about ten rebel flags fluttering on the Tavern you just have to see what Red is up to. Red is my favorite SOLer and will be missed when he is arrested, committed, kidnapped, abandoned, bushwacked, hit by a fallen tree, bus, train, plane, tank, meteorite, eaten by a gator, his chickens, an anaconda or anything else roaming the lower forty he calls his yard. I like Red but he keeps calling me A Coastie so I gotta keep bustin on him.And in honor of Red.......Eff Alyall.
  9. The one I hate the most is. "Hey, you in the bushes. I'm calling the police."
  10. Just found this thread and didn't want to read everything and decided to just comment from what I can see from the pics. So it's Red and a dog and the sole from a shoe with lumpy glue and what looks like a burnt dildo. Finish the story Red and I just know it has to have something to do with chickens.
  11. Pulls right off.
  12. Red will take control now and he says......... He also says he ain't loosen no nickle to no cess pool.
  13. Wait........I'll be 68 this Tuesday. Does that mean I'm an ELDER????? I don't wanna be an elder.
  14. Got your back Red. "Eff allyall"